MechWarrior Founder's Packs Availabe for Preorder

Preorder MechWarrior now and get exclusive in game Battle Mechs, and an additional 30 days of premium play time.

MechWarrior Online, the upcoming battle-mech simulation MMO, has opened up pre-orders for its new Founder's pack. Preorder bonuses seem to be the hot thing these days, especially for free to play MMOs like MechWarrior. But, what does MechWarrior Online's pre-order promotion, titled "Project Phoenix," have to offer?

Mechs, Mechs, Mechs!

 Not surprisingly, the primary bonus of pre-ordering a Founder's pack is getting access to exclusive battle mechs! Each tier of pre-order comes with at least one mech, and a few "standard variants" (different outfittings) for your mech. Higher cost Founder's packs also include 30 days of premium game time, an in game badge, and Faction Medallions which you can equip to boost your loyalty with the faction of your choice.

Here are the full details on pre-order options:

  • Talon Tier: $20, 1 BattleMech (Locust), 2 Standard Variants, in-game/forum  badge.
  • Storm Tier: $40, 2 BattleMechs (Locust, Shadow Hawk), 4 Standard Variants (2x Locust, 2x Shadow Hawk), in-game/forum badge, 1 Faction Medallion.
  • Gaurdian Tier: $60, 3 BattleMechs (Locust, Shadow Hawk, Thunder Bolt), 6 Standard Variants (2x Locust, 2x Shadow Hawk, 2x Thunder Bolt), 30 Day premium time, in-game/forum badge, 2 Faction Medallions.
  • Overlord Tier: $80, 2 BattleMechs (Locust, Shadow Hawk, Thunder Bolt, Battle Master), 8 Standard Variants (2x Locust, 2x Shadow Hawk, 2x Thunder Bolt, 2x Battle Master), 90 Days premium time, in-game/forum badge, 4 Faction Medallions.

Featured above are the four pre-order Battle Mechs. Thunder Bolt and Battle Master have yet to be revealed.

Wow, certainly seems like you get a lot. Considering that most mechs will need to be purchased with either in-game currency or cash, the chance to get some great mechs, game time, and a few other extras, is nothing to sneeze at!

Hold on...What is MechWarrior?

MechWarrior goes back a ways, long before the days of online gaming. Back in 1984 FASA Corporize (now owned by Topps) created a board game known as BattleTech, which featured massive, armored, human operated war machines called Battle Mechs. These monstrous mechanical wonders inspired an offshoot RPG in 1986 called MechWarrior. Eventually, like a few other pen and paper RPGs, MechWarrior made its way into the video game space.

Since their inception in 1989, the MechWarrior video games have put players in the pilot seat of Battle Mechs. Featuring a first person point of view, players attempted to destroy enemy installations and enemy Battle Mechs.

Over ten years, and five games latter, MechWarrior has made it to the MMO scene. Sticking with the tried and true, Mechs blowing up other Mechs, developer Piranha Games has simply introduced the Massively Multiplayer aspect to the popular franchinse; MechWarrior is still MechWarrior.

And this is a good thing! MechWarrior titles have always been a satisfying challenge. Players must constatly juggle keeping their eyes out for enemy combatants, and operate the fine tuned machine they are riding in. MechWarrior online is no different, and I must say it is a blast (literally) to play!

Will You be Suiting Up?

Do you find these founder packs enticing enough to try MechWarrior online? And for you veteran MechWarrior fans, will you be setting aside some cash to show your support for the franchise?

P.S. If you purchase a founders pack before July 25th you get an extra 30 days of premium play time. This means 30 days of premium play time for the $20, and $40 packs, 60 days for the $60 pack, and 120 days for those brave souls who purchase the $80 pack.

As always,

Comment below, game hard, and stay safe!







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Published Jun. 26th 2013
  • jamofo
    Insanely expensive. This is the most 'pay to win' game ever.

    There are mechs that you cant buy with in game money. The cash mechs range from $15 - $40 a mech.
  • Riloh
    If this is anything like Armored Core, I'm going to be all over this.
  • mike_6787
    you can play it now.
  • Stephen Johnston
    I will definitely be playing this game.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    I'll look into it, but I've never played Mechwarrior before.

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