7 Forgotten Video Games in Desperate Need of a Sequel

Alan Wake

One of the strongest exclusives on the Xbox 360, even though it was later released for Microsoft Windows, Alan Wake masterfully combines ideas from series like Silent Hill and the vibe of TV shows such as Twin Peaks into a terrifying whole.

It follows the story of an acclaimed writer who is going through a creative crisis and decides to take a break by going on a vacation with his loving wife. A potentially romantic getaway quickly turns south as grisly events from a mysterious book written by Alan -- unbeknown to himself -- begin to unfold.

A sequel was in development but got canceled due to the first game's slightly underwhelming commercial performance, which was partially attributed to a high rate of piracy.

That said, the game has amassed a devout following and Alan Wake 2 is not necessarily out of the question.

(Please note: Alan Wake's American Nightmare is not regarded as a sequel. It is instead a DLC.)

Published Jun. 22nd 2018

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