Predicting the Events in Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Chloe Gets Kicked Out of Blackwell Academy

In Life is Strange -- particularly episode 3, when Max and Chloe break into the principal's office and rummage through the school files -- players can come across Chloe's file. As the file states, Chloe's obnoxious, aggressive, and rude behavior caused her to get expelled. But if we take a closer look at the trailer from Life is Strange: Before the Storm, it is revealed that at one point, she does attend the academy. So it's safe to predict that we will indeed witness Chloe acting out in class and causing disruptions in the middle of lectures. We will also possibly see her getting expelled, and what she does from that point on.

Adding to that, another important point that needs to be made is how Chloe will most likely meet Nathan Prescott while attending the academy, since that is where things between them will start to escalate, and ultimately lead to the events in Life is Strange. But more on that in the next slide.

Published Aug. 10th 2017

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