News Category RSS Feed | News RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network A Plague Tale: Requiem Launches This October Thu, 23 Jun 2022 16:22:31 -0400 Jonathan Moore

A Plague Tale: Requiem will release later this year on October 18, 2022, for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S. There will also be a Nintendo Switch Cloud version, and the game will release on Game Pass on day one. 

The news comes by way of a recent showcase streamed by developer Focus Entertainment, which, well, focused on the sequel to 2019's A Plague Tale: Innocence. Roughly 10 mins of new gameplay was shown. You can watch that right here

Focus also confirmed that the game would feature NVIDIA RTX and DLSS, and that two songs from the game's soundtrack are available to purchase on composer Olivier Derivière's Bandcamp page. 

As we mentioned previously, it looks like innocence has truly been lost for Amicia and her brother, Hugo. The sequel is taking a more violent turn than the original, with Amicia having far more deadly combat options at her disposal. Though there's still plenty of vibrance to balance it all out, it seems. Story details are still rather scant, though the newest gameplay video does provide a little more context to the game's overall narrative. 

A Plague Tale: Requiem was revealed during E3 2021 with a stark cinematic trailer, evoking the darkness the two siblings still face on their journey. A teaser of sorts for the sequel appeared in its predecessor, though only click through to see what it was if you've completed the original. Pre-orders are available now. Stay tuned for more as we approach October. 

Redfall Gameplay Trailer Reveals What Hunters Do in the Shadows Tue, 14 Jun 2022 16:24:01 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Redfall debuted during E3 2021 with a nearly-five-minute cinematic trailer introducing the eponymous Massachusetts town, the vampire plague afflicting it, and the heroes hellbent on saving the world. At the Xbox and Bethesda showcase as part of Summer Games Fest 2022, developer Arkane Austin debuted Redfall's first gameplay footage. 

Clocking in at almost six minutes, the trailer gives some more background on the characters and world (the locations give me real Lost Boys vibes), shows vampires and cultists getting their asses kicked, introduces the four playable heroes, and teases the game's skill trees and loadout options. 

The trailer also provides a great look at the different types of weapons and powers you'll be able to wield while taking down the vampire menace. There are assault rifles, sawed-off shotguns, and handguns; there's dynamite and other throwables; there are unique weapons, like the stake launcher and UV beam, according to Arkane, and there are special character abilities, sometimes supernatural.

Layla can use her telekinesis to create shields for allies or manifest an elevator to launch them into the air. Jacob, the sniper, can call forth an ethereal falcon or sniper rifle if he doesn't already have one. Devinder can use his gear to sense temporal gateways that lead to nests and other areas. Remi, the engineer, has a cool robot named Bribon, and that's good enough for us (there's probably more there, we just don't know it quite yet). 

Redfall is set to release sometime in 2023 for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Game Pass. Its open world can be explored in single-player or in co-op for up to four players. Stay tuned for more.

Minecraft Legends Unites the Overworld in 2023 Tue, 14 Jun 2022 15:12:44 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Microsoft unveiled Minecraft Legends during its Summer Games Fest 2022 showcase on June 12. The action strategy game is a new twist on the iconic Minecraft formula and is set to release sometime in 2023. There's no firm release date outside of that window just yet, though it will be coming to PC, Xbox, Game Pass, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

The debut trailer can be seen at the top of this article. The first few minutes set up the narrative and lore, where the overworld unites to take on a common, Piglin foe invading the world from another dimension. About 1:36 in, it shifts to a bit of gameplay, showing horse riding, base building, combat with a little tower defense, and one big explosion. 

Developer Mojang has partnered with Blackbird Interactive on the project, which has worked on Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Crossfire: Legion, and Homeworld 3

This isn't the first time that Mojang has taken a side road through the Minecraft universe. Minecraft Dungeons popped up in 2020, and if the name didn't give anything away, it's a dungeon-crawling action-adventure game set in the Minecraft universe. We mostly enjoyed it, praising it for its "gameplay, four-player support on and off-line, large, and large, diverse levels."

The original Minecraft experience, which launched over a decade ago, is still going strong. It recently released its 1.19 Wild Update. 

New Resident Evil 4 Remake Footage Shows a Glimpse at Gameplay Tue, 14 Jun 2022 13:48:15 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Capcom shared a new look at the Resident Evil 4 remake during their recent Summer Games Fest 2022 showcase. The first bit is the same trailer the developer already showed when the remake was revealed during Sony's State of Play on June 2, reaffirming the March 24, 2023 release date. However, some of the footage highlights new gameplay not shown during the State of Play. 

Resident Evil 4 Director Yasuhiro Anpo and RE4 Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi confirmed that this is a reimagining of the original release. While the development wants to stay as true to that version of Resident Evil 4 as possible, they also want to update the game to modern standards, in similar ways Capcom has done with the Resident Evil 2 and RE3 remakes.

The developers have reworked the look and design of the Ganado, making them more monstrous to convey the themes of madness and terror better. Like the other series remakes and the mainline originals, the RE4 remake will be in third-person and have an over-the-shoulder perspective. 

The gameplay, which can be seen around 2:06 in this video, shows Leon in a dark forest, making his way through mist and fog toward an open iron gate in a stone wall. He raises his sidearm to point at something before the scene fades and shows him crouching under a fallen tree, heading toward a decrepit house.

And that's about it. It's short and doesn't show too much, but it's something! Resident Evil 4 will launch on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and Capcom has said it is working on PSVR2 content for the game, as well. 

The extended, if ironically brief, glimpse comes alongside news of Resident Evil Village DLC and Gold Edition, the release of new-gen updates for three RE games, and a release date for Resident Evil RE:Verse.

Resident Evil RE:Verse Coming This October Tue, 14 Jun 2022 10:31:03 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Those hoping for new info on Resident Evil Re:Verse finally got some as part of Capcom's 2022 Summer Games Fest presentation. The multiplayer title for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms now has a release date: October 28, 2022. It was announced back in early 2021. Capcom notes that those who purchased Resident Evil Village will get the game for free. 

Outside of its launch date, there's still quite a bit to learn about Re:Verse. We know it will pit players against each other in deathmatch-style battles as iconic Resident Evil characters, such as Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, Jack Baker, and mercenaries.

As we've noted before, there will also be monsters, such as Nemesis. Fallen players will turn into various monsters and be able to attack other players, as well.  

Per Capcom:

In Resident Evil Re:Verse you can test your skills against other players in four to six-person survival horror revenge matches. Play as beloved characters from the Resident Evil series and turn the tides of battle with powerful bioweapons.

Take part in 5-minute Deathmatches, where the player with the most points wins! Use the weapons and items you find to take down even more powerful enemies!

Resident Evil Re:Verse has seen a few delays since it was announced, and it held one beta period in 2021. There's currently no word on if another beta will be held ahead of launch. 

Capcom also announced a few other pieces of Resident Evil news at the showcase. Resident Evil: Village DLC is on the way. The developer showed off some new footage of the Resident Evil 4 remake. And three Resident Evil titles received free new-gen updates, out now. 

Resident Evil Village DLC Winters' Expansion, Gold Edition Announced Tue, 14 Jun 2022 10:00:51 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Resident Evil Village will finally be receiving its promised DLC — and sooner rather than later. Capcom announced during its recent showcase as part of Summer Games Fest 2022 that Winters' Expansion would release on October 28, 2022, for all platforms. The developer confirmed that the expansion would be available by itself and as part of a bundle, Resident Evil Village Gold Edition

Winters' Expansion includes a brand-new story arc set 16 years after the events of Resident Evil Village. Called Shadows of Rose, it follows Ethan's daughter, Rose Winters, as she seeks out the secrets behind her powers — and perhaps a way to get rid of them. It sees the return of Castle Dimitrescu and a few familiar characters. 

Alongside the new story bits, Winters' Expansion includes a third-person mode for Resident Evil Village, which allows you to play the entire game from the classic Resident Evil perspective (Shadows of Rose is entirely in third-person mode).

Finally, the DLC brings new areas and characters to Mercenaries. Called The Mercenaries: Additional Orders, the content adds Chris Redfield, Heisenberg, and Lady Dimitrescu to the list of playable characters. 

The news comes with the announcement of three Resident Evil titles receiving new-gen upgrades, new footage for the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake, and the release date of RE: Verse.

Three Resident Evil Games Receive New-Gen Updates Tue, 14 Jun 2022 09:40:38 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Capcom announced as part of its recent showcase that Resident Evil 7 and the remakes for Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 would be receiving new-gen updates. Those updates are available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, and they're free for those who already own any of the games. Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 retail for $39.99, while Resident Evil 7 is $19.99.  

All versions now support 4K resolution, increased framerates, and ray tracing. Each game takes advantage of the faster loading times provided by the PS5 and Series X|S, and the PlayStation 5 versions support 3D audio, as well as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers via the DualSense. 

The news comes alongside the announcement of Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and the Winters' Expansion coming in October 2022, adding a new story arc, third-person mode, and new content to Mercenaries. Capcom also showed off new footage for the Resident Evil 4 remake, coming in 2023, and provided an update on RE:Verse


Overwatch 2 Releases in October, Unveils Junker Queen Mon, 13 Jun 2022 16:19:37 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Blizzard announced over the weekend that Overwatch 2 finally has a release date. The team-based shooter will launch on October 4, 2022, for PC, PS4, Ps5, Xbox One, Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. The news comes as part of the Xbox and Bethesda showcase during Summer Games Fest 2022. It coincides with the reveal of a brand-new tank: Junker Queen. 

Overwatch 2 will feature full cross-platform play and cross-progression, but perhaps most tantalizing is that it will be free-to-play. Currently, the base version of Overwatch retails for $19.99, with various other editions on platforms like PlayStation going for $59.99. 

As pointed out in a press release accompanying the announcement, Junker Queen moves fast, implementing a railgun and cybernetics. The video at the top of this article shows her in action. There's also mention of the game's new Push mode, "a symmetrical map type where teams battle to take control and advance a centrally located robot deeper into enemy territory than the opposing team."

Those interested in taking part in the Overwatch 2 beta can sign up right here. Blizzard said that they will share more information on the upcoming beta, as well as the game's "live service model and seasonal content," via a live stream on June 16, 2022, at 1 p.m. EDT. It can be viewed on the Overwatch YouTube channel or the Overwatch Twitch channel

Starfield Gameplay Showcase Reveals Bustling Worlds, Combat, and More Mon, 13 Jun 2022 15:45:09 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Starfield, Bethesda's upcoming open-world sci-fi RPG, will release for PC and Xbox Series X|S in 2023. After a year of teases and slow-drip info, the game received an in-depth gameplay reveal during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase during Summer Games Fest 2022. 

The trailer begins with a mission early in the game on the moon of Kreet, set in 2330. A ship lands in the grey, alien landscape near an abandoned research facility, and the view quickly shifts inside the cargo hold to a first-person perspective. There's a mech named VASCO that exits and gives some cursory information about the location. The player character (who we've since learned will be a silent protagonist) makes their way toward it, encountering critters perfectly fit to something like Enemy Mine.

You'll be able to switch between first-person and third-person perspectives and scan objects in the environment for additional information. You'll gather data on the planet itself, including how much of the planet or moon you've surveyed and the number of resources and flora and fauna species left to discover.

Your compass indicates not only direction but also CO2 and oxygen levels, as well as temperature and gravity measurements. Like another game Starfield has been immediately compared to since the showcase, you'll also be able to mine resources, like iron, from the environment. 

The gameplay then ramps up the action near the research facility, as the mech informs that pirates have overtaken the area. After making their way through the dim-lit installation, the protagonist engages the pirates in a series of firefights inside and outside, showing a submachine gun, shotgun, assault rifle, and grenades in action, along with the game's weapon wheel. There's a jetpack that provides quick movement and verticality, too. 

From what's shown, there will also be various crates (and presumably other locked things) that can be unlocked through a lockpicking minigame, a staple in many Bethesda IPs. There will also be factions to join, some of which play outside the rules of established law. 

To highlight the diversity of locations found in Starfield  which Todd Howard says boasts 100 different star systems with 1,000 planets to explore — the demo heads to the bustling city of New Atlantis. There we meet Constellation, "the last group of space explorers," and learn about one of Starfield's main plot threads: discovering artifacts across space to find out what "they're" building.

The footage later details a reasonably extensive character creation suite that Howard calls Bethesda's "most flexible yet." A biometric ID system can be seen and is likely another word for presets or saved creations, but it can be changed at a genetics facility.

The expected things like body type, build, skin tone, hairstyle, hair color, head shape, eyes, and more can be tweaked. An extensive list of backgrounds, numbering at least 16, sets your character up with three skills, ranging from Robotics, which allows you to deal 10% more damage to robots and turrets, to Gastronomy, where you can craft special food with special buffs and effects.

Alongside skills, more than a dozen traits can be chosen to provide other passive modifiers to your character. Introverts are better at exploring alone and receive increased endurance while doing so. On the other hand, something like Serpent's Embrace gives characters "a temporary boost to health and endurance" when Grav-jumping at regular intervals. 

The skill tree system is broken into five categories at the moment: Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech. Howard says that skills are "unlocked as you level up, and then you rank those skills up by using them and completing challenges." It's a system that sounds very similar to the one implemented in Skyrim

Then there's the crafting system, which implements research (a la' something like Jurassic World Evolution 2) to construct things like weapon mods. On top of that are outpost and shipbuilding systems. Bases can be constructed in a semi-modular system, generate resources to be used elsewhere, and be staffed by various NPCs; it's still a bit unclear, but they may serve a similar purpose to those in No Man's Sky.

Shipbuilding allows you to "fully customize the look and layout" of each vessel, adding different cockpits, engines, weapons systems, and more, each with its own stats. Like bases, these can also be manned with a crew. And yes, there are space battles, so ship builds will be important. 

There's still much to learn about Starfield and much more revealed in the showcase. Give it a watch at the top of this article. For more, stay tuned. 

Gotham Knights Pre-Orders: What's In Each Edition? Mon, 13 Jun 2022 13:12:12 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Gotham Knights is set to release on October 25, 2022, for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. The action RPG set in a universe without Batman and Jim Gordon follows Nightwing, Robin, Redhood, and Batgirl as they keep the streets of Gotham safe from the mysterious Court of Owls. With release just around the corner, pre-orders for the game are now live, and you may be wondering what's in each edition. 

It's worth noting that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game were canceled in May 2022 so that developers Warner Bros. Games Montreal could "provide players with the best possible gameplay experience."

Those who pre-order any edition of Gotham Knights will receive the 233 Kustom Batcycle skin

Gotham Knights Standard Edition

As with every Standard Edition, this includes the base game, the Batcycle skin, and that's it — unless you purchase from a specific retailer that provides its own pre-order bonuses. 

Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition of Gotham Knights includes the base game and the 233 Kustom Batcycle skin, as well as the Visionary Pack. According to WB, that includes:

  • Knightwatch by Jim Lee transmog.
  • Beyond suitstyle. 
  • Salvage (for crafting gear).
  • Boosted gear. 
  • Exclusive emote. 
  • 3 exclusive suit colorways.

Collector's Edition

The Collector's Edition includes everything from the Deluxe Edition and a few more tidbits in a nice, shiny box. Note: it appears this edition is mostly sold-out on every storefront at the time of this writing (June 13, 2022). 

  • Gotham Knights exclusive New Guard statue. 
  • Promethium New Guard transmogs.
  • Jim Lee certificate of authenticity. 
  • Augmented reality Talon Key.
  • Gotham City: City of Bridges collectible map.

That's what's in each edition of Gotham Knights, as well as the pre-order bonus you'll receive if you pick it up early. It's possible that stock for the Collector's Edition will return ahead of the game's launch in October, so keep checking back or add it to your wishlist to be notified. Stay tuned for more on Gotham Knights

New Gameplay Trailer for A Plague Tale: Requiem Marks the End of Innocence Mon, 13 Jun 2022 12:32:07 -0400 Jonathan Moore

A Plague Tale: Requiem, the direct sequel to 2019's A Plague Tale: Innocence, debuted a new gameplay trailer over the weekend as part of the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase during Summer Games Fest 2022. While it's not the first time fans have seen Amicia and Hugo in action on their new adventure in southern France, it's more action-packed than the trailer shown during The Game Awards 2021

Captured on Xbox Series X, the trailer starts by highlighting the varied environments the pair will travel through, from dark villages with dead birds hanging from the trees to vibrant camps full of life, seemingly far away from the touch of the rat plague. It quickly slides into grimmer, grittier violence than we've seen before, where Amicia uses much more than just a sling and wits to survive. She stabs and chokes enemies in her path and shoots them down from afar with a crossbow. 

There's still stealth in A Plague Tale Requiem; Amicia and Hugo can't take everyone head-on, and sometimes hiding under a table, creeping through tall grass, or causing a distraction is the better bet. But it's obvious the pair have grown up and changed since the first game's events. Amicia is "tired of being afraid," and the trailer is, after all, dubbed "End of Innocence." Though, Amicia will have her internal conflicts along the way. 

A Plague Tale: Requiem will launch for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Game Pass, PS5, and Nintendo Switch (as a Cloud version). There's still no release date for the game, though developer Focus Entertainment has teased a reveal for June 23 during an extended gameplay event. The Xbox and Bethesda presentation confirmed that all games shown would release within the "next year," Requiem being one of them. Pre-orders are available now.

Shodan Seeks Retribution in System Shock Remake Trailer Sun, 12 Jun 2022 18:22:55 -0400 Jonathan Moore

A new trailer for the long-gestating System Shock remake has finally appeared. Shodan is back for revenge in the complete remake of the 1994 cult-classic action-adventure game, intent on destroying humanity once and for all. While the game's last trailer  revealed during the 2020 Guerilla Collective showcase — featured gameplay from within Citadel Station, this latest footage displays other locations and the world outside. 

Developer Nightdive Studios said that "the new System Shock is a fully-fledged remake of the groundbreaking 1994 original, pairing its beloved core gameplay with all-new HD visuals, updated controls, an overhauled interface, and remastered sounds & music."

In the trailer, fans got their first look at the remake's Virus Mutant, Cyborg Elite Guard, and Cortex Reaver, as well as other weapons besides a pistol, including assault rifles, shotguns, and the Laser Rapier. There's also a tiny glimpse at what looks like one of the game's puzzles. You can see it all in action in the video at the top of this article. 

Nightdive Studios still doesn't have a firm release date for the remake, but it did say it plans to release the game sometime in 2023 for both PC and consoles. Stephen Kick, Founder and CEO of Nightdive, said: 

System Shock has been a true labour of love and our goal has always been to deliver a game that is as close to perfect as we can make it. We're excited to partner with Prime Matter to achieve that goal and see this as an important step in the growth of Nightdive Studios. 

It will allow us to offer System Shock to fans all over the world, both in digital and physical goods formats, as well as fully honor our commitments to our fans and, in particular, to our thousands of supporters on Kickstarter, without whom this game would have never been possible.

As was the case when the last trailer was released in 2020, there is a playable System Shock demo available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. We came away from that demo (the same one available now) tentative about the remake, but things can certainly change. System Shock is currently up for pre-order on Steam and EGS for $44.99. 

ARK 2 Trailer Confirms New Location, 2023 Release Date Sun, 12 Jun 2022 16:56:22 -0400 Jonathan Moore

It's been about a year since we've seen anything for ARK 2, the upcoming sequel to ARK: Survival Evolved. The game was first teased during Summer Game Fest 2021. Now, as part of Summer Games Fest 2022, there's a new in-engine trailer teasing ARK 2's 2023 release for PC in Steam Early Access and Xbox Series X|S and PC with Game Pass Game Preview. 

Admittedly less involved than the first teaser released by developer Studio Wildcard, this new look still gives fans a little more backstory on the setting of ARK 2. The game takes place on Arat, where humans have fled to "start over" following a cataclysmic war. Unwittingly or not, it's unclear, but they also brought dinosaurs along from an "extinct Earth."

Studio Wildcard says that it originally intended to release ARK 2 in 2022 but decided to push the game to 2023 to fully realize its vision, saying via a blog post regarding the sequel:

We are currently working on our expansive sequel with all our might! But we have postponed the release date to 2023 in order to create an adventure that will be unforgettable for everyone, respectful of our team’s health, realize the potential of upgrading to Unreal 5, and to introduce revolutionary full mod support for console players! We believe that ARK 2 will be the ultimate primal survival experience and want to devote the resources needed to bring that to fruition. 

Most noticeable in the game's two trailers is that ARK 2 features Vin Diesel as Santiago riding a rather large T-Rex, accompanied by his daughter Meeka, voiced by Auli'i Cravalho (Moana). But ARK 2 will have more changes than simply adding a set of protagonists. The official blog post linked above goes into much greater detail, claiming that the game will revolutionize the survival genre (and there's a lot of ambition behind the project), but some of the key points are: 

  • New mechanics for traversal, parkour, sliding, swinging, and free climbing. 
  • Cross-platform modding for a variety of things, from creatures to items. 
  • Souls-like melee combat with the ability to target-lock, dodge, block, perform combos and staggers, and more. 

