Frontier Takes a Bug and Turns it Into a Community Event

Bugs they help and they don't but turning it into a game event that one is new.

The folks over at Frontier Developments took a bug in Elite: Dangerous  and turned it into a community event.

When the FNS Nevermore visited the Hudson Space dock, it got into an epic battle with the dock. (A player probably fired on the ship, causing it to fire back and hit the Space Dock, which then caused the Hudson to fire back.) By the time the developers fixed the issue, the Nevermore was down to 26% health and even had a bounty on its hull.

The in-game story was that the ship was testing its targeting systems when they found the error.  Instead of firing at a test drone like it was supposed to, it fired on the Hudson - causing the Dock's defense systems to kick in and fire back at the Nevermore, starting an all-out battle.  It killed dozens of people and caused millions of credits in damages.

Normally, developers would just fix the ship and the Space Dock, but Frontier decided to get players involved by allowing them to deliver metals that will help with the reconstruction. This event runs till March 26th.

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Published Mar. 24th 2015

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