Predicting the Events in Life is Strange: Before the Storm

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The Game Might End With...

There is a very good chance that Life is Strange: Before the Storm will end with Chloe walking into Blackwell Academy to confront Nathan -- where Life is Strange begins. This would create a very smooth and perfect transition between the two games, almost like you're playing one full game. Not only that, but players will (in a way) have the opportunity to step into Life is Strange one last time, but as a different character -- an extremely important character nonetheless. 

Life is Strange: Before the Storm looks like it will end right when Life is Strange will start off -- and that in itself would be a beautiful ending, because you'll know exactly what will go on from that point, and how the story will unfold.


The first of the three episodes of the game is set to release on August 31 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. What are some of the events you'll think will happen in Life is Strange: Before the Storm? Let us know in the comment section! 

Published Aug. 10th 2017

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