There will also be the native Aratai, "an opposing PvE force" that will "hunt and attack" players (though do we really need the natives to be the bad guys?). Aside from that, there will be modular, component-based crafting, dynamic world events, a massive world to explore, player progression via XP and knowledge points, and "sensory-based creature AI" that can "now track and hunt by sight sound, and smell."

ARK 2 can now be wishlisted on Steam, and ARK: Survival Evolved is free-to-own for anyone who picks it up by June 19, 2022. All of this comes alongside the announcement of ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition launching for Nintendo Switch in September 2022, and that ARK: The Animated Series has 14 episodes of 30 minutes in post-production. 

The Fires of Hell Burn When Diablo 4 Releases in 2023 Sun, 12 Jun 2022 16:55:01 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Blizzard has confirmed that Diablo 4 will release sometime in 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S. The news comes from the Xbox and Bethesda showcase as part of Summer Games Fest 2022. It will also feature online and local couch co-op, cross-play, and cross-progression "for all platforms," according to an accompanying press release from the developer.  

The showcase provided fans their first look at the Necromancer class, who can wage war against its foes with an army of skeletons, skirmishers, defenders, reapers, and mages. The class can also bring bone, blood, and iron golems to fight when the need arises. The Necromancer is Diablo 4's latest character class, joined by the Barbarian, Sorceress, Rogue, and Druid. 

Blizzard also showed the first-ever Xbox Series X gameplay for Diablo 4, giving a glimpse at the game's character creation tools, its open world, and enemy strongholds. When cleansed, these strongholds can give way to new areas like towns or one of the game's 150 dungeons.

Players can come together across the world to take work on local events or take on massive world bosses. Of course, there will be ways to fight other players in PvP, with Blizzard saying that there are "specific zones where players can engage ..." And the best players are highlighted for other players, making them what the developer calls a "loot pinata." 

There's still no firm release date for Diablo 4 outside of its 2023 release window. We'll have to wait for more news in the coming months. In the meantime, fans can pre-register for the upcoming Diablo 4 beta (there's no exact date for that, either, just yet). All you have to do is log in with your information, and you're automatically registered. Stay tuned for more.  

Hollow Knight: Silksong Gets New Gameplay Trailer Sun, 12 Jun 2022 15:29:52 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Fans of the original Hollow Knight have waited a long time to learn anything new about Team Cherry's follow-up, Hollow Knight: Silksong. But the wait for more info on the DLC-turned-sequel is coming to a close with the release of a gameplay trailer at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase as part of Summer Games Fest 2022.

As with many other titles announced during the showcase, Silksong will be available on Game Pass at launch. Though no firm release date was provided, Microsoft confirmed in both presentation and on Twitter that everything shown would be available over the next 12 months, putting Silksong's release no later than June 2023. 

The trailer shows Hornet taking on a variety of foes in a number of different environments. Team Cherry has said that there will be "mossy grottos, coral forests, and shining citadels ..." to explore. Things look just as frantic and deadly as ever before. You can see the game in action above. 

Silksong was announced in 2019 and began life as DLC for Hollow Knight before becoming a larger project that ultimately turned into a full-fledged sequel.

Three Persona Games Are Making Their Way to PC, Xbox, and PlayStation Sun, 12 Jun 2022 15:05:23 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Atlus has revealed that Persona 5 Royal, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 3 Portable will be coming to PC, Xbox One, Series X|S, and Game Pass. The announcement was made during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase as part of Summer Games Fest 2022. An update following the announcement confirms that the games will also come to Playstation. 

Persona 5 Royal will arrive on the platforms on October 21, 2022, with all previously-released DLC. However, Atlus is keeping mum on platform release dates for Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable with "enhanced graphics" at this time, with more news to come in the future.

Persona 5 Royal was released for the PlayStation 4 in October 2019, and we gave it high marks for its story, characters, quality-of-life improvements, localization, and visuals. It regularly makes appearances on many a "best RPG" list. Royal adds new characters to the mix, along with a number of other notable bits and bobs over the base Persona 5. It has previously only been available on PlayStation.

Like Royal to Persona 5, Persona 4 Golden is a souped-up version of Persona 4, which originally launched for the PlayStation 2 in 2008 before making its way to PlayStation Vita in 2012, PS3 in 2014. Interestingly, Golden isn't on modern PlayStation platforms, having only been released on PC in 2020.  

Persona 3 Portable is also currently missing from the modern PlayStation console lineup, having been released for the PlayStation Portable in North America in 2010. It, too, is an enhanced port of 2006's PS2 JRPG, Persona 3.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Pre-Orders: What's In Each Edition? Sun, 12 Jun 2022 11:52:04 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Marvel's Midnight Suns received a new trailer as part of 2022's Summer Games Fest, showcasing Spider-Man as a playable character and the corrupted heroes at Lilith's command. The Hunter will go up against the likes of Sabretooth, Venom, Hulk, and Scarlet Witch. Alongside the new trailer, publisher 2K confirmed that the game is now available for pre-order and detailed what's in each edition. 

All pre-orders will get the Doctor Strange Defenders skin. The official Midnight Suns pre-order page notes that those who pre-order the Legendary Edition will get 30 days early access to the skin, though it's unclear what that means exactly. We've reached out to clarify and will update this article accordingly.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of Marvel's Midnight Suns includes the base game for PC (Steam and EGS), PS4, and Xbox One. 

Enhanced Edition

The Enhanced Edition is the next-gen/new-gen version of Marvel's Midnight Suns for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Alongside the base game and pre-order Doctor Strange Skin, you'll get five other "premium skins:"

  • Captain America  Future Soldier.
  • Captain Marvel  Mar-Vell.
  • Magik  Phoenix 5. 
  • Nico Minoru  Sister Grimm. 
  • Wolverine  X-Force.

Digital+ Edition

The Digital+ Edition includes the base game for PC (Steam and EGS), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S. It consists of the base game and the five premium skins from the Enhanced Edition, as well as six more skins:

  • Blade — Demon Hunter.
  • Captain America — Captain of the Guard.
  • Iron Man — Iron Knight.
  • Nico Minoru — Shadow Witch.
  • Ghost Rider — Spirit of Vengeance. 
  • Magik — New Mutant. 

Legendary Edition

The Legendary Edition includes the base game for all platforms, all skins from the Enhanced and Digital+ Editions, access to the game's Season Pass, and 12 more premium skins:

  • Captain Marvel — Medieval Marvel.
  • Wolverine — Cowboy Logan.
  • Blade — 1602.
  • Iron Man — Bleeding Edge. 
  • Ghost Rider — Death Knight.
  • Doctor Strange — Strange Future Supreme. 
  • Scarlet Witch — Boss Witch.
  • Scarlet Witch — Fallen Scarlet Witch.
  • Spider-Man — Symbiote. 
  • Spider-Man — Demon. 
  • Two skins for unannounced heroes. 

Marvel's Midnight Suns releases on October 7, 2022, for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S. 

Gotham Knights Character Trailer Shines the Light on Nightwing Fri, 10 Jun 2022 19:13:30 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Gotham Knights is shaping up to be a true spiritual successor to the Arkham games. That much has been evident in the two gameplay deep-dives released by WB Games Montreal over the past year (I mean, look at the combat, camera angles, and detective mechanics!). But a new character-focused trailer shared during Summer Games Fest 2022 centers on Nightwing, showing off his skills, while introducing the man behind the mask, Dick Grayson.

Likely the first in a line of videos to come highlighting each of the playable characters in Gotham Knights, the Nightwing character trailer underscores his parkour abilities and martial arts prowess. It also shows off his glider, grappling hook, escrima sticks and wrist darts, and the various outfits and looks (at least three) he'll have in the game. It also gives fans insight into his motivations for protecting Gotham. 

We also get a closer look at some of the enemies and brutes (though no Talons) tearing the streets apart after the deaths of Batman and Jim Gordon. Near the end, there are a few glimpses of Nightwing fighting alongside Batgirl and later Robin, displaying the game's 2-player co-op system. 

Originally slated to release in 2021, Gotham Knights was delayed into 2022 so that the developers could "deliver the best possible experience for players." It will now launch on October 25, 2022, for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, with its last-gen versions having been canceled. It follows Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin (Tim Drake) as they take on the Court of Owls

Gotham Knights is available for pre-order now in Standard, Special Edition, Deluxe, and Collector's editions. Those who pre-order will get the 233 Kustom Batcycle skin. To see more of Gotham Knights in action, check out this gameplay video of Nightwing and Red Hood, and this one featuring Batgirl taking on Mr. Freeze. We're excited to learn more about this one, so stay tuned.

The Last of Us Remake is Heading to PS5 in September Fri, 10 Jun 2022 18:10:45 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Sony and Naughty Dog have announced that The Last of Us is getting the remake treatment. Called The Last of Us Part I, the game is being rebuilt from the ground up (Sony says it's a "complete" remake) for PlayStation 5. It's set to release on September 2, 2022, with the PC version still in development. A trailer for the remake can be seen above.

As expected, The Last of Us Part I will take full advantage of the PS5's capabilities, implementing fast loading times, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D audio. Naughty Dog has taken the opportunity to bring The Last of Us up to modern standards, the developer says in a PlayStation Blog post regarding the upcoming release

Rochelle Snyder, Sr. Manager of Communications at Naughty Dog said, "We’ve implemented modernized gameplay, improved controls, and expanded accessibility options in this single-player experience to allow even more individuals to enjoy the game. Effects, exploration, and combat have all been enhanced."

The PlayStation Blog posted also three comparison sliders showing the graphical differences between The Last of Us Part I and The Last of Us Remastered, the latter of which was released for the PS4 back in 2014. You can see those below. 

So far, Sony hasn't shared many more details on what can be expected from The Last of Us Part I when it comes to combat, traversal, or accessibility options, though it's safe to guess that like the improved graphics, they run more in line with The Last of Us Part 2

According to the PlayStation Blog, The Last of Us Part I is currently available for pre-order across three editions. Those who pre-order will also get supplements and weapons parts packs. 

  • The Standard Edition includes the base game for $69.99.
  • The Digital Deluxe Edition includes the base game alongside a number of skills, upgrades, skins, and other goodies for $79.99.
  • The Firefly Edition includes the base game, everything in the Digital Deluxe Edition, a steelbook case, and The Last of Us: American Dreams comic 1-4 for $99.99. 
    • The Firefly Edition is only available through in the United States, though it's already out of stock as of June 10, 2022.

Ms. Chalice Takes on Mortimer Freeze in New Cuphead — The Delicious Last Course Trailer Fri, 10 Jun 2022 16:11:13 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Years after it was first announced, Cuphead — The Delicious Last Course is just around the corner. Launching on June 30, 2022, for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, the upcoming DLC received a new gameplay trailer as part of 2022's Summer Games Fest. And it's exactly what fans of the base game would expect.

The trailer shows a boss fight between new playable character Ms. Chalice and Mortimer Freeze, who can turn into a refrigerator spewing ice cubes and a snowflake using its eye as a ranged weapon. It's classic Cuphead action and design, with plenty of projectiles flying around the screen at any given moment. 

The Delicious Last Course will take Cuphead and Mugman to Inkwell Isle, where they'll meet Ms. Chalice, find new weapons, take on new challenges, and battle new bosses. It's not clear how many  It's all in an effort to help Chef Saltbaker on a secret quest. The DLC will retail for $7.99 on all platforms. 

Cuphead is a bullet-hell platformer known for its 1930s-inspired art style and sometimes-punishing difficulty that launched for Xbox One and PC in 2017. The Delicious Last Course was first announced in 2018 before being delayed several times. 

Darkness Falls in October with the Release of Marvel's Midnight Suns Fri, 10 Jun 2022 14:23:52 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Marvel's Midnight Suns was delayed earlier this year and tagged with a "late 2022" release window. But now those of us wondering when it would release need wonder no longer. Publisher 2K confirmed that the upcoming tactical RPG set in the Marvel universe will release on October 7, 2022, for PC (Steam and EGS), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S. According to a press release, the Nintendo Switch version will launch sometime after. 

The news was announced as part of 2022's Summer Games Fest and coincided with a brand-new trailer (seen above), which reveals that the ol' Web-Head himself, Spider-Man, will be a playable character. The trailer also showcases the villains and corrupted heroes under Lilith's spell: Sabretooth, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, and Venom.

Marvel's Midnight Suns puts you in the role of a new, customizable superhero called The Hunter as you assemble a group of heroes, including Blade, Doctor Strange, Wolverine, and Ghost Rider, to battle Lilith and her Hydra allies. Coming from the developers of Civilization and XCOM, Midnight Suns will feature tactical gameplay, a card system, and more. Players will be able to purchase cosmetics, according to Firaxis, but it will not feature loot boxes of any kind

The game is currently available for pre-order in four different versions. 

  • The Standard Edition will be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One for $59.99 and include the base game only.
  • The Enhanced Edition will be available for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S for $69.99 and include the "enhanced" and "next-gen optimized" base game, as well as "five premium cosmetic skins." 
  • The Digital+ Edition will be available for all platforms for $79.99 and include the base game, as well as "11 premium cosmetic skins." 
  • The Legendary Edition will be available for all platforms for $99.99 and include the base game, "23 premium cosmetic skins, [and] access to the post-launch Marvel’s Midnight Suns Season Pass."
Goat Simulator 3 Brings Udder Chaos to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox This Fall Fri, 10 Jun 2022 13:27:59 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Here we goat again. Pilgor the goat will be back to her antics once more when Goat Simulator 3 launches later this fall for PC via Epic Games, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. The sequel to 2014's Goat Simulator hoofs it right past Part 2 in expectedly cheeky fashion, bringing chaos to the island of San Angora. The game was announced during the 2022 Summer Games Fest by way of a cinematic trailer full of explosions, jetpacks, car crashes, and, of course, plenty of headbutting. 

Upping the ante, Goat Simulator 3 will feature 4-player local and online co-op at launch. According to developer Coffee Stain Studios, you'll be able wreak havoc in the game's sandbox, as well as go head-to-head in seven different minigames (though those haven't been revealed just yet). 

Just as in the original game, there will be plenty to uncover across San Angora, as well, with collectibles, secrets, and quests aplenty. You'll also be able to customize Pilgor's "head, back, feet, body, horns and furs with over 300 different gear parts to choose from, from toilet rolls to tea tray and other actual clothing items ... [and] some gear parts will mutate your playstyle by giving you new abilities."

Pre-orders are available from certain retailers, such as Target, which lists the game's release date as November 11, 2022. That date isn't confirmed by Coffee Stain and could just be a place holder, though it would put Goat Simulator 3 on the tail end of its "Fall 2022" release window. Those who pre-order the Pre-Udder edition will receive extra in-game gear, though what that is hasn't yet been detailed, either. 

Stay tuned for more, and check out the trailer at the top of this article to see Goat Simulator 3 in action. 

TMNT: Shredder's Revenge Gets Release Date, Casey Jones as Playable Character Fri, 10 Jun 2022 11:04:21 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Dotemu's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge will release on June 16 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Game Pass, and Nintendo Switch. The surprise news comes as part of the ongoing Summer Games Fest 2022. Previously, Shredder's Revenge was simply scheduled for a Summer 2022 launch. The game will retail for $24.99, but those who pre-order it will receive a 10% discount. 

A release wasn't all that was revealed during Summer Games Fest. Casey Jones will be a playable character in Shredder's Revenge, rounding the roster out to seven and fighting the Foot Clan alongside the eponymous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, April O' Neil, and Master Splinter. The trailer showing Casey in action, fully clad in hockey mask and wielding his iconic hockey stick, can be seen at the top of this article. 

Finally, Dotemu confirmed that Shredder's Revenge will feature up to 6-player co-op multiplayer, both online and local. The developer says that "enemy groups scale in size based on the number of players kicking shell, making 6-player multiplayer a totally intense showdown against Shredder’s minions."

At the time of this writing (June 10, 2022), the pre-order discount is only available for Nintendo Switch and the Microsoft Store. It will be available on Steam and PSN "in the coming days," according to a press release. 

We previewed Shredder's Revenge in May and came away excited for the retro, Turtles-in-Time-inspired throwback.

Evil Dead: The Game Previews Gameplay, Hosted by Bruce Campbell Fri, 22 Apr 2022 19:08:51 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Evil Dead: The Game is right around the bloody corner, and Saber Interactive has just released a 10-minute gameplay preview featuring the King himself, Bruce Campbell. A group of four content YouTubers takes on Andy Campbell playing as the Kandarian Demon, and Bruce adds plenty of pitch-perfect color commentary along the way. 

The preview gives fans a long look at the upcoming asymmetrical horror game, including character selection, character skills, executions, various Deadite enemies, traps, jump scares, and the possession mechanic. There's also more than enough gore to go around — it wouldn't be an Evil Dead game if there weren't. 

The four player characters in this session consist of Henry the Red, Amanda Fisher, Cheryl Williams, and Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2). A closer look also reveals some of the weapons and character abilities fans can expect to use in their team compositions and when eviscerating Deadites. 

Henry wields a sledgehammer and is the tank of the group. He can prevent damage to both his health and shield. Amanda has a handgun and an ability that allows her to fire weapons without consuming ammunition. Cheryl carries a hunting rifle and can heal teammates. And Ash, of course, carries his trusty boomstick and has the ability to exorcise demons from possessed characters. 

Fear obviously plays a big role in any asymmetrical horror game, and so it does here in Evil Dead: The Game. The preview provides glimpses of how character fear meters grow through jump scares and traps, as well as how players can reduce fear by finding and lighting campfires, for example. Too much fear leaves you vulnerable to possession and other negative effects.

There's also a storm mechanic — reminiscent of those found in battle royale games — that constantly pushes players closer to the overall objective. Death awaits in its fog, and as seen in the preview, indecision or possession can mean a quick game-over if it engulfs you. 

There's also a lot of variety in the map showcased in the preview, from the instantly-recognizable Evil Dead log cabin and surrounding spooky woods to a claustrophobic and eerie tunnel. It's also rather big, with plenty of places for Deadites and the creeping Kandarian Demon to hide. 

There are quite a few other videos showcasing gameplay from Evil Dead: The Game over on the game's YouTube channel. Evil Dead: The Game releases for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X|S, and Switch on May 13. 

New Details Emerge About Ouroboros Pairs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Thu, 21 Apr 2022 18:31:16 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Fresh off announcing a new release date for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Nintendo has been sharing new information about the game's Interlink System and Ouroboros tag-team pairs. Though we've seen (more of) the upcoming JRPG in action by way of the most recent launch-date trailer, these new bits of information give fans a better idea of how the system works. 

Nintendo describes the Interlink system as an essential part of winning battles in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, where two characters can combine into a powerful Ouroboros giant once specific conditions are met (there's still more on what those conditions are to be shared at a later date). However, the melding of two characters only lasts so long before the Ouroboros "will overheat." 

Some of the tag-team pairs, which will always combine together, have more in-depth descriptions than others so far, but here's what we know from Nintendo of America's Twitter

  • Noah and Mio can combine into a powerful sword-wielding Ouroboros (which Nintendo says is "pretty cool" — and we agree). 
  • Lanz and Sena use their Ouroboros form to protect other characters while in battle. It's mentioned that "they'll be playing both offense and defense in this form," so it won't all be about protection, and we'll have to wait to see what kind of offensive abilities they bring to the battlefield.
  • Eunie and Taion will act as medics while in battle, with "the powerful ability to revive all fallen allies at once." As with Lanz and Sena, it's likely they will bring some other offensive capabilities to the fore, though that's currently unclear.

Originally set to release for Nintendo Switch in September, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will now launch on July 29, the same day as Digimon Survive. A brand-new launch trailer dropped alongside the announcement, and you can see it right over here if you haven't already. Stay tuned for more info in the coming months. 

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Gets New Trailer Alongside July Release Date Thu, 21 Apr 2022 18:30:27 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will release two months earlier than originally expected. Nintendo announced recently that the anticipated JRPG will launch on the Switch on July 29. 

The announcement comes alongside a new, nearly 3-minute trailer (seen above) that sheds more light on the game's story, characters, and combat systems. It expands on the announcement trailer released in early February, which primarily focused on story and exploration. 

As one might expect, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 follows the events of the previous two games. It sees two nations, Keves and Agnus, at conflict with "six soldiers hailing from these nations [joining] forces to learn the truth behind their conflict, setting their sights for Sowrdmarch, a land pierced by giant swords."

While exploration and combat are mostly the same when compared to the previous two games in the trilogy, the main gimmick here is the Interlink Ouroboros system, which allows two team members to "combine into a giant form ... [that] has its own powerful moveset."

Through progression, you'll also be able to change character classes this time around, with Nintendo pointing out "each character has their own class with their own strengths," but "a customized party" is possible. 

There's still a lot we don't know about Xenoblade Chronicles 3, though the official Nintendo Europe page for the game contains a bevy of new screenshots for the six main characters — Noah, Lanz, Eunie, Mio, Taion, and Sena. It also includes information on their personalities (and hints at their fighting styles), as well as more info about the game's battle system. 

