Overwatch: Genderswap Edition! Your Favorite Characters get Genderbent

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Everyone by now knows what the characters in Overwatch look like.

Most of them are beautiful ladies or muscular dudes. But what would they look like if they were gender-swapped? Check out these images to find out what some of your favorite Overwatch heroes look like as the opposite gender!  


Tracer and D.Va (Lucha Cha)

"Cheers love! The cavalry's here!"

"Game on!" 

So this is what it looks like when the cavalry arrives, and the game is on.

I gotta say, Tracer makes a very cute dude -- and D.Va (or should I say Dude.Va?) is pretty easy on the eyes as well! 

Widowmaker and Mercy (Lucha Cha)

"Oh, did that sting?"

"Heroes never die!"

The doctor is in, and the sniper has arrived!

Not a big fan of Male Widow smoking, but the more conservative take on Widow's very exposing outfit is a nice touch. 

As for Overwatch's favorite Angel (or perhaps Devil if you prefer that one skin...), Lord have Mercy, he's cute! Even when gender-bent, Mercy still retains that adorable smile and pretty blue eyes. 

Genji (Raypier P)

"Ryūjin no ken o kurae!"

So that's what Genji looks like beneath the mask -- oh wait a second... that isn't quite the Genji we are familiar with (his eyes do in make an appearance in the 'Dragons' animated short), but this female version is quite beautiful! 

She wears the same armor and carries the same Dragonblade that Genji normally wields, but the armor here does place some extra emphasis on certain... assets. The silver hair is a really cool concept though, and I love how the cloth ribbon we see poking out of the back of Genji's head in-game is used here to tie female Genji's hair back. 

Hanzo (Raypier P)

"Ryū ga waga teki wo kurau!"

Our favorite dragon-wielding sibling of Genji looks very cool as a girl. Not too much is changed here from the male version, but that tattoo looks badass no matter what Hanzo looks like. 

Reaper - (minorirogue)

"Death comes...," 

And looks badass as hell!

Even when genderbent, Reaper's iconic outfit is still awesome to look at. The grim reaper look works for both male and female variants of everyone's favorite edge lord. I particularly like this one because it sticks so closely to Reaper's normal appearance, without emphasizing too heavily her female assets, so to speak. 

Junkrat and Roadhog (porkyhooker)

"Fire in the hole!"

"I'm a one man apocalypse."

The infamous junker duo doesn't look too bad when turned into ladies! Junkrat still looks pretty much like her male version, complete with hair on fire. 

Roadhog is an interesting case though. When looking up images of what gender-bent Roadhog looked like, most of them depicted her as skinny. So far this is the only one that keeps Roadhog looking big and bulky, as she should be! Gotta be a big girl to handle that giant hook and shotgun! 

McCree (nogchasaeg)

"It's high noon somewhere in the world..." 

McCree makes a fine looking lady, that's for sure! This anime-styled take on the cowboy (or cowgirl in this case) has a sort of ambiguity about it. At first glance I couldn't quite tell if this was a female variant of McCree or not. In all honesty, a female McCree would look rather tomboyish anyway, so this ambiguous appearance fits the bill just fine. 

And even as a girl, McCree has to have that cigarette. It's all part of the Old West package, y'know...

Symmetra (MTFY)

"The true enemy of humanity is disorder."

Symmetra was not a character I expected to see a gender-bend of, but this one doesn't disappoint! This male Symmetra looks pretty handsome, and still keeps the blue/gold color scheme of his female counterpart. Nicely done! 


Mei (MTFY)

"Freeze! Don't move!"

Even as a guy, the scientist that tells everyone to "Chill out!" is so adorable. Just don't get in the way of his weather-altering robot friend. The cute little topknot just kills me. 

Zarya (MTFY)

"Together we are strong!"

Honestly, a gender-bent Zarya doesn't look all that different from the normal female one. Zarya is a very muscular lady, and the same goes for her male counterpart -- with plenty of emphasis on those arm muscles! The pink hair is there too, and it still manages to look good when Zarya is gender-bent. Nicely done!

Soldier 76 (A)

"We're all soldiers now...," 

The founder of Overwatch, Soldier 76 (also known as Jack Morrison) gets an interesting gender-swap. Switches out the cargo pants for shorts, but keeps the rest of the outfit pretty much on point with the original. The long silver hair is a nice touch. (And it's a far cry from the Dad 76 that's been taking the Internet by storm.)

Pharah (MTFY)

"Justice rains from above!" 

The high-flying hero gets a gender-swap and looks pretty good as a dude. Most of Pharah's design carries over very well to a male version, including the hairstyle and tattoo over the eye. Very cool! 

Torbjorn (PULP)

"Torbjorn! Ready to work!" 

Our last gender-swap is one that I never expected to find. It's Torbjorn, the turret building dwarf (aka the bane of every player's existence)! The dwarf looks pretty cute as a girl, still sporting the red and black armor and eyepatch. Very cool interpretation. 

Can you still recognize these Overwatch characters with their genders swapped? Do they look better? Worse? Let me know in the comments!

Published Jul. 18th 2016


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