15 Awesome Pokemon cosplays

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Pokémon fans range from young children to full fledged adults, and among them are cosplayers of all kinds who visit conventions in their incredible costumes.

Here are a few awesome Pokémon cosplays worth taking a look at:

Zubat by TwinklebatCosplay

Photography by Maboroshi

Did you seriously think you would get away without being ambushed by a Zubat? Wild Zubat jokes aside, this Gijinka (in short, an animal in human form, or anthropomorphized) cosplay captures Zubat excellently.

Team Rocket Grunt Cosplay by pokey93

The addition of the exclamation points over the cosplayers' heads makes this cosplay pretty amusing, and more true to the games given that is the way a Team Rocket grunt will initially respond to your presence most of the time. Just do not make eye contact...

Photography by Remy
Comparison image, James and Victreebel, by Orne-Phantom

This might not be directly from a Pokémon game, but this is so perfect that I just had to include it. This started a bit of a running gag in the Pokémon Anime that James' grass-type Pokémon would always bite or attack him when coming out of the Pokéball, to comedic effect, but presumably as a form of affection. Obviously some of us still cannot get over it.


Fury Cutter (Scyther) by TerminaCosplay

Photography by VordigonPhotography

This cosplay is pretty incredible! The wings on the costume look surprisingly realistic, and the scythe weapons are detailed. 



Samurai Gyarados by starryeyedq

This take on Gyarados is something I have not seen elsewhere in Pokémon cosplay. I do not think I could have imagined Gyarados as a samurai before this, but starryeyedq pulls off the samurai look brilliantly.

Shiny Gyarados by CosmosFox Cosplay

I know, I know, there is already a Gyarados cosplay in here. But this was such a strikingly different take on the Pokémon from what I originally chose to showcase. The cosplay is so beautiful I almost forget what a foul temper Gyarados has...


Vaporeon Gijinka Cosplay by usagiyuu

This Vaporeon Gijinka cosplay is pretty minimalist, but it works well. The cosplayer, usagiyuu, tries to imitate the appearance of a tail with the end of the dress, and I think it is appropriate given that this is a humanoid version.

Legendary Birds by karebare89, Chibi_Mony, and chikade

Those wings are pure awesome. Not only did they probably take hours to make, they are also so fitting for the three birds of Pokémon legend.



Gold (and Silver) from Pokemon by slightlysalted and GunBlazeEx

Though I am not sure Gold and Silver are still named "Gold and Silver" in the HeartGold and SoulSilver remakes of the original gen II games, this cosplay is extremely faithful to the new versions of these characters, and even references the Pokémon Adventures manga, given the Pokémon he is holding is a Totodile.



Bellossom by Yû Cosplay

If this cosplay does not evoke thoughts of Bellossom, the sun-summoning, dancing Pokémon evolution of Gloom, then I do not know what will. The dress is accurately reminiscent of leaves, and though Bellossom does not appear to have hair, the green wig fits with the interpretation.

Team Aqua Salute by ClumsyClueless

Though I would definitely be afraid if Team Aqua were real (I am not sure how they cannot see that creating more ocean might just kill people and Pokémon or leave them stranded and homeless), this cosplay is faithful to the original Ruby and Sapphire versions of the Team's grunts. The cosplayer even chose an excellent location to shoot the picture!

Cynthia by Jamberrii

Photography by Nudelsieb

This interpretation of Cynthia from generation IV is as accurate as they come. The hair, ornaments and clothing, even the expression on Jamberrii's face seem especially fitting.

Champion Iris by DeLore Cosplay

While Champion Iris may look a bit childish and even goofy in her fancy Champion outfit, DeLore Cosplay manages to take this character and make her look mature and beautiful.


Calem by KyoudaiCosband

Photography by Trisha

This Calem cosplay is so spot on, that if I did not know any better I would say that Pokémon characters have started climbing out of the game cartridge and into the real world. One can certainly dream...but, admittedly, we should be careful what we wish for.

Fairy Beautiful (Gym Leader Valerie) by TashaLeeArtistry

Photography by Robert Velasco

This Valerie cosplay by TashaLeeArtistry is another great example of a fictional Pokémon character come to life. The wing-like sleeves are almost perfect!



Published Jul. 2nd 2015

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