On top of that, the official Nintendo social accounts have been sharing new details about character/team Ouroboros combinations since the new release date announcement. 

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is currently available for pre-order for $59.99 on the Nintendo e-Shop. For those looking for more than just the game this summer, there will also be a special bundle that includes a 250-page artbook and steel case. A price for that package hasn't been provided just yet. 

Digimon Survive Release Date "Fixed" for July Thu, 21 Apr 2022 16:55:31 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Digimon Survive was announced almost four years ago. The game has received multiple delays in that time, some for development woes and others because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. But fans of the popular digital monsters popularized in the late 1990s finally have something to celebrate. Digimon Survive will release on July 29, 2022. 

The release date was shared by producer Kazumasa Habu in a short update video shared on YouTube, as well as Twitter. Habu says the date is "fixed," so hopefully there won't be any more delays. 

Hello everyone, my name is Kazumasa Habu, and I am the producer of Digimon Survive. Sorry to keep you waiting for updates on Digimon Survive. But today I would like to provide you with this exciting news: the release date for Digimon Survive has finally been fixed for July 29, 2022!

The Digimon Survive team is planning to deliver more exciting news to you in all forms. Please look forward to it and stay tuned. We are almost there!

To coincide with the release date news, new screenshots of Digimon Survive were shared to the Digimon Games Twitter account. They include screens of Agumon, Greymon, and Dokugumon, as well as Aoi, Saki, and Takuma.

Digimon Survive is part adventure game, part visual novel, and part tactical RPG. Habu and the development have long stressed that the game will include plenty of drama (the story is about high schoolers after all) and tactical combat featuring the series' most recognizable gimmick: digivolution. 

In a 2019 developer diary, assistant producer Katsuaki Tsuzuki described the different gameplay philosophies and how they come together in Digimon Survive

The drama part is also fairly orthodox in execution, with gameplay proceeding in a text adventure format. As the player advances in this mode, they come across something we call free actions. These free actions allow the player to select where in the other world they want to go to, choose what kind of characters they want to talk to, and what kinds of events they want to see take place, creating a classic adventure game with many branching paths.  

The battle part involves tactical battles in its gameplay, and one of the most important elements here is that the choices the player made during the drama part affect the conditions of the battle or change its circumstances ... 

Another key feature of the battle part is that the monsters evolve during the battles themselves ... as the player controls their Digimon in a fight, they can expend energy to evolve their Digimon.

A recent teaser trailer shows these Digimon Survive systems in action. Several spotlights over the years have provided fans more information on the game's key characters and Digimon, including Miu Shinonome and Syakomon, Kaito Shinonome and Dracmon, Shuuji Kayama and Lopmon, and Saki Kimijuma and Floramon

Digimon Survive will launch on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, alongside another prominent RPG by the name of Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Worldslayer Expansion Will Introduce Big Changes to Outriders Thu, 21 Apr 2022 12:36:40 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Worldslayer is the upcoming story expansion for Outriders, due to release for all platforms on June 30. But simply calling it a "story expansion" would be an injustice considering the amount of new content and systems it brings to the world of Enoch. From the looks of it, Worldslayer caters to new and old players alike through several important additions. 

Though we haven't gone hands-on with the new expansion as we did the New Horizon update, a recent Outriders broadcast pulled back the curtain on Worldslayer. For starters, the Outriders are up against two new threats: violent environmental changes wreaking havoc on Enoch and an ancient altered, Ereshkigal, who rises to challenge the progress from the base game's campaign. 

There's no word yet on the exact length of the new campaign (People Can Fly didn't outright say, only mentioning "100s" of hours), but there will be plenty of new environments to explore, enemies to fight, and bosses to take down. Of course, there are also new weapons and gear to help you come out victorious.

None of those were singled out in the broadcast, so we'll have to wait and see what perks they ultimately have, but new legendaries, including weapons and 5-piece and 3-piece armor sets, will number near 100, according to the developers. New mods will augment those weapons and gear pieces, increasing the number of build possibilities to what appears to be a staggering degree. 

To further change things up, there's an entirely new skill tree available for each class after reaching Level 30. The PAX class skill tree essentially amounts to a sub-class tree, split into two branches, that uses PAX points gained from completing challenges in Worldslayer. It augments the current skill trees for each of Outriders' four classes, adding new abilities that haven't yet been fully detailed.

New players and old players starting new characters can also take advantage of the character boost feature, which puts new characters at Level 30 automatically, with appropriate, if random, weapons and gear. 

Alongside these additions, the Ascension system augments progression post Level 30 and impacts four key aspects: Endurance, Brutality, Prowess, and Anomaly Power. Within those categories, there are further options that can be upgraded and improved through the use of Ascension points. According to People Can fly, there are 200 points to gather across Worldslayer and "hundreds of hours of play" to acquire them all. 

A revamped World Tier system and the increased level cap will ensure there's always a challenge to getting these weapons, gear pieces, and points. Now called Apocalypse Tiers instead of World Tiers, difficulty levels will be increased to Level 40 and the overall gear cap to 75. This is also where the third mod slot comes into play; Apocalypse gear is a new legendary variant found in these higher difficulties, and some pieces come with a third mod slot that allows for further augmentation. 

All of this isn't just meant for the campaign portion of Worldslayer. That's because Outriders will have a new endgame, as well. The Trial of Tarya Gratar won't spell the end for Expeditions — those are still part of the equation — but it will provide new endgame content for high(er)-level players. There isn't much info on the mode just yet, though, with People Can Fly teasing more details for a future Outriders Broadcast. So we'll have to wait just a bit longer.

Worldslayer will be available on June 30 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. Those who already own the Outriders base game can upgrade to Worldslayer digitally for $39.99, and those who haven't yet ventured to Enoch can pick up the Outriders Worldslayer Edition bundle for $59.99. Pre-orders are available now and new and old players can jump in 48 hours early if they pick it up before release. 

Saints Row Deep Dive Highlights Bonkers Customization System Wed, 20 Apr 2022 15:21:23 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Customization has always been at the core of the Saints Row franchise, becoming more in-depth with each installment. It's no surprise, then, that developer Volition has put character, vehicle, and weapon personalization at the center of its upcoming reboot, taking its "Self Made" tagline quite literally. 

By way of an expansive, 15-minute-plus presentation and accompanying trailer, Volition has given fans a glimpse of the mammoth customization system they've built for Saints Row, set to release on August 23. Nearly everything about the game can be tailored to your personal stylings, from the look of your Boss, gang members, and hideout, to your weapons and vehicles. It's "Over-the-Top" taken to what could be gleeful extremes. 

Every aspect of your Boss can be tweaked. Staples like eye color and skin tone can be adjusted, but it's all with Saints Row's penchant for zaniness in mind. There are options for snake eyes and starry eyes, for example, the latter of which swaps pupils for stars reminiscent of those found on Captain America's shield and suit. You can have kaleidoscopic skin, metal wood, jade, or stone, and there are multiple teeth options such as canine teeth, meth teeth, hockey teeth, and Candy Corn teeth.

More granular options allow for customizing facial structure, body type, and voice. Still, perhaps the most compelling feature is the ability to create asymmetrical faces, where you can customize features on each side of your Boss' face independent of the other side. Eyes can be different sizes, cheekbones different heights, and lips different shapes. 

Besides your character's physical traits, clothes – or lack thereof if you choose because this is Saints Row – go a long way in defining your Boss and gang. There are dozens of options to choose from highlighted in the customization trailer alone, with ensembles and a la' carte pieces.

Neatly, you can layer individual pieces like T-shirts, vests, and jackets to create your own looks. These aren't all combo pieces where you simply change a few colors. You can, in essence, create your own unique wardrobe. If you want to take over Santo Ileso in your birthday suit, you can do that too, choosing to cover your unmentionables with stickers and emojis – or not. There will be options to censor or block nudity, as well, if you lean a bit more puritan or just don't want to see peens out and about. 

Tattoos feature heavily, too. You can cover your Boss from head to toe with a variety of options for face, head, arms, neck, torso, back, and legs. Arm and leg prostheses add another layer of individuality and come in a variety of presets, though it's not 100% clear if the designs and color palettes of these presets can be further adjusted. 

Weapons and vehicles follow a similar customization philosophy; even if the options aren't as many, there's still a lot that can be done. Each part of a weapon can be customized visually with stock or bespoke colors and stickers and skins. Metal types and finishes, too, can be swapped around and tweaked.

Some weapons can even transform into other objects completely, like an RPG that can be morphed into a guitar case or an assault rifle that can masquerade as an umbrella. Though, it does appear these unique options are locked to certain weapons. For example, it didn't seem like the RPG could become an umbrella in the trailer, so we'll have to wait and see how expansive these options are. 

Vehicles are another extension of your style. Outside of their own stats and qualities, there are myriad ways to create unique looks and designs for all of them — including tanks, it seems. From simply changing colors and finishes to adding hood ornaments and side skirts, the breadth of options is far and wide. Wheel height and depth are individually tweakable, and rim types can be modified per wheel. You'll also be able to customize horn audio and sound effects for transmissions and engines.

On top of all that, certain mods can add to vehicles ejector seats, kneecappers, wrecking balls, and tow cables. These are unlocked by leveling upgrade kits, it appears, and the team said there are more mods to unlock throughout the game than were shown. More info will be shared about those additional customization options in the future. 

All of these options also extend to the other vehicles in Saints Row: boats, helicopters, planes, hoverboards, and motorcycles. 

The one thing we didn't get as much information on is how customization factors into the Saints HQ. It's clear that the church will act as a hub, having a wardrobe, garage, and armory where you'll be able to store outfits, vehicles, and weapons, further customizing them outside of the style app (clothes) or at Jim Rob's garage. 

The presentation shows that specific collectibles can be acquired and placed throughout the church headquarters on pedestals strewn across the grounds, letting you add some spice to the surroundings. But as for other, more granular decoration options, we'll have to wait and see how the HQ upgrades over time and how much control you'll have over that. 

Outside of the HQ, brick-and-mortar stores make a return, selling all kinds of things, from whacky cowboy boots to goth stylings and everything in between. Of course, there are weapons shops to visit, too, though it's unclear how diverse they'll be and what exactly they'll sell. 

There's a lot more to learn about Saints Row in the lead-up to its August 23, 2022, release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S, including Criminal Ventures, which was briefly covered near the end of the presentation. Stay tuned. 

Sniper Elite 5's Marksman Trailer Takes the Fight to the Axis with Custom Kit Wed, 30 Mar 2022 14:41:27 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Sniper Elite 5 puts the Axis on the run with a brand new gameplay trailer showing off some of the weapons Karl Fairburne will wield in his mission to stop Operation Kraken. It's the fourth trailer that's been released by developer Rebellion ahead of the game's release in late May. 

The 59-second Marksman trailer gives a relatively short glimpse at the weapons and items of war you'll have at your disposal. Rebellion says there are more than 200 pieces of kit available for Karl's latest mission to stop the Nazi war machine, including "scopes, suppressors, stocks, muzzle breaks, materials, and more."

Though the Marksman trailer itself focuses on the series' long-standing X-ray mechanic, various small arms, and varied in-game locations, a media release accompanying it gives a bit more insight into Sniper Elite 5's weapon customization options. Workbenches within levels will allow for the removal and addition of various attachments. These, in turn, affect different weapon attributes, such as rate of fire and damage. 

For example, Rebellion says that "a stealthy player may want to opt for Power and Rate of Fire at the cost of Control and Mobility due to their methodical approach, while the opposite will be true for a more 'run-and-gun' style player." It's a system that could very well make more playstyles more viable in Sniper Elite 5.

Jason Kingsley, CEO of Rebellion, said:

Having conducted thousands of hours of playtests over the course of the franchise, it is clear that everyone plays the game in their own, unique way. That is why we have developed the new Weapon Customization system, allowing players to adapt their weapons to best suit the way they play and ensure that everyone enjoys the experience.

Sniper Elite 5's existence was hinted at way back in 2019 and was officially announced at the tail end of 2021 with a reveal trailer. A release date trailer showing other gameplay aspects and locations dropped in March 2022.

The game will feature a full campaign mode that can be played solo or in two-player online coop from beginning to end. According to Rebellion, it will also have an Invasion Mode in which players can  "drop into each other's campaigns and take the role of an Axis sniper." Expectedly, there will be other multiplayer offerings, as well. 

Sniper Elite 5 is set to launch on May 26, 2022, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S. Stay tuned for more coverage in the coming weeks. 

It's Showtime: Capcom Announces Street Fighter 6, Capcom Fighting Collection Mon, 21 Feb 2022 18:08:53 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Capcom has announced that the next installment in the storied Street Fighter franchise is in development. Street Fighter 6 was revealed following the culmination of the Capcom Pro Tour. 

Aside from the announcement itself, Cpacom shared a brief, 40-second teaser trailer that shows Ryu facing off against Luke, who Capcom said will "have a key role in the next Street Fighter project." Outside of that, there's not much more info to go on at this point.

There's currently no word on a launch window or what platforms the fighting game may appear on. Capcom did say there would be more news to share sometime this summer. 

Alongside the news of Street Fighter 6's existence, Capcom also revealed that the Capcom Fighting Collection would be arriving on June 24, 2022, for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The compilation title will be sold digitally and physically for $39.99 and bundled with the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection for $59.99. include 10 games: 

  • Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors
  • Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge
  • Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire
  • Vampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers' Revenge
  • Vampire Savior 2: The Lord of Vampire
  • Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition
  • Super Gem Fighter Minimix
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
  • Red Earth
  • Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness

Aside from the hype surrounding the inclusion of Darkstalkers games, the release will also mark the first time that Vampire Hunter 2 and Vampire Savior 2 have been released in the West, as pointed out by Capcom U.S.A. Senior Community Manager Yuri Araujo over on the PlayStation Blog.

Stay tuned for more on Street Fighter 6 and the Capcom Fighting Collection. You can learn more about the latter title over here

Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle Gets Playable Demo During Steam Next Fest Wed, 16 Feb 2022 16:42:10 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Steam Next Fest is just around the corner, and quite a few games are getting free demos as part of the festivities. Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle, the upcoming survival-horror prequel to Daymare: 1998 from Leonardo Interactive and Invader Studios, is one of those games. The demo will be available starting February 21. 

A new teaser trailer was released alongside the news. Though brief, it provides a little bit more story context than the game's thoroughly creepy announcement trailer. You can watch it below.

The Daymare series is a modern iteration of the classic Resident Evil formula, complete with terrifying monsters, claustrophobic corridors, and foreboding atmosphere. There's probably a little bit of Silent Hill thrown in for good measure, too, especially in 1998's outdoor environments. Though, 1994 looks a bit more Code Veronica than anything in what we've seen so far.

Daniele Falcone, Team Coordinator at Leonardo Interactive, said of the prequel:

Like its predecessor, Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle is a tribute to iconic 90s horror entertainment. The prequel will improve upon Daymare: 1998 in nearly every way with stunning character animations, breathtaking cutscenes, and meticulously crafted boss encounters that require experimentation and strategy. Prepare to witness your favorite old-school zombie flicks and video games be brought back to life.

We didn't love the console version of Daymare: 1998 when we reviewed it a few years ago, but that doesn't mean Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle isn't worth checking out for yourself — or that it won't make us come around to the series. Be sure to check back for our thoughts. 

Steam Next Fest runs from February 21-28 and will have "hundreds" of game demos available to try out for free. Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle is set to release later this year for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

No Man's Sky Sentinel Update Overhauls Combat, Adds New Weapons, More Wed, 16 Feb 2022 15:27:56 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Five and a half years after launch, No Man's Sky is still getting significant updates for the low, low cost of free. Available now on all platforms, Sentinels again rewrites what we think we know about the space survival game from Hello Games. While it's mainly about the eponymous enemies found on almost every planet in the NMS universe and fighting them, Sentinels also brings a wide array of changes to other parts of the game. 

First and foremost, Update 3.8 overhauls a few combat mechanics. Hello Games says that combat is now "faster-paced" than before. There have been tweaks to everything from camera settings to hit indicators, and sentinel health. 

Repair bots have been added to mend damaged Sentinels in the field, and the pesky baddies now have more machines in their ranks. The Sentinel Hardframe Mech is an imposing goliath covered in dense armor and can fly around using a jetpack. Oh, and they have flamethrowers, too.

Heavy Combat Drones similarly have thick armor plating and add another wave of enemies before other heavy hitters like the Quad and Walker arrive. 

To make things even more chaotic, Summoner Drones do exactly what it sounds like: summon reinforcements directly into the fray. What's more, Drones can deploy shields, have three new weapon types, and can destroy the landscape around them, creating craters and other obstacles you'll have to navigate.

There are a few new tricks up your space sleeve to face these new threats. Active camouflage technology allows you to disappear at a moment's notice, avoiding sentinel patrols entirely or escaping from overwhelming numbers. It also helps against predators, too.

Player Minotaurs will now follow them into battle as allies; the Neutron Cannon gives access to a "charged energy weapon [that] can be used both as a rapid-fire projectile launcher and also charged up to release a deadly, close-range barrage of destruction."; and Exomechs will be more useful in combat situations. Stun grenades provide further defenses against Sentinels, as well. 

You'll also be able to hunt and shut down Sentinel Pillars, ominous-looking structures that act as bases for Sentinels, giving you a respite from their shenanigans, however briefly. 

Outside of all that, Hello Games has added new visual effects animations to various weapons, implemented more customization options, increased the number of Multi-Tools that can be carried, introduced new materials and upgrades, included a new Exobiology Expedition, and inserted new quests, lore, and stories. That's not to even mention tweaks to warping, quality of life changes, and graphics fixes. 

It's a truly mammoth update. You can read more about it over here on the NMS Blog

Square Enix Details New Characters, Locations, Jobs for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Tue, 15 Feb 2022 18:17:31 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Leading up to next month's release of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, Square Enix and Team Ninja have released new information regarding some of the game's characters, jobs, locations, and editions. The details come alongside new screenshots, a trailer, and a relatively lengthy write-up regarding jobs on the PlayStation Blog from Square Enix Director, Daisuke Inoue. 

Fans have already met Jack, Ash, and Jed, as well as a handful of other characters set to appear. These newly unveiled characters include Marilith, "The Fiend of Fire," and The Lufenians, "mysterious people with whom Jack exchanges words during the snatched glimpses of his fragmented memories."


The Lufenians

Mount Gulg, The Ancients' Tower, and The Wicked Arbor are three new foreboding locations promising hazards and dangers straight out of a From Software title. I mean, the Wicked Arbor is definitely not Blighttown or Farron Keep ... 

  • Mount Gulg is "a volcano with many perils, such as molten lava which blocks the way, and gas pockets that explode due to the presence of fire magic."

  • The Ancients' Tower is "a white building with an unshakeable sense of otherness. Various eerie mechanisms await the unwary intruder, such as devices to trap those who have entered and urn-like objects that float through the air.

  • The Wicked Arbor is "a dense expanse of forest that lies at the door of the volcano. Moonlight only just manages to peek through the canopy and the area is shrouded in a thick, gaseous miasma. Walls made out of ivy and plants that spit poisonous gas stand in your way."

Jobs will be familiar to anyone who's played any previous Final Fantasy games, from FF Tactics to FFXIV. They play a similar role in Stranger of Paradise, with Daisuke Inoue explaining that "the job determines your abilities, weapons, and the actions you can take in battle, and switching to a different one will give you access to different moves."

Information released by Square Enix and shared by Daisuke Inoue on the PlayStation Blog highlighted eight of the 27 jobs that will be available in the game: 

  • Breaker
  • Void Knight
  • Tyrant
  • Sage
  • Dark Knight
  • Paladin
  • Ninja
  • Thief

We also learned about Stranger of Paradise's various editions. The standard physical and deluxe editions for PS4, PS5, and Xbox come with just the game as expected. There will also be a special Steelbook physical version at "participating retailers" with artwork "inspired by Yoshitaka Amano."

The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with the game and a number of extra goodies. It includes access to the Season Pass, a digital artbook, and a digital mini-soundtrack. The season gives players access to three extra missions: Trials of the Dragon King, Wanderer of the Rift, and Different Future.

It's unclear when these missions will release for players who opt for the other versions of Stranger of Paradise; though the Season Pass will be available separately "at a separate date," Square hasn't yet shared when that will be.

Of course, there is also pre-order content available for those who purchase the game early. Digital Standard pre-orders will receive the Rebellion Weapon, though the wording is a bit odd since it mentions that it's "available to users who purchase the game before 11:59 p.m. on April 18, 2022, local time," a full month after the game's official release. 

Those who pick up the Digital Deluxe Edition before Paradise's launch on March 18 will get 72-hour early access on console, 24-hour early access on PC, the Braveheart weapon, and the Lustrous shield. PlayStation players will get an exclusive PS4 theme.

Stay tuned for more on Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin as we approach its March 18 release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S.

Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void Bringing Second New Survivor Tue, 15 Feb 2022 16:51:54 -0500 Ashley Shankle

We're getting ever closer to the release of Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void on March 1. Fans of the roguelite have a lot to look forward to with the expansion, which will undoubtedly add some much-needed variety to runs for those who have already dumped hundreds of hours into RoR2. (cough)

Survivors of the Void promises to bring 40 new items to the table to give some real build variety, along with five new stages, new enemies, and an alternate end boss that will surely be more interesting than fighting Mithrix. Because nobody — nobody — likes Mithrix or the base game's final stage.

