Nintendo Debuting New 3DS at Pax South

Nintendo's showing off the New 3DS at Pax South this year.

People who are attending Pax South this weekend in San Antonio, Texas will be in for a real treat as Nintendo will be bringing the "New" 3DS to the show for attendees to try. Nintendo will be packing their bags with the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for players to try on the "New" 3DS, complete with enhanced graphics.

Majora's Mask 3D,Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and the New 3DS is a perfect partnership. Each game relies on precision control and camera work and with the addition of the C stick to the New 3DS, it will make camera control much easier. Each game will look fantastic in 3D and will be easier to control in 3D with the modified facial recognition of the New 3DS 3D screen. Pax South-goers will be able to get their picture take with a replica of Majora's Mask.If it goes south, just make sure someone has the Fierce Diety Mask handy to take care of the Mask of Majora.

Nintendo will also be giving out paper Majora's Masks to the public to wear at the show, until they run out of them. That's code for if you want a mask to wear at Pax South, get there really quick or you will miss out. Legend of Zelda cosplayers will be able to jump the line and get high priority to try out Majora's Mask 3D. Pax South runs for 3 days and what better game to show off than Majora's Mask. Save Termina in 3 days or the moon will come crashing down. It sounds like an easy choice to me but if it were me, I would have found a way to stay in the seven-year future of Ocarina of Time and not had to deal with the moon.


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Published Jun. 17th 2020

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