The Warp Zone Creates Parody Song of Duck Tales: Remastered

The Warp Zone crew puts their spin on the classic cartoon theme song.

So guys and gals, remember how our childhoods came flooding back with Duck Tales: Remastered being released last month? I think one of the reasons we were all so excited about this game is for the fact that many of us watched cartoons during breakfast and right before school.

One of the ways the creators of those shows got our attention tuned to our ol’ CRT Magnavox televisions was by the opening theme songs. Of course with Duck Tales, we all know the tune and probably remember the lyrics by heart. I would sometimes go all day humming the “Duck Tales... wOOOoo” part to the behest of my teachers. Ah, the memories.

As much as that theme is ingrained in our minds and hearts, the folks at The Warp Zone have released an up-to-date version of the song that probably fits most of our modern day grown-up lives. The updated song is all about the “silver sticky” or as I like to call it, ‘life’s real easy button’. Just click on the video above and if you like what you see, comment below and subscribe to their channel while you are at it.

Fellow Gameskinnians (is that a thing?) you can thank me later!

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Published Dec. 5th 2013

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