Along with all of the above are the new Railgunner survivor, who will bring a kit akin to the Sniper from the first Risk of Rain, and the newly announced Void Fiend. Both will offer high risk and dynamic gameplay, for the chance to dole out some serious damage and feel like a total badass in the process.

The Railgunner being unable to fire for a short time after using her biggest damage-dealing shot and the Void Fiend being able to swap forms once overflowing with corruption both sound and look like interesting mechanics to add some extra spice to an already brutal game.

Along with the Void Field reveal is the announcement that Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void will be releasing on the Epic Game Store at the same time as it releases on Steam.

There's so much to look forward to in Survivors of the Void that even someone like me with over 400 hours in the base game is absolutely vibrating in excitement! What are you looking forward to most in the Risk of Rain 2 expansion? Let us know in the comments below, and look for Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void on March 1 on PC and in the second quarter of the year on console platforms.

Cyberpunk 2077's Massive 1.5 Patch — Next-Generation Update Improves Night City Tue, 15 Feb 2022 16:31:55 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Johnny Silverhand says that in some ways, Night City never changes. While the city of dreams remains one of the most violent and corrupt places on Earth, a good deal about it has gotten an update. Released today for all major platforms, Patch 1.5 — Next-Generation Update for Cyberpunk 2077 not only brings with it a vast changelog for all platforms but also next-gen improvements for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions. 

Those playing on PS5 and Series X|S can expect to see optimizations such as raytracing and dynamically scaled 4K resolutions; there have also been "various visual quality improvements" made, according to CDPR.

Other improvements one would expect from the increased power and speed found on the newest PlayStation and Microsoft platforms are there, too: faster loading times, higher sustained frames per second, and more.

Of course, the DualSense haptic features are also present, and PlayStation 5 now has spatial headphone audio, which was previously added to all other versions of Cyberpunk 2077 except PS4 (which still doesn't have it).

The Next-Gen Update is free for all Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 and Xbox One players. On top of that, there is also a free 5-hour trial available on PlayStation and Xbox platforms until March 15 at 10 a.m. EST.

Other additions and tweaks include rentable apartments, the ability to change your appearance in apartment mirrors, Brun Out Mode, new vehicle braking systems, new photo mode poses, new weapons, new perks, activity cards for PS5, and more. CDPR also mentions numerous tweaks to combat AI, NPC actions, quickhacking, cyberwar, and basically everything else in the game.

A complete list of changes added to all versions of Cyberpunk 2077 can be seen over on the Cyberpunk website.

There are also various sales on Steam, the PlayStation Store, and the Microsoft Store, discounting Cyberpunk 2077 by 50%. The Steam version is currently $29.99 until March 1; the PlayStation version is $24.99 until March 3; and the Xbox version is $29.99 for an unspecified length of time (though likely early March alongside the other two storefronts).

Though title 1.5 Patch, CDPR has made a multitude of adjustments to Cyberpunk 2077 since we first reviewed it around release in 2020. "Many, many bugs and AI glitches" marred our experience then, but it's clear the development is dedicated to righting those wrongs. 

Elden Ring's Minimum & Recommended PC Requirements Revealed Tue, 15 Feb 2022 11:20:45 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Bandai Namco and From Software have released Elden Ring's minimum and recommended PC requirements ahead of the ARPG's launch on February 25.

Replies to the original Twitter post from the official Elden Ring account (and elsewhere) have pointed out that the recommended specifications are a bit steep, especially on the CPU front, just to run the game at a decent clip. They come in a tad higher than some recent "next-gen" PC releases like Dying Light 2 in that department.

What's more, these requirements don't mention what in-game settings these setups will get you. There's nothing mentioned about 4K, raytracing, or expected FPS benchmarks, either. 

Elden Ring Minium System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
  • CPU: i5-8400 or Ryzen 3 3300X
  • GPU: GTX 1060 (3GB) or Radeon RX 580 (4GB)
  • RAM: 12GB
  • HDD/SSD: 60GB
  • DirectX: DX12

Elden Ring Recommended System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
  • CPU: i7-8700 or Ryzen 5 3600X
  • GPU: GTX 1070 (8GB) or Radeon RX Vega 56 (8GB)
  • RAM: 16GB
  • HDD/SSD: 60GB
  • DirectX: DX12

Those hoping to run Elden Ring at 4K 60fps will certainly need beefier rigs than outlined above, though Bandai Namco has yet to share that information. It's worth noting for Nvidia users that a new driver update (511.79) is already out for a number of upcoming releases, including Elden Ring, and comes in at 663.0MB. 

We're eagerly anticipating the launch of the next dark adventure from Hidetaka Miyazaki. Delayed back in October, Elden Ring recently went gold. We were able to go hands-on with the game's Network Test in January and came away excited. John Schutt said, "I’m already in love with the world they’ve built and how it’s filled with just enough to engage but not so much that it feels cluttered. Everything is beautiful and grand, but there are plenty of quiet moments to appreciate as well."

Bees, Druids, and Swine, Oh My! Chivalry 2 The Raid of Aberfell Charges Forward Tue, 15 Feb 2022 10:27:01 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Chivalry 2's Masons and Agathian Knights are amassing for yet another large-scale battle in Torn Banner Studios' hack and slash multiplayer action game. The House of Aberfell update releases on February 15 at 11 a.m. EST for PC and console. It adds a new 64-player map in The Raid of Aberfell and new weapons, gear, mechanics, and a playable VIP character. 

The free update also sees the arrival of new customization elements for weapons and characters, a slew of bugs fixes for various pesky bugs and crashes, and improvements to previously-released maps

Alongside the new VIP Druid character, whom Mason players control as a "last line of defense against the Agatha offensive," bees and swine can now be found across the battlefield. Bee bombs are AoE weapons that act as Medieval grenades of sorts, while pigs (along with peasants) can be kidnapped to "deny [the] Mason Order's access to food and labor." 

Other additions include: 

  • New Weapons – Highland Sword: The Highland Sword is a massive, unwieldy beast of a blade that will butcher foes and send others running for the hills. Complete with new animations, weapon values, and special attack, the Highland Sword for the Vanguard class can be further customized with new Giant Claymore and Executioner sword skins.

  • New Armory Items: In addition, players can look forward to a wide array of new cosmetics in the Armory, including the Agatha Gallowglass Armor and Mason Clan Armor, War Club – Shepherd Staff skin, Falchion – Chopper skin, Messer – Dacian Sword skin, Great Sword – Claymore skin, 10 new Face paints, and more!

Chivalry 2 will be on sale for 33% off on the Epic Games Store from February 15 to February 16. Torn Banner and publisher Tripwire Interactive said that a console sale might appear in the future and to "keep a close eye on the Chivalry 2 social pages" for updates on timing. 

If you weren't able to take to the battlefield in 2021, Chivalry 2 still stands as one of 2022's must-play games. 

We praised it on almost every level in our review, from its battles to player progression and bits of humor.

"It’s a story where one moment you are living out your hero fantasies, a one-man army smiting the foes of your kingdom, then the next you're apologizing profusely for crushing your friend with a church bell, as you bleed out from your severed arm. A few technical hitches and minor gripes do little to detract from a masterpiece in the art of fun."

Fellowship of the Ping: Children of Morta Online Co-Op Update Arrives Mon, 14 Feb 2022 19:33:13 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Children of Morta has seen a treasure trove of updates since it was released in the latter part of 2019. New characters, new quests, and new modes have been brought into the family, while New Game+ and the Paws and Claws DLC have expanded on the game's original foundation in meaningful ways.

While Children of Morta lets you and your family members and friends team up in local multiplayer, online co-op has always been a big request from the community. After all, it's been part of the development roadmap since plans were first shared in December 2019.

Now, it's finally arrived — for some players at least.

The latest Children of Morta update, Fellowship of the Sanctuary, is free and adds two-player online co-op to the Steam version of the game. The Good Old Games version and those for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One still don't have it. Yet. Dead Mage said it's "hard at work" on those updates, though there's currently no time frame for when they might arrive.

Fellowship of the Sanctuary comes alongside a Steam free-to-play period from February 14 at 1 p.m. EST to February 18 at the same time. A Steam sale between those dates also discounts the game by 60% and its DLCs by 25%. 

Those who still haven't played Children of Morta should take the opportunity to join the Bergson family as they hack and slash their way through corrupted baddies attempting to overtake Mount Morta. In our review, we said that "Children of Morta is a standout roguelike RPG with a solid central hook, satisfying gameplay, and gorgeous art style all piled on top of huge replay value."

Dying Light 2 Authority Pack DLC Available Now on All Platforms Mon, 14 Feb 2022 18:38:43 -0500 Jonathan Moore

There's already a ton of loot to get your hands on in Dying Light 2. From valuables to weapons, crafting materials and gear, every corner of Villedor has something for tenacious explorers to find. The new Authority Pack DLC adds to that glut of loot with a PK-themed set.

Releasing in three parts, the first portion is available now for free. It includes three pieces of gear: the Intimidating Jacket, the Intimidating Cargo Pants, and the Intimidating High-tops.

You can download the complimentary DLC pack by going to the Dying Light 2 game hub or store page on your respective platform. 

According to Techland, two more parts coming this week.

Additional pieces of gear — the Intimidating Gauntlets, the Intimidating Windbreaker, and the Intimidating Leather Guards — are set to arrive on February 16.

Finally, the two-handed Authority hammer weapon will release on February 18.

The Authority pack is just the beginning of Techland's 5-year plan for Dying Light 2. The Ronin DLC is coming soon, and the developer has already released a roadmap of the content fans can expect to get their hands on over the coming months.

The first set of new challenges will arrive sometime in March, with events coming in April, more challenges in May, and the first story DLC in June. 

New enemies, weapons, and story bits will be added in the months following those. While it won't take fans 500 hours to see everything Dying Light 2 has to offer this close to launch, it very well may be the case in 2027. At least if Techland has anything to say about it.

Dying Light 2 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S. If you're looking for some support while exploring the dangerous streets and rooftops of Old Villedor and the Central Loop, be sure to check out our Dying Light 2 guides hub, where we have tips, tricks, and walkthroughs to help you stay human.

Bethesda Releases First Ghostwire Tokyo Gameplay Footage Thu, 03 Feb 2022 18:59:00 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Ghostwire Tokyo launches March 25 for PlayStation 5 and PC, or March 22 if you pre-order the digital deluxe edition. Bethesda and Tango Gameworks made the announcement alongside a lengthy deep dive into Ghostwire’s gameplay, including a first look at combat, paranormal abilities, and more.

Tokyo is shrouded in a mysterious fog from which emerge all manner of yokai bent on capturing the souls of the city’s inhabitants. Akito, Ghostwire’s protagonist, somehow manages to avoid getting caught up in the fog, but that leaves him with another problem – or two, to be more precise. The spirit of an enigmatic man named KK is living inside him now, and the monsters roaming Tokyo want him dead.

The spirit is more than a passive observer, though. He grants Akito supernatural abilities ranging from control over fire and air to manifesting a set of wires that rips the spiritual cores from the monsters roaming the city. There's also a set of special weapons Akito can find for times when KK vanishes and leaves him to survive on his own.

Your goal is cleansing the numerous Torii gates around the city to dispel the fog and, hopefully, find an answer to the problems plaguing the city.

Ghostwire Tokyo may be a paranormal adventure, but Tango Gameworks’ development team said one of their guiding goals when creating the game was creating an “authentic” Tokyo. The city’s visual design is only part of that. Tango’s designers and sound producers incorporated influences ranging from Ukiyo-e’s blockworks to Babylon Tokyo comics and traditional Japanese music to infuse Ghostwire with that sense of authenticity.

Akito can call on Tengu to propel himself into the air and traverse the city with ease. He’ll store the recovered souls of Tokyo’s lost citizens in paper dolls, though as to what he can do with them, you’ll have to wait until our Ghostwire Tokyo preview coverage goes live soon. We’ll have more in store for you then, so check back soon.

Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void Releasing with Railgunner Mon, 31 Jan 2022 13:01:32 -0500 Ashley Shankle

The survivor roster in Risk of Rain 2 is about to get a little bigger with the upcoming Survivors of the Void expansion. New items, maps, and gameplay elements are coming along with the new Railgunner survivor.

Reminiscent of the Sniper from the original Risk of Rain, the Railgunner boasts an M99 Sniper that switches the player's perspective to first-person for ridiculously powerful shots to targets.

To stay safe, the Railgunner brings two abilities to the table to move herself to safety or to keep enemies at bay; though the real tastiness of her kit lies in Supercharge, which overloads her railgun and boosts her damage to insane heights — at the cost of being unable to fire her M99 for five seconds.

Survivors of the Void will be bringing a lot more with it than the new Railgunner survivor. A whole list of new enemies, including deadly void enemies, at least one new map, new items, and new features will come with the expansion.

We won't have to wait long to play the next evolution in Hopoo's Risk of Rain 2, at least on PC. Survivors of the Void is scheduled to release on March 1 on Steam, giving us a mere month to hone our skills to prep for the new challenges coming in the expansion.

Those who play on console will have to be patient to get their hands on Survivors of the Void, though, as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia ports of the game will be receiving the expansion sometime in the second quarter of the year.

Techland Confirms Dying Light 2 Free Next-Gen Upgrade Fri, 21 Jan 2022 13:54:33 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Dying Light 2 will support free upgrades on next-gen consoles, Techland confirmed in a new announcement. The Wrocław, Poland, developer also shed some more light on how Dying Light 2 co-op will work and said you can play the entire game in co-op, minus the prologue. That includes the ending missions, important choices, and everything in between.

Anyone who owns Dying Light 2 on PlayStation 4 can upgrade to the PS5 version for free. It supports Smart Delivery on Xbox, which means Xbox One players can upgrade to the Xbox Series X|S version for free as well.

Cross-platform play won't arrive at launch, but PC players on the Epic Games Store and Steam will be able to join up on day one. 

Dying Light 2 co-op lets teams of up to four players tackle every mission and side quest in The City, but it's more than just a bit of together time while smashing zombies. Team members can make important decisions shaping the story's outcome through a vote, though the session leader has the last word.

All your character progress and equipment carry over as well, so you won't be starting each session from scratch, so to speak.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human releases February 4 for PlayStation 4 and PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The Switch cloud version has been delayed until later in the year, however. Check out our hands-on impressions of a slice of the game, and stay tuned for more as we approach release. 

Techland Shows Off Dying Light 2 Graphics Comparison and Co-Op Play Sat, 15 Jan 2022 13:08:19 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Techland showed off a brief Dying Light 2 graphics comparison in the final episode of Dying 2 Know, alongside a short glimpse at Dying Light 2 co-op play.

The Dying Light 2 comparison shows the game running on PlayStation 4, Xbox One X, PlayStation 5, and then Xbox Series X, and the results are pretty much what you’d expect. Dying Light 2 on PS4 looks solid and seems to run smoothly, and the most notable part of it is just how much more colorful Dying Light 2 looks in general compared to its 50 shades of brown predecessor. Those colors and textures shine just a bit more on Xbox One X.

PlayStation 5 gives them an even bigger boost with more detail and polish, as you’d expect. However, it looks like Dying Light 2 continues the trend of third-party titles looking just a bit better on the Xbox Series X version, where everything looks slightly crisper.

The preview didn’t show Dying Light 2 running via cloud on Nintendo Switch.

If you and your friends are playing Dying Light 2 on the same platform, you can join up for some co-op play as well. The glimpse Techland showed was brief but involved strategically fanning your party members out to deal with hordes and stay alive longer.

Dying Light 2 launches February 4 on PC via Steam, PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch via the cloud. If you can't wait to see more of it until then, check out the launch trailer below.


Infernax Preview: A Valentine to the Gory Retro Side-Scrolling Past Wed, 12 Jan 2022 13:18:14 -0500 Jason D'Aprile

There’s no shortage of modern retro-styled homage-centric games that speak to the nostalgia of days gone, but Infernax might earn some extra karmic points for releasing its unabashed pixel love this Valentine’s Day for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

Honestly, given how 2022 has already started, a carnage-filled, low-fi hack and slash side-scroller might be the perfect way to spend the day anyway. 

Infernax Preview: A Valentine to the Gory Retro Side-Scrolling Past

Infernax is a mix of Ghosts n’ Goblins, Castlevania, and Metroid spun up in a grimdark fantasy world that would have felt right at home in the 8- and 16-bit console era. As a beleaguered, yet dashing knight, Alcedor, you’ve finally returned home from war to find the place in nightmarish chaos. The dead walk the earth, hellish spawn skulk the poor citizens, and the kingdom needs a hero with the kind of earnest that would warrant a Bonnie Taylor solo to power the entire soundtrack.

So, you know, normal classic video gaming stuff. Developer Berzerk Studio is adamant Infernax is the kind of brutal, gory, difficult side-scroller adventures the old-timers jammed to. Hell, the short demo beta we played even started with a warning about how the game was not for children.

On a side note, my seven-year-old can confirm this. Having hoped on my lap to watch immediately upon seeing the warning, she soon got bored with all those “old-looking” graphics. Make of that what you will.

In terms of just how brutal, dark, and gory Infernax is in comparison to say the downright dismal extremeness of Blasphemous, this game is damn near cheery and bright. It has a lot more color, for one thing, and the more retro-fied (that’s a word, right?) graphics really do a lot to take the edge off any violence as pixel blood and exploding body parts just aren’t as shocking as they used to be.

The visuals are solid, so long as you want to play something that looks like it’s from around 1991. The beta was only about a half-hour long but provided some keen insights into what distinguishes Infernax from the slew of other games of this ilk. For one thing, there’s a hefty focus on grinding for XP and gold. These, in turn, are used to level up Alcedor’s stats, earn him new skills and powers, better weapons, and other useful means of survival.

These light RPG elements are more important here than in most Metroidvanias and should offer interesting ways to tailor the knight to your carnage-inducing preferences. The open-world map features plenty of chance for exploration, backtracking, and, of course, repeatedly killing respawning monsters. There are castles, dungeons, caves, forests, and other fraught locations to explore, with a variety of fiends to kill. Bosses abound as well. We murdered several hulking abominations in just the first 15 minutes and liked it.

Another element that isn’t particularly well-represented in the beta is the inclusion of a morality system. Throughout, Alcedor will have the opportunity to make choices between light and dark options. These, in turn, will be tracked and lead to different endings. Admittedly, we only encountered one such event. A poor villager begging you to kill him as his body convulsed violently offered up the choice to either kill or pray for him. As it turns out, praying for the poor bugger also leads to killing him after he transforms into an ooze-filled agent of death.

It seems like this added bit of decision-making will give Infernax a boost of distinction, though we won’t know how much until review time.

Infernax Preview — My Bloody Valentine

Beyond that, the demo was fun with lively if basic mace-bashing combat, a variety of monsters to crush, townspeople, quests, and shops to engage with, and more. Infernax is clearly not as linear as many games of this type used to be and with the greater emphasis on stat-building and side-quests, there’s likely going to be a lot of meaty action to be had in the end.

Stay tuned for our full review next month. 

[Note: Berzerk Studio provided the copy of Infernax used for this preview.]

New Dying Light 2 Trailer Shows Extended Look at Gameplay Thu, 02 Dec 2021 18:30:52 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Techland debuted an extensive new look at Dying Light 2 gameplay with a new trailer, including the entirety of the quest A Place to Call Home. It's a mix of familiar Dying Light staples, including parkour and running for dear life when the infected are around, but there's plenty new to see as well.

One of the standout differences between Dying Light 2 and its predecessor is just how colorful the city is. Dying Light was 50 shades of brown in many ways, especially on Nintendo Switch, but the city in Dying Light 2 is bursting with color.

Neon lights shine in the darkness after a successful operation restores power to the city, trees dot the rooftop landscape, and we can even spy some flowers blooming at the end of the civilization.

Then there's the combat. A Place to Call Home's main objective is the usual "travel to place A and accomplish task B," but you encounter more than just zombies along the way. There's plenty of them, but during the day, you can run past them easily enough. The real danger is the human faction you fight along the way.

We knew from earlier announcements and our hands-on time with the game that Dying Light 2 makes movement essential in combat, and the new trailer shows just how true that is. The protagonist leaps over foes, squashes them as he lands, and even grapples them closer to get the upper hand.

In short, there's a lot going on in Dying Light 2 on many levels. Now the game has gone gold, we won't have to wait much longer to experience it either. Dying Light 2 releases on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 4, 2022, and a cloud version for Nintendo Switch launches the same day. Check out our interview with Narrative Director Piotr Szymanek to see how the real Dark Ages inspires Dying Light 2.

Nintendo Delays Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp Fri, 22 Oct 2021 18:44:59 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Looks like Black Hole wins this battle. Nintendo of America announced Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Bootcamp is delayed until spring 2022. The remastered collection was originally planned for a December 3 launch, though Nintendo delayed it to allow time for "more fine-tuning."

Nintendo didn't specify when in spring 2022 Advance Wars 1+2 will release or what, specifically, caused the delay.

It is, perhaps, not altogether surprising Advance Wars is delayed, though. We've heard very little about it since Nintendo's surprise reveal during E3 2021 and seen even less.

We still don't even know what's different with Re-Boot Camp, for example. Nintendo describes it as a remake, though what it changes from the original aside from graphics and the overall aesthetic remains a mystery for now.

The Nintendo Switch is far from bereft of games for the holiday season, though. Alongside the recent Metroid Dread release, there's Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining PearlShin Megami Tensei V, and Mario Party Superstars, just to name a few upcoming releases.

Concerned Ape's Next Game After Stardew Valley is Haunted Chocolatier Fri, 22 Oct 2021 18:11:35 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Stardew Valley developer ConcernedApe has revealed his next game. Called Haunted Chocolatier, it shares many characteristics of the incredibly popular farming sim that's now a household name, but it intends to stand apart as something more whimsical, fantastic, and "unleashed" than SDV.

Eric Barone, also known as ConcernedApe, revealed Haunted Chocolatier through a recent blog post and relatively long 2:25 trailer that shows what's presumably an early build of the game in action.

Barone said his work to this point has been on the "meat and potatoes" of Haunted Chocolatier, with the "good stuff" still to come.

So far, there are ingredients to collect, chocolate to make with the help of little ghosties, and a shop to decorate and manage. There are relationships to forge, gifts to give, and mysteries to unravel. And, of course, there are enemies to defeat such as slimes and evil ravens. 

Right now, Haunted Chocolatier shares many similarities with Stardew Valley, even down to its pixel graphics and incredible music, but it's not a sequel to that game. Well, at least not in its current form. Barone hasn't said one way or the other just yet, but he clarified where SDV is more traditional, Chocolatier will be more "unleashed."

He said:

So far, I’ve been having fun working on this game. There are so many possibilities. With Stardew Valley, I felt somewhat constrained, because I was working within an established tradition. I don’t regret that at all, but there’s always been a part of me that wanted to go “unleashed”.

I believe this will be a good opportunity, but I haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet. I’ve been mostly working on the “meat and potatoes” of the game so far. But what really brings a game to life is the spice, the sauce. And I haven’t really gotten to the sauce yet. That’s coming.

Despite Haunted Chocolatier's spoopy vibe, Barone also said that this isn't an "evil or negative game," and he wants it to be something "delightful" and "uplifting." 

There's still a lot we don't know about Haunted Chocolatier. Since it's still in the early stages of development, Barone didn't share a release window or timeframe, nor did he share the platforms on which he intends to release the game. But stay tuned for more. We'll be watching this one closely.

Monark Unleashes Its Unique Take on School and Madness in Early 2022 Tue, 19 Oct 2021 19:16:49 -0400 Josh Broadwell

NIS America announced Monark will release February 22 in North America and Europe for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PS5, and PC. While FuRyu's school story might seem like a Persona-lite — understandably, since former Shin Megami Tensei developers are behind it — there are a few key differences that make Monark stand out.

I had a chance to see a short glimpse of Monark's combat and exploration during a recent event NIS America held, and while the broader story beats remain a mystery for now, I did get a general idea of what to expect.

The segment NISA demonstrated took place in the middle of a madness segment, where the protagonist delves into the fog of madness to deal with the distorted ego poisoning the school and those inside it.

You're accompanied by one companion who's meant to counter the ego's distortions, but on a more practical level, they also offer help in combat.

Monark's combat looks like a deeper and more tactical system built around space and movement. Attack ranges are determined by type and the character's positioning, but in addition to controlling the protagonist and their companion, you're also directing a number of Fiends.

Monark has high ambitions and the potential to tell an interesting story about human motivations, though we'll have to wait a bit longer to find out how well it sticks the landing.

NIS America Will Release Cruel King and the Great Hero in 2022 Tue, 19 Oct 2021 19:15:52 -0400 Josh Broadwell

NIS America announced The Cruel King and the Great Hero will release in 2022. It's billed as a spiritual successor to The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince and follows Yuu, a young girl watched over by the kindly, and very dangerous, Dragon King. 

I recently had a chance to see The Cruel King and the Great Hero in action during a press event, and while NIS America kept quiet about story details, I did get to see some of the game in action. 

In this later chapter, Yuu was searching for a missing girl in the storybook forest. That's not just a location, either. Similar to its predecessor, a beautiful picture-book art style characterizes The Cruel King.

A spirit told Yuu the girl disappeared into an enchanted fountain, so off Yuu goes as well.

Unlike Liar Princess, a puzzle-platformer, Cruel King is a turn-based RPG with a twist. Yuu's temporary companions have unique quirks that help or hinder in combat. Flora, the missing girl, was weak and only had a "hide" skill, for example, and Yuu had to deal with the monster threat on her own.

The Cruel King and the Great Hero is planned for release in 2022 on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Elden Ring Delayed, Console Network Test Announced Mon, 18 Oct 2021 11:35:28 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Elden Ring, From Software's next dark-fantasy RPG not called Dark Souls, won't release in January 2022 as originally planned. Publisher Bandai Namco announced that Elden Ring has been delayed, but not by much. Elden Ring will now launch on February 25, 2022, with a closed console network test coming in November. 

As one may expect, the delay comes as the development team hopes to add further polish to Elden Ring. In a statement, they said "Elden Ring will release on Feb. 25, 2022, as the depth & strategic freedom of the game exceeded initial expectations. Thank you for your trust & patience. We look forward to seeing you experience the game in the Closed Network Test ..."

Those hoping to start their journey in the Land Between may have to wait a little while longer to see the full scale of Elden Ring, but a select few will be able to get a taste of it November 12-14. There will be five sessions available:

  • November 12: 3:00 A.M. to 6:00 A.M. PST

  • November 12: 7:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. PST

  • November 13: 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. PST

  • November 14: 3:00 A.M. to 6:00 A.M. PST

  • November 14: 7:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. PST

The closed network test is only available for console players on PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Series X|S. It is also invite-only. Fans can sign up here, selecting their console of choice before filling out a quick survey on their experience with other From Software titles. The test will feature cross-gen crossplay between PS4 and PS5 and Xbox One and Series X|S.

Bandai Namco also released a (very) short teaser trailer for the closed network test, which you can watch over on YouTube.

Elden Ring was first revealed to much celebration at E3 2019. Since then, news about the anticipated RPG from Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki and Game of Thrones author G.R.R. Martin has been relatively scant. Though, the first real gameplay trailer was shown earlier this year, and Miyazaki provided a bevy of new details not too long after that. 

Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy Origin Release Date Fri, 01 Oct 2021 18:55:12 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Stranger of Paradise, Square Enix's reimagining of the original Final Fantasy, debuted during E3 2021, and now we finally have a Final Fantasy Origin release date. Final Fantasy Origin releases March 18, 2022, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via the Epic Games Store, Square Enix announced as part of its Tokyo Game Show 2021 presentation.

Final Fantasy Origin is compatible with Smart Delivery on Xbox systems, and those who purchase it on PS4 can download a free upgrade for the game on PS5.

Square Enix is also offering a digital deluxe edition of Final Fantasy Origin that includes a digital mini-soundtrack and DLC missions available in a season pass for $89.99. Finally, anyone who pre-orders the digital deluxe or standard digital versions gets access to the game three days before launch, along with in-game items such as weapons.

If you need a taste of Chaos in your life before that, there's a new Final Fantasy Origin demo available for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. This one includes multiplayer support and is available through October 11.

While the original demo and trailer focused exclusively on the Chaos Shrine, the newest Final Fantasy Origin trailer shows off a lush jungle environment, barren cliffs presumably affected by the imbalance in the crystals, and much more polished graphics compared to the E3 trailer.

There's also a technologically advanced area, and while that seems out of place for the original Final Fantasy, anyone who's played Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Episode Yuffie likely won't think twice about Tetsuya Nomura playing by his own narrative rules once again.

Jack and co. team up with Neon at the behest of the king to investigate the darkness plaguing the crystals, but there's a key difference to the Final Fantasy narrative this time. Jack himself is Garland, the knight of darkness in the original game.

Capcom Announces Monster Hunter Rise PC Release Date Thu, 30 Sep 2021 18:06:37 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Monster Hunter Rise landed on Nintendo Switch to much acclaim earlier this year, and PC fans only have a little longer to wait before they can sample it themselves. As part of its Tokyo Game Show 2021 presentation, Capcom announced the Monster Hunter Rise PC release date is January 12.

The PC version will cost $59.99 and supports uncapped framerates, 4K and ultra-wide support, and high-resolution textures.

Meanwhile, Capcom promised a Monster Hunter Rise PC demo available starting October 13.

The demo includes all 14 weapon types, solo hunts, and online multiplayer hunts, along with training missions for those new to Monster Hunter and Wyvern Riding tutorials. Hunters of all skill levels get access to three hunts: 

  • Beginner — Great Izuchi
  • Intermediate — Mizutsune
  • Advanced — Magnamalo

When the Monster Hunter Rise PC version releases, it'll include all previously released content, such as new event quests and Rise's true ending. Sunbreak, the recently announced Monster Hunter Rise DLC expansion, will release simultaneously on PC and Nintendo Switch in summer 2022.

Whether you're playing the demo or getting ready for next year's big hunts, we've got plenty of Monster Hunter Rise guides to help get you started.

HMs are Gone in New Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Trailer Wed, 29 Sep 2021 10:02:14 -0400 Josh Broadwell

The Pokemon Company debuted a new Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl trailer introducing Amity Square, poffin making, and the Poketch's functions. One of which means poor Bidoof is free from its HM shackles forever.

The Poketch is your handy all-in-one gadget that's part map, part Item Finder, and now, part Hidden Move instigator.

The original Diamond and Pearl tied Hidden Moves such as Cut and Surf to actual Pokemon attacks as their predecessors did, which meant they took up a move slot. The Gen IV remakes let you call in wild Pokemon to use the same moves.

Amity Square in Hearthome City gets a makeover as well. Where you could take just one cute Pokemon for a walk with you before, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl let you take a stroll with your whole team of six adorable critters.

There's even a poffin-making station in the park, where you can stop off for a quick baking session and give your precious Pokemon a well-deserved treat.

There's also a brief glimpse at some of Sinnoh's helper characters, Cheryl and Riley, you'll encounter at key points in your journey.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl release November 19 for Nintendo Switch, and that's not the only taste of Sinnoh headed to the Switch. Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Game Freak's first open-world Pokemon game, launches January 28, 2022.

Game Freak Debuts Noble New Pokemon Legends Arceus Trailer Wed, 29 Sep 2021 09:55:18 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Not content with one new Pokemon trailer in one day, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company released a meaty new Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer. There's a lot to digest, but chief among the new pieces of information is the Hisui Region's noble Pokemon.

Noble Pokemon are blessed with power and often lend their aid to people in need. One of them is the brand-new Bug/Rock Pokemon Kleavor, a Hisuian evolution of Scyther. Some unknown phenomenon is causing them to enter a frenzied state and wreak havoc across the land, and it's your job to put things right again.

You'll work with one of Hisui's Guardians, people tasked with caring for the Noble Pokemon, to restore order by battling these unique creatures and calming them with a special balm.

You'll need to dodge their attacks and exploit their weaknesses, but simply winning in battle isn't enough. The problem is only resolved when you apply enough balm.

So far, we know there's four Noble Pokemon in Hisui:

  • Kleavor, with Lian as its Guardian
  • Basculegion, with Iscan as its Guardian
  • Wyrdeer, with Mai as its Guardian
  • An unknown "lady Pokemon" with Arezu as its Guardian

The new Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer also highlighted some of Jubilife City's areas of interest, including retailers with extensive options tailored to your fashion needs, crafting stations where you can create potions, balms, and more, and an area to develop photos.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus releases January 28, 2022, for Nintendo Switch.

Deathloop Cassette Puzzle Solution: How to Complete Afternoon Delight Mon, 20 Sep 2021 16:44:02 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Solving the cassette puzzle in Deathloop will let you unlock the bunker where Charlie and Fia meet up in Fristad Rock during the afternoon. Not only will doing so let you kill both Visionaries at once, but it will also give you the Dangerous Liasion trophy and achievement for completing the Afternoon Delight lead. 

Here's how to find and solve the cassette puzzle in Deathloop. This guide also includes all of the pictogram locations in Fia's bunker.

How to Find the Cassette Puzzle

When you toss Charlie's bedroom in Updaam in the morning, you'll find a picture of Fia and Charlie on his bed, giving you the Search Fristad Shore lead. 

Head there in the afternoon, and exit the tunnels through the right door. Take the right path at the pink smoke in the next area. Go past the shipping container and down to the area with the crane overlooking the water.

Stay on the right side, and drop down to the beach. Go straight ahead and follow the beach when it juts out toward the water (there are two buoys here). Near the end of the path, you'll see a door on the left with "09" written next to it. 

Pathway to the bunker along the frozen coastline in snow.09 bunker door.

Go through that door, and follow the path through the broken wall. You'll see the cassette puzzle in front of you with the Order of Operations book on it. Read the book to get the safe code for Charlie's stash in Karl's Bay near the Yerhva terminal.

Go there in the afternoon, and complete "Find the Cipher." Doing so gives you the book Aesthetics Are Key. Inside that book are the four riddles that will lead you to each of your four pictograms in Fia's bunker to solve the tape puzzle. 

Pictogram Locations

All of these pictograms are in the same spots in Fia's Bunker. There are 14 of them in total, though you'll only need four to solve the puzzle. Which four you need is completely random to your game. 

To see which ones you need, open the Visionary Leads submenu, and look at the four clues in the Afternoon Delight lead. I've laid these out in order from the bunker's rear entrance and marked the four I had in my game with the clues associated with them. 

Pictogram #1

The first red pictogram on the floor by a stack of crates.

This one is on the floor at the rear entrance to the bunker, just inside the door in front of the crates.

Pictogram #2 (Ogles the Rear Entrance)

The pictogram for the clue Ogles the Rear Entrance on a wall above a window.

This pictogram is to the right of the first piece of art. It's above the room where you get the delivery booth code, to the left of the speaker up on the wall. 

Pictogram #3 

A pictogram with a green cross in the middle and four beige squares in a locker room.

This one is in the locker room near the rear entrance to the bunker. It's to the left of the station if you're coming from the rear entrance; it's to the right of the health station if you're coming from the reactor room.

Pictogram #4

A pictogram with four green crosses on the floor by computer terminals. 

Exit the door leading into the reactor room from the lockers. Go through the space in the railing, and drop down to the terminal below. Turn around, and go to the right of the cardboard box and behind the vertical terminals. Turn right to find it on the floor. 

Pictogram #5

A pictogram behind a nuclear reactor.

This pictogram is behind the reactor in the reactor room, the large open area in the bunker filled with computers and terminals. 

Pictogram #6 (Marks Fia's Stage Exit)

The pictogram for Marks Fia's Stage Exit clue.

This one is also in the reactor room. Turn 180 degrees from Overshadowed by Fia's Shimmering Masterpiece to find it on the opposite wall. If you're coming from the front of the bunker, it's just past the door marked with "Forever Young" above it. 

Pictogram #7 (Tends the Main Hall)

The pictogram for Tends the Main Hall clue.

You can find this pictogram in the main hall near the front entrance to the bunker. It's just before the door marked with "Forever Young." There's a forklift in the middle of the path right by the art on the wall.  

Pictogram #8

A red pictogram above an orange switch box.

From the last one, go straight ahead toward the spotlight. Go through the large bunker door just behind it, and turn left. This one is next to the orange switch box on the wall.

Pictogram #9 

A pictogram on the floor below an orange switch box.

Exit that door, and turn right. Hack the security camera to get it out of the way, and turn right. Go through the bunker door, and turn right just inside. This one is painted on the floor. 

Pictogram #10 

A pictogram with circles on it painted on the underside of a truck.

Turn around from the last one, and go toward the truck in the repair bay with "Let Yourself" written on corrugated steel propped up on the back of it. Drop down into the bay in front of the truck, and look on the truck's underside to find this one.

Pictogram #11

Looking through glass at a pictogram painted on a wall next to a locked door.

Exit the repair bay and enter the door in front of you (the one that was guarded by the security camera). Open the door, turn right immediately. It's on the right wall. 

Pictogram #12 

Looking through a security fence at a pictogram painted on the wall.

Exit the room from the above, and turn right. You'll see the next pictogram in the secured room in front of you. If you have a battery, you can use it to open the door. If not, shoot the lasers and use Shift to get inside. 

Pictogram #13 (Lubricates the Shaft)

A pictogram with nine green circles painted in an elevator shaft.

With Wants for Power to your back, turn left. Smash through the boors blocking the doorway, turn 180 degrees, and look up. This art is high up on the wall. Use Shift to get up on the small catwalk to interact with it. 

Pictogram #14

A pictogram with four green crosses painted on a wall at the top of a staircase.

From the last one, turn around and look up to the right. Use Shift and double jump to climb up to the room above. Follow the path left, and turn right past the first small set of stairs. You'll see another set of stairs leading up and the pictogram painted on the wall.

Cassette Puzzle Solution

Now return to the rendezvous point on Fristad shore in the afternoon. Use the blueprint on the right side of the terminal to see which tapes you need to interact with based on the pictogram associated with them; each corresponds to a tape number. For example, my code was 25-08-24-41. 

A blueprint on a computer terminal marking the pictograms for each cassette tape.

Once you insert the correct tapes, a door in the back right corner of the room will open, giving you access to the shaft in the pumping station. Use Shift to get down to the bottom. 

Once there, you'll get the Dangerous Liaison trophy and achievement for completing Afternoon Delight. Return to the hideaway in the afternoon to find Charlie and Fia on the top catwalk. You can them on however you want or flood the area to kill them using the lever in the pump control room, though escaping yourself is a pain.

However you do it, you now know how to find all of the pictograms and solve the cassette puzzle in Deathloop. For more tips, consider heading over to our guides hub where we tell you how to get all of the half-naked characters in the game, as well as things like the Heritage Gun. 

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls Launches on Apple Arcade Fri, 17 Sep 2021 18:42:31 -0400 Josh Broadwell

There's a new Castlevania game in town — sort of — and it's only on Apple Arcade. Konami released Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls on Apple's game subscription platform, an enhanced re-release of the original Grimoire of Souls with a number of improvements, including new unlockables and better progression systems.

Grimoire of Souls on Apple Arcade features newly voiced and cinematic cutscenes, along with enhanced weapon systems, and the option to customize characters with a number of additional outfits.

These characters span the Castlevania franchise, headlined by Alucard from Symphony of the Night. Soundtracks are among some of the unlockables in Grimoire of Souls, and you won't be able to find these on Spotify either. The game has its own new soundtrack from Michiru Yamane.

It's not the only time Castlevania made the news this week. A second rating for the as-yet-unannounced Castlevania Advanced Collection popped up on the Taiwanese rating boards before quickly being removed.

Castlevania Advanced Collection Gets Second Rating Fri, 17 Sep 2021 17:06:15 -0400 Josh Broadwell

The Castlevania Advanced Collection received a second rating, this time from the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee (thanks Destructoid). This follows an earlier rating from the Australian ratings board, so it's probably safe to assume an announcement will happen sometime in the next few months or sooner.

The Taiwanese rating was removed shortly after, but it confirmed what the Australian rating originally said.

The ratings don't say what the collection actually is, though the name is likely a pretty good indicator. Konami published Castlevania: Circle of the MoonCastlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, and Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow during the Game Boy Advance's lifetime. 

Presumably, the collection would include all three of these. It's possible Konami might exclude Aria or put it in another collection, though. Its direct sequel, Dawn of Sorrow was a Nintendo DS exclusive.

Nintendo usually hosts a Nintendo Direct in September, so a Castlevania Advanced Collection announcement could happen sometime this month. Meanwhile, we'll have to content ourselves with Castlevania soundtracks on Spotify.

Amuzo Announces Brand-New Wipeout Experience, wipEout Rush Fri, 17 Sep 2021 17:02:42 -0400 Josh Broadwell

The classic Wipeout franchise is getting a whole new look thanks to Amuzo and publisher Rogue. The Dartmouth-based developer is creating wipEout Rush, a new mobile entry in the Wipeout series set for release later in 2021 that puts you not behind the wheel, but behind the team.

wipEout Rush tasks you with leading an all-star team to victory by choosing their ships, managing upgrades, and merging crafts together, all in a slick comic-book style.

There's also plenty of Wipeout lore in ship pieces and other collectibles, Amuzo said. wipEout Rush includes five tracks, 60 ships, multiple weapons, and 12 Championship Cups, each with its own boss, all spread out across Quick Race and Championship Cup modes.

Matt Casamassina Rogue's CEO, said:

I was raised on the console Wipeout games — and those will continue to live on PlayStation hardware — but we wanted to reinvent the breakneck speed and gorgeous presentation of the series for a new breed of players on mobile devices.

We’re working closely with Amuzo and Sony Interactive Entertainment to ensure wipEout Rush delivers an experience that is both complementary and additive to the core console one, but also very accessible and fresh for gamers on the go.

There's no firm release date for the game just yet, but it will be coming to iOS and Android soon.

Jagged Alliance 3 is Gearing Up For Release on PC — Finally Fri, 17 Sep 2021 16:03:15 -0400 Jonathan Moore

THQ Nordic is getting all nostalgic for its 10th anniversary. Alongside announcements for Destroy All Humans 2!: Reprobed and Outcast 2, the publisher also revealed that the long-announced but development-fraught Jagged Alliance 3 will be coming to PC. Sometime. There's no release date yet, but it is in the works.

The game, which was first announced 17 years ago, is being developed by Haemimont Games, who have worked on the Tropico and Surviving Mars series

The announcement trailer features cinematics and some quick looks at early gameplay, which remains turn-based and tactical. Fans will command a team of mercenaries, including returning mercs Ivan, Tex, and Len, as they fight a paramilitary group in Grand Chien.

And since the Adonis Corporation brings them in, it's likely they aren't all involved for entirely altruistic reasons (plus, they're, uh, mercenaries ...)

Regardless of their reasons for fighting, there will be a "wide cast" of mercs available when the game finally releases, according to Haemimont Games. How many mercenaries that will be remains to be seen (or hinted at), but characters will have special perks unique to them, with the developers saying that their personalities will play into their abilities on the battlefield. 

One of the developers said that the Jagged Alliance community has been top of mind throughout the entire development process, with team members researching what fans love most about the series. The team expressly set out to make an entry that expands the "freedom of exploration" by making quests and missions more dynamic and less "Go from A to B" in nature. 

There will be a quest journal, and it seems that completing sub-missions will be more organic this time around, with the developers referencing the ability to uncover mission clues in a non-linear structure and decision impacting territories and militias across the game. To mix up missions even further, there will be a "dynamic weather day/night cycle" as well. 

Loot and salvage will be critical components, with plenty of weapon upgrades and modifications available. Players will use those, alongside mercs, to command units around the varied locations of Grand Chien, including deserts, swamps, estates, military compounds, and many more.

Oh, and there's drop-in/drop-out co-op. That should be pretty neat. Stay tuned for more on Jagged Alliance 3 in the lead-up to release, and go ahead and wishlist it on Steam.

Outcast 2: A New Beginning Returns to Adelpha 20 Years Later Fri, 17 Sep 2021 15:38:40 -0400 Jonathan Moore

More than 20 years after the release of the original Outcast, the game's sequel is finally on the horizon. THQ Nordic and Appeal Studios (with members of the original team) announced that Outcast 2: A New Beginning is, in fact, real and coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. The news was revealed during THQ's 10th Anniversary event, though no release date was shared. 

The game takes place 20 years after the events of the first game, something the developers very much intended to coincide with the relative gap between the sequel's announcement in 2001 and now. This is a new game, though  the first iteration of Outcast 2 was canceled in 2010 — and while it may harken to a bygone era, it's very much made with modern platforms in mind. 

Protagonist Cutter Slade returns in what Appeal calls "a rich single-player experience." So while it does sound like from the trailer that Slade is working alongside the Talan of Adelpha to liberate the planet, it appears players won't be able to do so with others. 

The pre-alpha in-game trailer showcases a beautiful world full of diverse life and environments, but it also shows a darker side, one being exploited and subjugated. Slade has a remedy for that, shooting and cutting through the planet's invaders like a one-man army. It also appears he'll have a few abilities at hand, like a shield slam, to help him along the way. 

Appeal said that Outcast 2 will have an expansive narrative, with a "Self-ironic, wholesome take." Though it's unclear exactly how players will be able to influence the story, the story will be "non-linear ... with dynamic plot progress based on player actions." 

Outcast 2's announcement is surely a pleasant surprise for series fans, who have gone too long without a proper sequel. Outcast: Second Contact is a remake of the original game and was released in 2017. Stay tuned for more in the coming months. 

Hold On to Your Butts: Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed Announced Fri, 17 Sep 2021 15:37:34 -0400 Jonathan Moore

It's time to get probed again. THQ Nordic has announced that Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed is in development at Black Forest Games for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S; it won't release on "last-gen" platforms, according to the team. There is currently no firm release date for the game, either, though it is aiming for a 2022 launch.

Currently in the pre-alpha stages, Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed is a complete remake of the 2006 title for the PS2 and Xbox. As in that game, Crypto will work to foil the plans of the dastardly KGB. 

In the gameplay trailer shown during the recent THQ anniversary event — which also revealed Outcast 2 and Jagged Alliance 3 — we see resident human destroyer Crypto doing what they do best across several locations, including stand-ins for San Fransico (Albion) and Tokyo (Takoshima). Tunguska and the Moon will also make an appearance as playable locations.

Black Forest said they've also been able to better realize the game's locations and increase the number of NPCs and humans in any given area. Indeed, good news for our alien invaders.

To destroy all humans, much of Crypto's arsenal is back, including the anal probe. Black Forest improved some of the original game's weapons, too, specifically the dislocator, which bounces NPCs and vehicles around. The development team wanted to make the fan-favorite weapon more accurate and useful. There's also the "flamethrower of love," which is actually a visor Crypto can wear to spread peace, love, and probing. 

The UFO mechanics seem largely unchanged from the Destroy All Humans! Remake that was released in 2017. Crypto can still target enemies and their vehicles, taking them out with laser-focused prejudice. There's even an improved tractor beam for gobbling up pesky humans more efficiently.

Another new addition sees buildings go up in flames as their integrity decreases, giving more fidelity to destruction animations. There will also be a split-screen co-op mode, though that will be explored in future updates and wasn't shown during the reveal. 

There's still quite a bit we don't know about Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed, but stay tuned for more in the coming months. 

BPM: Bullets Per Minute Shreds PlayStation and Xbox in October Wed, 15 Sep 2021 21:52:29 -0400 Jonathan Moore

From Beatsaber to Crypt of the Necrodancer, there's no shortage of unique titles in the rhythm genre that aren't Guitar Hero, Rockband, or Rocksmith. BPM: Bullets Per Minute from developer Playtonic Friends is one of those games that mixes genres to create something that might not at first seem to gel.

A first-person rhythm roguelike shooter, BPM: Bullets Per Minute was first released on PC back in 2020. We really enjoyed it, calling it "musical Doom," saying that it's "difficult to master but highly satisfying." On October 5, PlayStation and Xbox owners will be able to get in on the metal-infused action. It will release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S.

Like other rhythm games, BPM: Bullets Per Minute tasks players with playing to a beat — just here that means shooting, reloading, jumping, strafing, and dodging "to the beat of an epic rock soundtrack," as the developers put it. 

Alongside getting five new playable heroes, or Valkyries as they're called, three new weapons, a new chapter, and two new difficulties, the game will also get enhancements for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, hitting 4K 60fps on each platform. 

There's no official word on how much BPM: Bullets Per Minute will cost on either platform, though the game currently retails for $19.99 on Steam. 

Back 4 Blood Campaign Trailer Tells the Story of the Apocalypse — And Getting Even Wed, 15 Sep 2021 21:17:16 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Turtle Rock Studios' zombie survival shooter Back 4 Blood is less than a month away, launching for most major platforms on October 12. Until now, the development team hasn't shared too many details about the game's story, but the newest campaign trailer sheds some new light on the world in the post-apocalypse. 

The world has been overrun by zombies, called Ridden in the game, that much we've known. And while the Back 4 Blood story trailer doesn't go deep into the game's lore or pull the curtain back on the narrative in great details, it's clear that things happened fast and fierce. 

The world wasn't prepared, and now everything's gone straight to hell. But hope isn't lost — a team of fearless Cleaners is out to push back the zombie horde and save the world. And they've got the firepower to prove it.

We know that there will be eight Cleaners (classes) in the game when it launches, including Doc, Evangelo, Hoffman, Holly, Jim, Karlee, Mom, and Walker. The trailer makes it clear that one of them, though, is in charge: the unmistakenly named Mom. She's fiery and takes no shit from the team or those that stand in their way, human or Ridden.

While mankind must band together to rid itself from the horde set upon it, there are certainly factions at odds with each other, and not everyone is playing nicely.

Fans will learn more about the four-player co-op Back 4 Blood campaign soon enough on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S. 

Battlefield 2042 Delays Deployment One Month Wed, 15 Sep 2021 19:27:13 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Battlefield 2042 will now launch one month later than originally planned, according to developer DICE and publisher EA. Previously set to launch on October 22, the first-person shooter will now deploy on November 19. 

In an update provided by EA DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielson and the development team, it's clear that Battlefield 2042 needs a bit more polish before release, but more importantly, that the team needs to be able to do so safely.

It also appears fans will be learning more about the Open Beta very soon, though no further details were shared.

We've made the decision to shift the launch of Battlefield 2042. The game will now be released worldwide on November 19th, 2021. 

Building the next generation of Battlefield during the global pandemic has created unforeseen challenges for our development teams. Given the scale and scope of the game, we had hoped our teams would be back in our studios together as we move towards launch. With the ongoing conditions not allowing that to happen safely, and with all the hard work the teams are doing from home, we feel it is important to take the extra time to deliver on the vision of Battlefield 2042 for our players. 

Your enthusiasm for the game has been very inspiring. We belive in the game we're making, and we thank you for your patience as we put some finishing touches into the experience. 

Updates on the Open Beta will be coming later this month. 

EA DICE provided an extensive, and impressive, look at Battlefield 2042 earlier this year, in which the game's multiplayer modes and weather systems were showcased. The game will release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S. 


Dying Light 2 Delayed to Early 2022 Tue, 14 Sep 2021 11:22:06 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Dying Light 2 won't release in 2021 after all. That's according to developer Techland, who said that the action-adventure survival horror game has been delayed to February 4, 2022, so that the team can further polish and optimize the final product. 

Techland CEO Pawel Marchewka apologized to fans on Twitter but said that the team wants to deliver the best experience possible for those that have already waited so long for Dying Light 2. Marchewka also thanked fans for their patience and teased upcoming news about and media previews for the game set for sometime in September and October respectively.

Hello Everyone, 

Today, we have important news to share with you about the development progress on Dying Light 2 Stay Human

It has always been our company's goal to build transparent and honest communication with our community, fans, and gamers. Every day, we strive to grow in this element. 

The team is steadily progressing with the production and the game is nearing the finish line. The game is complete and we are currently playtesting it. It is by far the biggest and most ambitious project we've ever done. Unfortunately, we've realized for us to bring the game to the level we envision, we need more time to polish and optimize it. 

That is why we have decided to move the release date to February 4th, 2022.

We are sorrey to keep you all waiting a little longer, but we want the game to meet your highest expectations on release and we don't want to compromise on this. 

However, you won't have to wait too long to get a deep look at Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Next month, both press and content creators will get their hands on PC and console versions of the game during the upcoming series of preview events around the world. They'll be able to share their experiences of The City with you. 

In the meantime, we would like to thank all of our fans around the world — without your support and feedback, we would never have come so far on this journey.

In addition to our regular updates, we'll be gearing up to share some exciting news about the game later this month. 

Stay Safe and Stay Human.

Dying Light 2 is no stranger to setbacks and delays. The game was unveiled at E3 2019 and was slated to release sometime in 2020. Despite providing media previews that year, Dying Light 2 was delayed again only a few months later. New came in January 2020 that the game was delayed indefinitely, with Techland also referencing the desire to provide the best experience for players possible. 

Earlier this year, Techland broke its nearly year-long silence on Dying Light 2 with a developer update. It was later revealed that it would release on December 7, 2021, before this latest delay. Since then, Techland has shared a a good deal of footage, including a nearly 20-minute development and systems breakdown at Gamescom 2021.

Gran Turismo 7 Drifts Into March Release Date, New Details Emerge Fri, 10 Sep 2021 19:32:42 -0400 Jonathan Moore

There's nothing quite like seeing a racing game on new-generation hardware for the first time. Gran Turismo 7 impressed when it was shown ahead of the PS5's release last summer, and that trailer gave fans an idea of what to expect from Polyphony's racer, but many questions remained. 

While the development didn't answer all of them during Sony's September PlayStation event, a new trailer and a blog post published after the showcase provided a bevy of new details. They also revealed that Gran Turismo 7 is finally arriving on March 4, 2022, for PlayStation 4 and PS5. 

As Polyphony President and GT creator Kazunori Yamauchi expresses in a PlayStation Blog post about Gran Turismo 7, a lot has changed when it comes to racing games since the first title in the franchise was released in 1997 for the original PlayStation. The team behind the latest installment wanted to get the feeling of it right, and speak to the current car culture in the right ways. 

The cultural environment surrounding cars has changed greatly in the past 25 years. Those of us who were born in the rich car culture of the times created the first Gran Turismo game, so it may be difficult for the current generation of automotive purists to be in the same type of cultural environment as ourselves back then. 

The objective for GT7 in current culture today, is to design a game to convey everything from the last 150 years of car and racing culture, whether you are a lifelong fan or discovering cars for the first time. 

The trailer shows off more of Gran Turismo 7's campaign mode, customization options in the Livery editor and tuning, and what looks to be an incredibly in-depth photo mode, where players can choose from 2,500 locations (scapes), vehicles, angles, and more. There's also GT Cafe, which allows players to undertake missions and races to stock their garage full of iconic cars. 

Stay tuned for more on Gran Turismo 7 as we approach its March 4, 2022 release date for PS4 and PS5.

Forspoken Gets Release Window Alongside Its Best Trailer Yet Fri, 10 Sep 2021 18:55:04 -0400 Jonathan Moore

It's been a few months since we've heard anything about Forspoken, the upcoming ARPG from Square Enix and Luminous Productions. When we last checked in with the game, it had received a name change from Project Athia and received a new trailer.

There, Ella Balinska briefly talked about playing the role of Frey Holland, Forspoken's protagonist, and shared a few tidbits about the game's world and narrative.

Now we know a little bit more thanks to Sony's September PlayStation Showcase, which brought a new gameplay trailer focused on how Frey ends up in Athia and the dangers she faces there.

Raio Mitsuno, Creative Producer at Luminous Productions, said in a PlayStation Blog post about Forspoken that:

Frey is a directionless, gritty yet street smart young woman who has persevered despite her rough upbringing in New York City. And her life hasn’t really gotten any easier now that she’s about to turn 21. Things take a turn for the unexpected when she’s magically transported to Athia, a land where fantasies and nightmares are suddenly very real.  

Athia is a beautiful plane that may or not be related to the earth realm. The anthropomorphic "bracelet" (named Cuff) on Frey's arm says it's "not what you would call Earth, anyway." We'll have to wait to learn more about the game's world, but it's clear that it's full of magic, mythical creatures (dragons included), and fierce Tantas that control the people. 

The trailer shows Frey using her powers to whip around rooftops and land from great heights while wielding elemental magic against not just ferocious beasts but what are assuredly the Tantas' henchmen. 

Luminous also revealed that Forspoken's writer's room includes Gary Whitta (Book of Eli, Rogue One), Amy Hennig (Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Uncharted), Allison Rymer (Shadowhunters, Chasing Life), and Todd Stashwick (Devil Inside, EA and Visceral's canceled Star Wars project).

The cast so far includes Ella Balinska, Jonathan Cakes as Cuff, Janina Gavankar as big-bad Tanta Sila, Keala Settles as archivist Johedy, and Monica Barbaro as Frey's ally Auden.

There's still a lot we don't know about Forspoken, but we're sure to learn more soon. It's set to release on PlayStation 5 and PC in spring 2022. 

Sources: PlayStation Blog, IMDB, Wikipedia

Bethesda Reveals New Ghostwire Tokyo Trailer at PlayStation Showcase Fri, 10 Sep 2021 17:56:48 -0400 Josh Broadwell

After what seems like ages of silence, Tango Gameworks and Bethesda released a new Ghostwire: Tokyo trailer during the PlayStation Showcase 2021.

Tokyo descends into chaos after a mysterious mist appears and its residents vanish. In their place are the Visitors, supernatural beings led by a sinister, masked individual with dark designs on the city.

You're attacked as soon as the game opens and must quickly learn the art of Ethereal Weaving to blend the elements together and survive against the horrendous Visitors.

Some enemy examples Tango showed off include headless students, flying dolls, and faceless ghosts, and while most of the city has vanished, Bethesda's Content Manager, Parker Wilhelm, said you won't be completely alone in your fight.

We didn't get to see any of your allies, but the DualSense accompanies your actions, at least. Wilhelm said the DualSense has strong and varied reactions depending on the type of element you weave, and these change as you become proficient in the abilities.

There's no solid release date yet for Ghostwire: Tokyo, but Bethesda said it's planned for a 2022 launch. It's also coming to PC.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

Awaceb Debuts Tchia at PlayStation Showcase 2021 Fri, 10 Sep 2021 17:55:00 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Awaceb, makers of Fossil Echo, debuted their new game Tchia during the PlayStation Showcase 2021 event. Phil Crifo, Awaceb's director, describes it as a toy box-style game that draws inspiration from Studio Ghibli's style and pays tribute to New Caledonia, where Awaceb is based.

Tchia follows its protagonist of the same name as she explores the beautiful world around her.

Awaceb gave Tchia the unique ability to see the world through the eyes of any living creature, and the trailer shows her flying as a seagull before switching to a dog's perspective as Tchia enjoys a robust dig in the mud.

Crifo and Awaceb recruited choirs of indigenous New Caledonian singers to help create an immersive soundtrack for Tchia, but the team also wants the environment itself to pull players in.

Everything, even the trees, is designed to inspire a sense of connection with the land and Tchia's place in it. Trees help her spring into the air, while Tchia can also perform flips, dive off cliffs, and even sail on her own raft.

Tchia is planned for a 2022 release date on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It is also releasing on Steam at some point, with the game's product page simply saying "coming soon."

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

Alan Wake Remastered Next-Gen Upgrade Paths Detailed Fri, 10 Sep 2021 15:57:33 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Alan Wake Remastered is coming to PlayStation and Xbox platforms on October 5. But last-gen versions will be the only option for those who don't yet own a PS5 or Xbox Series X|S. So, what are the next-gen upgrade paths for Alan Wake Remastered once they do get their hands on one of the new systems?

Developer Remedy Entertainment officially unveiled the 4K gameplay/cinematic trailer for Alan Wake Remastered at Sony's September PlayStation Showcase after announcing it earlier in the week. Following the trailer's release, the team published an extensive FAQ page that includes the game's PC specs and how the upgrade paths for Alan Wake Remastered will work.

They said: "Buying the game on a single platform will give you access to all versions of Alan Wake Remastered on that platform."

For Xbox owners, Alan Wake Remastered takes advantage of Smart Delivery, meaning the Series X|S will automatically play the most optimized version of the game. That's all there is to it.

For those who purchase the game on PlayStation 4, Remedy will offer a free upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version of the game. This also includes the physical and digital versions of Alan Wake Remastered.

Unfortunately, Sony's system doesn't automatically recognize and play the best version of the game, and that's catalog-wide so far.

To download the PS5 version of Alan Wake Remastered, go to your Games Library, find the game, click its icon, click the three dots to the right of the "Download" button, and choose the PS5 version. Then click "Download." Those who purchase the physical PS4 edition will first need to install the game. 

And that's how the next-gen upgrade paths work for Alan Wake Remastered. Remedy also said that Alan Wake Remastered will let players transfer their saves from PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One to Series X|S. That means that trophies earned on PS4 should autopop on PS5. You know, if you're into that kind of thing.

Alan Wake Remastered Minimum and Recommended PC Specs, Requirements Fri, 10 Sep 2021 14:38:07 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Alan Wake Remastered is due to launch on PC and consoles on October 5. Ahead of that launch date, developer Remedy has shared the game's minimum and recommended PC specs and requirements.

The specs and requirements are expectedly higher than those of the original game but not too demanding. Alan Wake Remastered won't, for example, offer raytracing, so you won't need a GPU that can handle that. 

Alan Wake Remastered Minimum Specs, Requirements

  • CPU: i5-3340 or equivalent
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 or AMD equivalent w/ 2GB VRAM
  • RAM: 8GB
  • HDD/SSD: ~36GB
  • OS: Win 10 64-bit

Alan Wake Remastered Recommended Specs, Requirements

  • CPU: i7-3770 or equivalent
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD equivalent w/ 4GB VRAM
  • RAM: 16GB
  • HDD/SSD: ~36GB
  • OS: Win 10 64-bit

According to the official FAQ page, PC will support up to 4K resolution at an unlimited, unlocked framerate. With that in mind, it's possible you may need a build with slightly higher specs than the recommended listing above for steady performance.

The PC version will only support 64-bit operating systems and those running DirectX 12. It will have DLSS, ultra-wide monitor support with full screen, windowed, and borderless options, and draw and render distance sliders. 

There will also be options for ambient occlusion, motion blur, volumetric lighting, terrain quality, FOV, film grain, HUD (enable/disable), shadow quality, and anisotropic filtering.

Sources: Alan Wake FAQ, The Sudden Stop

Miles and Peter Team Up Against Venom and Another Savage Foe in Spider-Man 2 Thu, 09 Sep 2021 21:01:14 -0400 Jonathan Moore

That Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is happening hasn't been much of a secret. Not only does it make perfect sense for Insomniac Games to keep making amazing Spider-Man titles, but Miles Morales actor Nadji Jeter tweeted a picture of himself in mocap gear earlier this year before deleting the tweet. 

However, Sony and the development team made its existence official during the latest PlayStation Showcase. The reveal trailer, which can be seen above, sees Miles Morales and Peter Parker teaming up to take on Venom. And while the trailer is narrated by someone who sounds eerily like Kraven the Hunter, his inclusion in the game hasn't yet been confirmed.

We do know that Tony Todd of Candyman fame will be playing the role of Venom, a perfect fit already. Nadji Jeter will return as Miles and Yuri Lowenthal will return as Peter. Spider-Man 2 will release for PS5 in 2023. 

In other Insomniac news, the company revealed that it's also working on Marvel's Wolverine. A short cinematic trailer for the game was shown alongside the trailer for Spider-Man 2, but even less is known about the project. You can see the trailer here

Spider-Man: Miles Morales launched with the PlayStation 5, and it's a fantastic follow-up to 2018's Spider-Man. We said in our review that it's a "blast" to play and that "it’s also close to being perfect when it comes to representation."


Insomniac Reveals Marvel's Wolverine for PlayStation 5 Thu, 09 Sep 2021 20:42:02 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Perhaps in what was the biggest surprise outside of the Knights of the Old Republic Remake reveal, Sony and Insomniac Games announced Marvel's Wolverine, an exclusive PS5 title featuring the Ol' Canucklehead front and center.

The 53-second teaser trailer doesn't go into much detail about the upcoming action-adventure title. Still, it does exude character, making every frame feel like it's pulled straight out of a Wolverine comic — or even as outtakes from Logan.

As with many of the reveals that popped up during Sony's PlayStation Showcase, there's really not too much else to know about Marvel's Wolverine right now. Story and gameplay details are nonexistent, and there's still no release window, let alone a release date. 

Ryan Schneider, Head of Franchise Strategy & Studio Relations at Insomniac did say on the PlayStation Blog that Marvel's Wolverine is a "standalone game." Meaning Insomniac isn't yet building its own Marvel multiverse ... yet. 

Check out the trailer at the top of this article to see why we're already excited for what's to come from the Insomniac team. If it's anything like the Spider-Man franchise, Wolverine fans are sure in for a treat. 

In other news, Insomniac also announced Spider-Man 2 alongside Marvel's Wolverine. Miles Morales will team up with Peter Parker (finally) and take on Venom and what sounds like Kraven the Hunter.

Two Uncharted Games Are Getting Remastered for PS5, PC Thu, 09 Sep 2021 20:22:52 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and Uncharted: Lost Legacy are being remastered and bundled into a single package called the Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection. The two-in-one package will be released on PS5 and PC in 2022. 

Naughty Dog is developing the PlayStation 5 version of the collection, while Iron Galaxy, which has worked on ports for Skyrim, Crash Bandicoot, the Batman Arkham series, and more, is developing the PC version.

There's no definite launch date for either version, though Rochelle Snyder, Senior Manager of Communications at Naughty Dog said on the PS Blog "early 2022" for PS5 and "shortly after" for PC.

It's not expressly stated what new enhancement the games will have on PS5 and PC, though it's expected that the PlayStation 5 version will take full advantage of the system's hardware capabilities and have haptic feedback of some sort. It is certain, however, that the games look even more incredible than they did before. 

Check out the trailer above for more, and be sure to head over to the PlayStation Blog post linked above for a handful of fantastic screens. Stay tuned for more.

GTA 5 Next-Gen Releases Delayed Thu, 09 Sep 2021 19:48:54 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Grand Theft Auto 5 was supposed to arrive on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S later this year on November 11. However, it looks like the next heist still needs a little bit more planning. The enhanced ports will now arrive in March 2022. No specific date was shared. 

The news comes alongside a new trailer for the PS5 and Xbox Series versions of Rockstar's incredibly popular crime simulator action-adventure game. Seen above, the trailer shows the game's improved graphics on PS5. 

Grand Theft Auto 5 is perhaps most popular not because of its base game but because of GTA Online. The next-gen versions of that multiplayer experience are delayed to March as well, but will remain standalone on PS5 and Xbox Series. GTA Online will be free-to-play on PS5 until June 2022. PlayStation 4 players can still claim the $1,000,000 per month bonus in GTA Online until the game launches next year. 

Alan Wake Remastered Writes a New Chapter Ahead of Halloween Thu, 09 Sep 2021 19:19:05 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Alan Wake Remastered will release on October 5, confirming the rumors of the game's exact release date that have been swirling for some time. It will release on all major platforms, including PC via Epic Games, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The news comes from Sony's PlayStation Showcase, where a gameplay trailer took fans back to Bright Falls and introduced newcomers to the troubled author.

Alan Wake Remastered will cost $29.99 for both the physical and digital versions.

Remedy Games and Creative Director Sam Lake revealed the existence of Alan Wake Remastered earlier this week through a blog post on the Alan Wake fansite, The Sudden Stop. There Lake said that he and the team were happy to bring the game to modern platforms finally. 

A press release sent out to confirm the game's existence said it would support 4K, have director commentary, and include the game's two DLC packs, The Writer and The Signal. It will not include Alan Wake's American Nightmare since that's technically a spinoff. 

Lake took to the PlayStation Blog to provide more technical details for the remaster on PlayStation consoles. He said that it will run at 4K 60fps on PlayStation 5, make use of the DualSense, and have activity cards. ". The PlayStation 4 Pro offers a choice of Performance (60fps) and Quality (4K at 30fps) modes and PS4 version runs at 30fps," he said.

A similar post on the Xbox Wire said AW Remastered will support Smart Delivery, and hit 4K 60fps on Series X. There was no specific mention of Series specs, but it's likely to hit that system's max resolution of 1440p and 60fps as well. 

Here's how everything breaks down in regards to resolutions and framerate according to the official FAQ: 

  • PlayStation 4 – 1080p / 1080p / 30fps
  • PlayStation 4 Pro (Performance Mode) – 1080p / 1080p / 60fps
  • PlayStation 4 Pro (Quality Mode) – 1296p / 2160p (4K) / 30fps / 4 x MSAA
  • Xbox One – 900p / 900p / 30fps
  • Xbox One X (Performance Mode) – 1080p / 1080p / 60fps
  • Xbox One X (Quality Mode) – 1440p / 2160p (4K) / 30fps / 4 x MSAA
  • PlayStation 5 – 1440p / 2160p (4K) / 60fps / 4X MSAA
  • Xbox Series X – 1440p / 2160p (4K) / 60fps / 4 X MSAA
  • Xbox Series S – 1080p / 1080p / 60fps
  • PC – 4K / unlimited

It's clear from the trailer that Alan Wake is showing its age a bit, even if the game does still look good with its graphics overhaul. The lighting deserves special mention for making the town and environments extra creepy. Stay tuned for more on Alan Wake in the coming weeks, including our review of the remaster.

Project Eve Gets New 4-Minute Gameplay Trailer Thu, 09 Sep 2021 18:54:00 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Project Eve, the upcoming action RPG from Korean developer Shift Up Corp., dazzled in a four-minute gameplay trailer during Sony's recent PlayStation showcase. It was revealed back in 2019, but not much has been shared since then outside of a trailer in late 2020. 

There's a lot of Bayonetta meets Devil May Cry here, with touches of NieR and Scarlet Nexus thrown in for good measure. And that all sounds like a good mixture to me. You can see the trailer above. 

Talking about Project Eve over on the PlayStation Blog, Kim Hyung Tae, Director at Shift Up, said that Eve is a special forces soldier of sorts sent to fight back an alien force that's taken over the Earth. 

In the not-too-distant future, mankind is expelled from Earth after losing the battle against the invaders called the NA:tives. To win back Earth, the player becomes Eve, the survivor of the paratrooper squad deployed from the Colony, who must fight through powerful enemies with new comrades.

Combat is combat-focused, with Eve implementing skills and abilities to take down enemies, some of which are seen in the trailer. Of course, the game will take advantage of the PS5's hardware and tech for fast load times and haptic feedback. 

There's no release date for Project Eve yet, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, be sure to check the trailer above to see the game in action. 

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake Coming to PS5, PC Thu, 09 Sep 2021 17:54:01 -0400 Jonathan Moore

A remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was revealed during Sony's latest PlayStation showcase. Being developed by Aspyr, who have worked on remakes of Jedi Knight 2, Jedi Academy, and Republic Commando, this is a full-on, from-the-ground-up remake made for PS5 and PC. It's still in early days, and no release date was shared. 

A press release for the announcement said that the Knights of the Old Republic Remake is a "PlayStation 5 console exclusive at launch," so there's a possibility it will appear on other platforms, such as Xbox Series X|S, sometime after launch. The upcoming Deathloop from Bethesda is exclusive to PS5 for a year, as is Ghostwire: Tokyo, which was also shown during the showcase.

The reveal trailer, seen above, is short, but it's enough to get any fan excited for what's to come. Narrated by Jennifer Hale, who's reprising her role as Bastila Shan, it shows Revan walking through the shadows before igniting their lightsaber and revealing their now-iconic helmet covered in a black cloak.

The detail on the helmet gives a small taste of what the remake could look like, though gameplay or any new cinematic trailers are still a ways off. Ryan Treadwell, Lead Producer on the project at Aspyr, said in a PlayStation Blog post

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Remake is a tremendous undertaking, encompassing almost every aspect of the original game. We’re still early in development, but we’re happy to finally have announced the remake and hear the PlayStation community’s thoughts on what you’re excited to see. 

The team behind the remake, which is working in collaboration with LucasFilm Games, is comprised of veteran RPG developers, as well as members of the original KOTOR development team who previously worked at Bioware. 

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic tells one of the best stories in all of Star Wars, canon or legends. It was released on PC way back in 2003 for Xbox and PC and was followed up by Knights of the Old Republic 2 in 2004. It consistently ranks in the upper echelons of the best Star Wars games ever made.

It’s an absolute delight that a new generation of players will be able to experience the game in a brand-new way, however that may look. Stay tuned for more Knights of the Old Republic Remake news in the future.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 1 Arrives With a New Class and More Weapons Thu, 09 Sep 2021 15:13:15 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Aliens: Fireteam Elite may have launched just over two weeks ago, but developer Cold Iron Studios has already released brand new content for the co-op shooter set in the universe created by Dan O' Bannon and Ronald Shusett. The free Season 1: Phalanx content drop and first paid DLC pack introduce a new class, weapons, cosmetics, and more. 

The star of the show is the latest addition to the Colonial Marines stationed on the USS Endeavor. Eponymously dubbed Phalanx, the class brings 15 new perks to the table as well as a nifty shield for blocking incoming Synth bullets or the well-placed acid lob of a Spitter. Phalanx also has an ability that sends out an electric shockwave to immobilize enemies.

There are also the four new weapons Phalanx makes available to all classes. The L59 Minigun, the N79 Eva Laser (handgun), the L33 Pike Rifle (sniper), and the Type 88 Heavy Assault Rifle. Alongside those, there are new head accessories (including a cowboy hat that officially makes Fireteam Elite a Cowboys vs. Aliens shooter), weapons colors, and decals.

That Season 1 content is free for everyone and is available on all platforms. The paid part comes with the Endeavor Pass: Wey-Yu Armoury DLC for $9.99, except for those who already own the deluxe edition of the game, which includes the DLC for free. 

The Wey-Yu Armoury pack includes:

  • 2 “Wey-Yu” themed armor skins for each class kit (12 total)
  • 4 Head Accessories
  • 4 Weapon Colorways
  • 4 Decals
  • 4 Emotes
  • 1 Consumable Pack 1 Credit Pack
  • 1 Challenge Card Pack

Aliens: Fireteam Elite was released on August 24 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S. It's a return to form for the Colonial Marines, though it's not without its issues. Regardless, Fireteam Elite is a solid multiplayer shooter set in the Alien universe, a phrase not often uttered. If you're just jumping into the game, consider heading over to our guides collection for tips, tricks, and collectible locations.

How to Play the New World Beta on Steam Wed, 08 Sep 2021 19:55:38 -0400 Jonathan Moore

New World lands on PC on September 28. Ahead of the game's full launch, prospective players can take part in the game's new testing period, running from September 9 through September 12. If you're wondering how to play the New World beta, we've got the details, including how signup for and download it.

To play the New World beta, you'll need to sign up for it. Log into Steam and head over to the New World Steam page. Below the two purchasing options, you'll see a section that says "Join the New World Open Beta." Click "Request Access." A pop-up window will appear, where you'll need to click "Request Access" again. Once you've done that, you're registered. 

If you're chosen as one of the participants, an email confirmation will be sent to the email account you have registered with Steam. There's no link in the email, which will have the subject line "You've been invited to help test New World." Go to your Steam library to find the game, click it, and then click Install. The download is 39GBs.

The test period begins on September 9 at 7 a.m. PDT/10 a.m. EDT and ends on September 12 at 11:59 p.m. PDT/2:59 a.m. EDT. 

New World is currently available for pre-order through Steam and Amazon in both standard and deluxe versions.

The $39.99 standard edition includes the base game, while the $49.99 deluxe edition includes the Woodsman armor and hatchet skins, the Mastiff house pet, the Rock/Paper/Scissors emote set, and the New World digital art book. All pre-orders include Isabella's Amulet, the Fist Bump emote, a guild crest set, and the Expedition One title.

And that's basically all you need to know about how to play, sign up for, and download the New World beta and see for yourself if September 28 is when you "chart your fate."

World War Z Bites Into Nintendo Switch This Fall Wed, 08 Sep 2021 19:12:23 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Zombie decimation simulator World War Z (loosely based on the film very loosely based on the book) has garnered a dedicated following since it was released in 2019 for every major system except Nintendo Switch. But that's changing as the Switch port is finally rushing out of the darkness. 

Developer Saber Interactive, which has worked on many other ports, including the Switch version of The Witcher 3, revealed that World War Z will latch onto Nintendo's platform starting November 2.

The game will be available both physically and digitally for $39.99, with a Deluxe Edition for available for $49.99. That version will come with a weapons and skin pack, as well. The base game will take up 6.7GBs.

Despite the Switch's hardware limitations, in comparison to the other platforms on which the game can be played, the reveal trailer seen below is certainly impressive. Even if the gameplay portions are tucked inside a Switch cutout.

For anyone that missed World War Z when it first launched, it's a co-op shooter based on the World War Z film (technically not the World War Z book). Players use guns, explosives, and any other means necessary to shred and explode hordes of zombies either solo or with three other compatriots. 

As with most any multiplayer game at this point, there are competitive modes available, as well, with World War Z's PvPvZ modes pitting players against each other and the undead. 

That's not all of the zombie-slaying action coming from the franchise this fall, however. World War Z: Aftermath introduces new locations, new weapons, a first-person mode, and more. It launches on September 21, but not on Switch.

Rosemary Audio Story Expands the World of Dying Light 2 With Scary Tale Wed, 08 Sep 2021 18:38:50 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Techland is putting forth a lot of effort to make the world of Dying Light 2 feel alive amongst the droves of infected waiting to rip players apart at every turn. There may be more human enemies this time around, sure, and sidequests might be more important to the overall narrative, but the developers are also working hard on the game's worldbuilding in other ways. 

The first Dying Light 2 Audio Story, called Rosemary, is one such way. The 10-minute tale, which you can listen to on YouTube or down below, features voice actors Paul Peterman, Joanna Farell, and Jerry Widuch.

Just in time for the spooky season, Rosemary is plenty creepy, with special mention going to the audio effects and Peterman's performance as narrator, which in no small way reminds of peak B-Horror Gary Busey in the best possible ways. 

The tale itself is, unsurprisingly, about a girl named Rosemary. It's one of those stories you tell around the campfire, and Techland said it is one of the many urban legends in the Dying Light 2 universe. 

There are many such stories in the post-apocalyptic world of Dying Light 2, and the difficulties of surviving in a city full of dangers are an endless source of inspiration.
By sharing them with each other, citizens of The City can grow closer, allowing for a little respite while they rebuild fragile social bounds. These stories teach how to live and avoid trouble, and sometimes simply serve to drown out the sounds of the night. From a distance, players can hear monsters emerging from their lairs, and every rustle and step behind the wall portends danger.
There will be more urban legends and tall tales shared through more Audio Stories. Techland didn't specify how many more or when they might arrive, so keep your eyes ears open. Dying Light 2 releases on December 7 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S. Recent gameplay footage gives fans the best look at the action yet.
Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodhunt Arrives in Steam Early Access Tue, 07 Sep 2021 18:43:54 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodhunt has risen into Steam Early Access. In late August, developer Sharkmob said that the EA period would be comprised of two separate rollouts in the form of acts. Act 1 of the free-to-play battle royale is available now, alongside a paid battle pass. 

If you just want to jump in and see what Bloodhunt is all about, you don't have to pay a thing, and you can enjoy "over 20 of free qualitative rewards," as Sharkmob puts it. For those who would like to ring a little more life out of the game, there's a battle pass that gives access to 100 levels and cosmetics ranging from tattoos to avatars and XP boosts. 

The base battle pass, called the Founder's Battle Pass, costs 950 tokens, just under the $9.99 that gets you 1,000 in-game tokens. Anyone looking to skip ahead and get 20 free levels can opt for the Founder's Battle Pass + Skip package for $24.99.

Bloodhunt is set in Prague, Czech Republic, during the Second Inquisition. Players can create their own undead and face off against 44 other players. Three clans are available — Brujah, Nosferatu, and Toreador — alongside two classes each. 

Though wildly different than titles such as Coeteries of New York and the upcoming Night Road, Bloodhunt offers fans of the World of Darkness IP something until the release of Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2 in 2022. 

Pinhead Opens a Portal Into Dead By Daylight Tue, 07 Sep 2021 17:31:13 -0400 Jonathan Moore

At this point, Dead by Daylight is a veritable who's who of horror movie villains. From Michael Myers to Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, and Ghost Face, some of horror's most iconic baddies continue killing in the asymmetric multiplayer survival game released in 2016. Now add Hellraiser's Pinhead to the list. 

Pinhead is available on all platforms for $4.99 as part of the Hellraiser Chapter.  The DLC also brings a surely recognizable Clive Barker device to Dead by Daylight, the Lament Configuration Puzzle. Behaviour Interactive said Pinhead would teleport to Dead by Daylight mobile at a later date.

Instead of hunting down players like other Dead by Daylight killers, Pinhead's mechanics stay closer to his depiction in the Hellraiser films. There's an in-depth breakdown of how the developers worked to get this right over on the PlayStation Blog, but the TL;DR is that players will find something new and unique in Pinhead's movements and attacks. 

The Cenobite uses Summons of Pain to conjure a chain that "binds" and slows victims, removing their ability to sprint away. 

Game Design Director, Matt Spriggens said: 

This unique power lets players bring an aspect of control to a ranged attack since they get to guide their own projectiles. The biggest challenge for players then becomes mastering the strategies and mind games of where and when to place the gateway to launch the chain.

One great aspect of this power players might not think of immediately is that you can open a gateway without actually summoning a chain allowing you to scout info without committing to a physical presence in certain areas of the map.

Three perks, Deadlock, Plaything, and Gift of Pain, add to Pinhead's terrifying arrival, wreaking havoc for players around the map, blocking generators and applying detrimental status effects such as Oblivious, Mangled, and Hemorrhage.

Finally, Pinhead can find the Lament Configuration, which randomly spawns on a map, before players and unleash Chain Hunt. To keep the chains of Hell from hunting them down, players must solve the puzzle. Still, Pinhead can teleport to their location a keep them from doing so. 

On top of adding Pinhead to Dead by Daylight, the Hellraiser Chapter also includes the Chatterer legendary set and the Hell Priest very rare outfit. 

Dead by Daylight and its DLC, except for the Hellraiser, Resident Evil, and Stranger Things chapters, Charity Case, and original soundtrack are 50% off on all platforms. The Ultimate Edition is 30% off, while the Killer and Survivor expansions are 20% off. 

Alan Wake Remastered Coming to PC, Consoles This Fall Tue, 07 Sep 2021 15:39:11 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Though it's not the full-on sequel fans have been clamoring for since about mid-way through 2010, Alan Wake Remastered is official and will be coming sooner rather than later. Sam Lake, Creative Director at Remedy Entertainment, revealed the remaster's existence in a blog post over on Alan Wake fansite, The Sudden Stop. 

Alan Wake Remastered will be coming to PC via Epic Games, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S this fall. Lake said:

I’m beyond happy to tell you that at the time of writing this, Alan Wake Remastered is nearing its completion. Confirmed, announced, coming up in partnership with Epic Games Publishing. Multiplatform. PC on the Epic Games Store, Xbox, and for the first time ever, PlayStation, this generation and the previous one. 

According to multiple outlets (including IGN, Polygon, GameStop, and VentureBeat), Alan Wake Remastered will release with its two DLCs, The Signal and The Writer, include director commentary, and support 4K on applicable platforms.

That info from a Remedy press release goes in line with what Lake said on The Sudden Stop:

Alan Wake Remastered is the original experience you fell in love with all those years ago. We did not want to change that. But the visuals all around, including the character model of Alan Wake himself and the cinematics, have been updated and improved with some choice next-generation upgrades.

There have been rumors afoot pointing to an October 5 release date for Alan Wake Remastered, with a recent Rakuten Taiwan leak seemingly putting it in ink, though those rumblings haven't been confirmed by Remedy or anyone associated with the project. 

Either way, more Alan Wake is coming, and that's nothing but a good thing. The crime writer appeared, however ephemerally, in the Control: AWE expansion. And we knew before that DLC was released that Alan factored into what resident Remedyphile Mark Delaney calls the Grand Remedy Universe connected by Control

What this holds in store for Alan Wake 2 is still conjecture ... for now. And though many signs point to a sequel finally emerging from the dark, we'll just have to wait a little longer. 

Port Royale 4 Console Version to Stay at Sea a Little Longer Thu, 02 Sep 2021 20:01:53 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Port Royale 4, the seafaring mercantile strategy game from Kalypso, was originally set to anchor on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on September 10. However, those versions will arrive a little while later, now scheduled for a September 24 release. 

Kalypso revealed the next-gen Port Royale 4 ports earlier this year and confirmed that the game would feature free upgrades on both systems. It will also be available for Game Pass on console. 

Port Royale 4 will run at 4K resolution on PS5 and Series X, 1080p resolution on Series S. Cross-gens saves will allow players to continue their efforts from last-gen systems. There will also be "real-time cloud rendering," according to Kalypso. 

Fans can pick the game up both digitally and physically for $59.99 on both PS5 and Series X. There will also be extended digital editions that include four lighthouses and five park blueprints. Lastly, Kalypso said a physical boxed edition would be available but didn't elaborate on its content or price. 

We praised Port Royale in parts, calling it "immersive" and "satisfying," while also recognizing that it's "combat is slow-paced and flawed." Regardless, it's a game worth checking out for fans of the genre because hey, a 7 ain't a bad game.

Crysis Remastered Trilogy Coming This Fall to All Platforms Thu, 02 Sep 2021 19:35:51 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Crysis Remastered launched nearly a year ago for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. While that version of the classic first-person shooter was met with middling reviews from critics and fans alike, that didn't stop developer Crytek from forging ahead with remasters of Crysis 2 and Crysis 3

The news of their existence was shared earlier this year, but now we know when we'll be seeing those versions release — and what they'll look like.

The Crysis Remastered Trilogy will include Crysis, Crysis 2, and Crysis 3 in a bundle that features all three games' single-player campaigns. It will release on October 15 for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Epic Games. That package will retail for $49.99. 

Crytek confirmed that Crysis 2 Remastered and Crysis 3 Remastered will also be available separately on October 15, as well, each retailing for $29.99, and that there will be physical releases for the Trilogy on Xbox and PlayStation, with individual physical releases for Switch. 

The developer also said that on "the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, the Crysis remasters play between 1080p and 4K at up to 60fps." Two comparison videos were released alongside the announcement, one for Series X and one for PlayStation 5

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Celebrates Samhain Early With Season 1 Thu, 02 Sep 2021 19:07:33 -0400 Jonathan Moore

The first season of Hood: Outlaws & Legends has arrived and brings with it a new character and three new co-op maps. It also makes adjustments to the game's winch system and marks the release of the game's battle pass, developer Sumo Digital has revealed. 

Available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, Season 1 is dubbed Samhain, though it's not exactly clear how it actually ties in with the Gaelic festival. 

Regardless, the new character is Eidaa, The Sellsword. She's a nimble and aggressive, though very susceptible to damage. A hybrid outlaw, Eidaa can both "dodge and parry," and her tar bomb slows enemies while dealing DPS in an area of effect. She also operates in a support capacity as her trait restocks gearboxes, and her ult is a magical shield. 

The winch system now "tracks the progress of both outlaw teams separately ... now your team's progress will be shown alongside the that of the enemy team's..."

The co-op maps are for Hood's PvE mode, State Heist. They include three new locales called Mountain, Coastal, and Marshland. Mountain is an overcast, dreary-looking map, while Coastal is rainy and dark. Marshland is adequately muddy. 

The new character, maps, and winch update are free to all players. 

The battle pass, of course, comes with a cavalcade of cosmetics. Those who one the Year One Edition of Hood: Outlaws & Legends will get immediate access to the battle pass, and those who wish to purchase it separately have two options.

The Year One Battle Pass Pack includes passes for Seasons 1-3 for $24.99, though it's currently on sale for $19.99. Or they can purchase just the Season 1 Battle Pass for $9.99. 

Next Gen Cyberpunk 2077, Witcher 3 Updates Still Coming — Probably Thu, 02 Sep 2021 18:04:28 -0400 Josh Broadwell

The Cyberpunk 2077 next-gen upgrade and Witcher 3 next-gen upgrade are possibly still happening in 2021, CD Projekt RED said in its latest earnings call (thanks, Video Games Chronicle). However, Michal Nowakowski, vice president of business development, said he's not promising that — or anything else, for that matter.

He said:

The target is to release the next-gen version of Cyberpunk 2077 late this year. At the same time, keeping in mind the lessons we have learned during the past year and taking into account that this project still remains in development, we can't say with full certainty that the production schedule will not change.

Though Nowakowski doesn't say it directly, those "lessons" are likely Cyberpunk 2077's numerous bug problems and glitches, the severity of which prompted Sony to remove it from the PlayStation Network until recently.

Saber Interactive, the team responsible for TThe Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch, is handling that game's next-gen update, but Nowakowski was taking no chances.

"We cannot be absolutely dead certain that the release schedule will not change," he said. "For the time being, we definitely are aiming with both titles for late 2021, and I don't want to be more specific at this moment in time."

Looking past the bugs, difficult as that was to do, we called Cyberpunk 2077 one of the best open-world experiences when it released in 2020, a nearly unmatched visual experience.

Ghostrunner Update Adds Two New Modes and More Wed, 01 Sep 2021 21:03:18 -0400 Josh Broadwell

The latest Ghostrunner update adds more costumes, a roguelite mode, and, at the spectrum's other end, an assist mode. The two modes are free and available now on all platforms, though the Neon Pack costs $4.99 and will release on Nintendo Switch in a few weeks.

Ghostrunner's Wave mode is the new roguelite experience, one that drops you in a closed-off arena and pits you against relentless enemy hordes. Clearing one wave unlocks perks that carry over to the next round, and should you manage to survive them all, you get a fancy new sword.

Assist Mode includes three options: one extra life, shorter cooldowns, and slower gameplay overall. It's still a one-hit death scenario, but one that offers greater control over how you experience it.

Finally is the Neon Pack, a new DLC set that gives you Neon Night, Afterglow, Luminescence, and Glint.

All this will be available in Ghostrunner's PS5 and Xbox Series X|S-native version when it releases on September 28. And don't forget that Ghost Runner 2 is in the works.

Midnight Suns Won't Have Lootboxes But Will Have Cosmetics "For Purchase" Wed, 01 Sep 2021 21:00:16 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Marvel's Midnight Suns has received a good amount of attention since it was revealed during Gamescom 2021. Firaxis games tend to do that, especially when coupled with such an iconic brand. But something else that has received a bit of attention is the game's combat system, specifically the battle cards used for attacks and abilities. 

Players are able to take their character, The Hunter, into battle alongside two other Marvel superheroes, ideally, those they've fostered deep relationships with and provide the best combat synergies. They're then dealt a hand of six random ability cards with which they take on Lilith's forces and other enemies. 

In a recent gameplay trailer and deep-dive, Firaxis shed new light on those mechanics, but they did not explain how players obtain those cards. Because minds do wander, that led to some talk about lootboxes.

Fortunately, that won't be the case, as spotted by Comicbook. The official Midnight Suns Twitter account confirmed that there will not be any lootboxes or pay-to-win style microtransactions in the game. Those seem to come from base character offerings, team compositions, "cultivating relationships" with characters, and items gained from battle. 

There will be, however, microtransactions for cosmetics, though just like a lot of the other minutia surrounding the game, details on that are still hazy. 

While Midnight Suns won't be weighed down by lootboxes, there's still a lot about the tactical RPG we still don't know, so stay tuned. Firaxis has teased another upcoming gameplay reveal for September 7 at 11:30 a.m. PDT, where The Hunter and Wolverine take on Sabretooth. 

New Midnight Suns Gameplay Shows Card System, Synergies, and the Abbey Wed, 01 Sep 2021 20:46:55 -0400 Jonathan Moore

As promised, the first gameplay for Marvel's Midnight Suns, the upcoming tactical RPG from developer Firaxis (Civilization, XCOM), was revealed today during a 30-minute IGN-exclusive live stream. Not only was even more extensive gameplay shown during the stream after the trailer, but members of the development team also shed new light on the game's systems and story. 

First let's take a look at the shorter trailer, which shows many of the game's 12 heroes — such as Blade, Dr. Strange, Wolverine, and the player character, The Hunter — that will be available at launch in March 2022. Heroes include a combination of "the Avengers, X-Men, The Runaways, and more."

The premise is that Lilith, resurrected by Hydra, has brought forth the forces of the underworld to take over and destroy the world — typical superhero stuff.

In response, the Midnight Suns organization, headquartered in the game's hub, the Abbey, has summoned The Hunter, who just so happens to be Lilith's progeny and the only hero able to best Lilith in the past. The Hunter is fully customizable, from body type to hair, clothes, and more.

Battle plays out in a turn-based fashion, with the player controlling up The Hunter and two other superheroes in the field of play. The game's card-based abilities system deals random "superhero abilities," that players can then choose from and synergize with to create powerful attacks and combined blows. 

But Marvel's Midnight Suns is about more than just battling demonic forces and iconic villains under the control of Lilith, it's also about cultivating relationships with other heroes in the Abbey between missions. Players will be able to have choice-based conversations with other heroes and engage in extracurricular activities, such as training with Ghost Rider and taking a walk with Tony Stark. 

Some cards and abilities are even locked behind the relationships built in the Abbey, and Firaxis says that each character has its own likes and dislikes, which players will need to learn as they play. So this "downtime" will be worth every second. 

There are a number of currencies shown off in a brief snippet, and it appears that those can be used, at least in part, to upgrade the Abbey with items that allow players to bring more skills and buffs into battle.

The gameplay breakdown shows a buildable training dummy that, for example, allows hero moves to be used as a "Shove, or apply Knockback, to enemies on the battlefield." Firaxis later clarified that the game will not have loot boxes.

More Midnight Suns gameplay, simply teased as The Hunter and Wolverine vs. Sabretooth, will be revealed on September 7 at 11:30 a.m. PDT. The game that isn't like XCOM but looks a lot like XCOM in a superhero suit was revealed during Gamecom 2021 and is set to release in 2022. Platforms haven't yet been revealed, but there's still a lot to learn about this one, so stay tuned.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Releases Soon on PC Wed, 01 Sep 2021 16:24:52 -0400 Josh Broadwell

XSEED announced Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town will release September 15 for PC. Both the game and its Expansion Pass are available at a discount for those who pre-order.

The Pioneers of Olive Town Expansion Pass includes a number of new areas and characters, among other things, that expands the boundaries of Marvelous' latest farming odyssey beyond the close confines of Olive Town and re-introduces some faces familiar to long-time fans.

The new Princess Sakuna's Heavenly Garb DLC collaboration featuring items from Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, will also launch on September 15 for both platforms. You can have the outfit commissioned at the beauty salon once that building is finished, and the DLC is free until March 2022.

Pioneers of Olive Town tasks you with, once again, restoring your grandfather's run-down farm. This time, you're all alone in the wilderness and must craft nearly everything useful you need.

You're also helping restore Olive Town and bring it to new heights by fulfilling town requests. We thought some of the new features didn't add much to the experience, but content and stability updates have smoothed out some of its rougher aspects.

XSEED Announces Friends of Mineral Town PS4, Xbox Release Date Wed, 01 Sep 2021 16:23:45 -0400 Josh Broadwell

XSEED announced Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town will release October 26 on PS4 and Xbox One. The Friends of Mineral Town port will cost $39.99 and supports multiple language options and 60fps on both platforms.

This PS4 and Xbox One re-release also includes the Strawberry Hanako pre-order bonus for a limited time.

The news came as part of the series' 25th-anniversary celebrations, which also included a Pioneers of Olive Town PC announcement.

SoS: Friends of Mineral Town is a remake of the 2003 Game Boy Advance game, still using the Harvest Moon title (yes, it's confusing), and features a new localization, enhanced graphics, and several other quality of life features, including the option to see every character's heart event and marry them regardless of gender.

It's a classic story: you travel to Mineral Town and are determined to revitalize an old farm with sentimental value. Along the way, you develop a farming empire and maybe even fall in love with a goddess or a duck monster — or, y'know, a human too if that's your thing.

PlayStation Plus September Games are Overcooked, Hitman 2, and Predator: Hunting Grounds Wed, 01 Sep 2021 16:21:44 -0400 Jonathan Moore

September's PlayStation Plus games have been revealed via the PlayStation Blog. The lineup includes Overcooked! All you Can Eat for PlayStation 5 and Hitman 2 and Predator Hunting Grounds for PlayStation 4. They will be available for download starting September 7.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat was released in late 2020 and is a package deal, including the remastered versions of Overcooked and Overcooked 2. The multiplayer co-op kitchen simulators can be played solo or with up to three other would-be chefs locally or online with crossplay. Developer Team 17 rebuilt each of the games, so these aren't simple reskins of the originals.

According to the game's website, All You Can Eat includes "more than 200 levels," seven of which are new, and three new characters to choose from. The collection supports 4K 60fps, "faster load times," and "brand new trophies ..." A number of accessibility options have also been added to this definitive version, such as "a scalable UI," "dyslexic-friendly text," and "color blindness options."

Hitman 2 needs no introduction and makes the second part of the World of Assassination Trilogy available to a wider audience. It launched in 2018, and it was the first game in the stealth-action series to include multiplayer, though that component was unfortunately removed in 2020, rendering the Deadly Duo DLC trophy unobtainable.

Regardless, Hitman 2 is certainly an essential installment for any stealth fan, where players are able to eliminate marks in each of the game's sandbox levels in almost any way they see fit. It's certainly a worthy complement for this year's triumphant Hitman 3.

Predator: Hunting Grounds might not do the film series it's based on justice, but that doesn't mean that playing as the Predator isn't fun. The asymmetric five-player multiplayer title from IllFonic (and published by Sony) pits a team of four soldiers against a solitary Predator.

It's essentially a game of deadly hide-and-seek in a handful of jungle settings, where soldiers carry out operations while avoiding the deadly alien stalking them and getting to the chopper. There's plenty of weaponry to go around, and the Predator has a few iconic weapons and gadgets up its sleeve. 

As for August's lineup of Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, Hunter's Arena: Legends, and Tennis World Tour 2, PS Plus subscribers can download those until September 6 at the weekly reset of 1 p.m. EST. 

Source: PlayStation Blog

There's Been a Murder on Eridanos and Switch Players Can Soon Solve It Wed, 01 Sep 2021 14:58:41 -0400 Jonathan Moore

The second DLC for Obsidian's snarky, tongue-in-cheek action RPG The Outer Worlds is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 8. Murder on Eridanos will retail for $14.99 and is available as part of the game's Expansion Pass for those who already own that add-on. 

The DLC raises the level cap by three and sees players embark on a second murder mystery investigation after the game's first DLC, Peril on Gorgon, did something similar, though the two are unrelated and introduce new characters and locations. Peril is also available on Switch, releasing in February 2021

We called Murder on Eridanos "a twisting mystery ... [and] the game at its absolute best," making special mention of its story, setting, and overall adherence to the aesthetic of the base game. "Whereas the first DLC plays into the tropes of detective noir, Eridanos plays out more like a police procedural."

The Outer Worlds landed on Nintendo Switch eight months after every other version. And though it may be "in some ways inferior to its counterparts," that doesn't mean it's not an adventure worth undertaking for those with Nintendo's hybrid system. 

In other news regarding Obsidian's growing new franchise, The Outer Worlds 2 was announced at E3 2021 with yet another, completely on-brand trailer full of the game's now-trademark sense of humor. The sequel is set to release on PC and Xbox platforms, and since Microsoft now owns Obsidian, it's not likely that The Outer Worlds 2 will come to Switch. 

Stranded Deep Lands on Nintendo Switch Shores Wed, 01 Sep 2021 14:11:01 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean you can't still soak up the rays as a castaway on a beautiful, if dangerous, deserted isle. Stranded Deep lets you do just that while surviving the harsh weather and even harsher predators that lurk on land and in the ocean — and it's now on Nintendo Switch. 

Stranded Deep was released on PC years (and years) ago, before sailing to PS4 and Xbox One in 2020. Beam Team Games, though, definitely wanted players to take the survival game with them wherever they go, perhaps even a real desert isle. Hence the Switch port, obviously. 

This version is available digitally through the Nintendo eShop for $24.99, and it can be played in TV, Tabletop, and Handheld modes.

Though the PC version of Stranded Deep does offer multiplayer, the PS4 and Xbox One ports do not, and according to the product listing for the Switch version, that's still the case here. However, it does appear that Beam Team is looking to add multiplayer functionality to Xbox consoles, so perhaps something could be in the works for other platforms as well. 

If you're just getting started in Stranded Deep on Nintendo Switch, consider heading over to our guides hub for some quick tips and tricks. 

Spiritfarer Beverly Update Out Now, Vinyl Pre-Orders Open Wed, 01 Sep 2021 13:35:58 -0400 Josh Broadwell

The Spiritfarer Beverly update is available now on all platforms, adding an adorable new owl, treasure maps, recipes, and more.

The update kicks off with Stella receiving a letter from what seems like a complete stranger. She's supposed to visit Oxbury to meet this stranger, who turns out to be Beverly, Stella's former neighbor.

Stella invites her onboard, and if you've played the game, you know what happens next. Tissues, please. 

Aside from navigating Beverly's afterlife, you'll also get a horde of new treasure maps to sort through, an archive, a radio for your lounge, and these recipes:

  • Laska: A delicious spicy noodle soup that will cure any cold.
  • Milquetoast: It’s just wet bread.
  • Flamin’ Firebirdz: After a bag of these bad boys, you won’t even feel your face.
  • Aloo Gobi: A vegetable delight with flavour to boot.
  • Chai Latte: A spicy drink for cold or hot days.
  • Chilaquiles: A breakfast classic for people in the know.
  • Dakgangjeong: Sweet, crispy and spicy. Three delicious words!

Stanley's story gets a minor tweak, and Stella has a new guesthouse request to contend with.

Speaking of radio, rejoice all ye who can't get enough of Spiritfarer's soundtrack. iam8bit's Spiritfarer vinyl soundtrack (2x LP) is now available for pre-order for $39.99.

The Spiritfarer collector's edition for PS4 and Nintendo Switch is also available for pre-order. It costs $199.99 and includes:

  • Fully functional Everlight Replica

  • Innovative and premium Constellation Lantern Display Box (creates a lovely ambiance when paired with the Everlight)

  • Collectible Postcard and Stamp set, highlighting exotic locations from the game + a personal side quest that only you can do!

  • Digital Download Card for the Spiritfarer soundtrack by composer Max LL

  • Digital Download Card for 96-page Spiritfarer art book

  • Physical edition of Spiritfarer featuring exclusive, reversible cover art by acclaimed illustrator Aidan Yetman-Michaelson 

  • All digital content updates for the game

Spiritfarer was one of our favorites from 2020, one we called an empathetic game that handles difficult topics with surprising warmth and sensitivity.

Surviving Mars Below & Beyond DLC Adds Mining, New Techs, and More Tue, 31 Aug 2021 09:00:01 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Paradox's Mars colonization strategy game, Surviving Mars, will get its next expansion on September 7, the publisher has announced. In the follow-up to 2019's Green Planet expansion, which saw terraforming brought to the game, Below & Beyond will allow players to explore and build below the Red Planet's surface.

The expansion is set to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One for $19.99. Product Manager for Surviving Mars at Paradox Interactive Magnus Lysell said:

When we started planning out what was next for Surviving Mars, we really wanted to dive deep into the parts of the Red Planet we had not already explored. We know we had to come out swinging and Surviving Mars: Below & Beyond expands gameplay in a meaningful way. The possibilities are endless and we’re eager to continue exploring the Red Planet with our players.

As you might expect, there will be new mechanics, vehicles, buildings, and technologies introduced in Below & Beyond, including structures specific to mining resources under the harsh wastes and on "passing asteroids." The expanded base-building elements will also allow for underground colonies.

The Mars Lifestyle Radio Pack will release alongside Below & Beyond and includes 16 original tracks spanning 70 minutes of music. That pack will cost $3.99 on PC and Xbox One and $4.99 on PlayStation.