GTA V Fans Petitioning For The Game NOT To Be Released On PC

Don't be fooled by the petition to prevent GTA V from being released on the PC.

As the title says, fans have been signing a petition for Grand Theft Auto V not to be released on the PC. Now from what I saw, the reasons that people were signing were to prevent pirating. It's a reasonable concern that pirating may happen if it is ported to the PC. Why is GTA V the only game to get petitioned to remain off the PC then? Why not games like Crysis 3?

It comes to mind that maybe this petition came about not from an actual fan, but an individual just claiming to be a fan. What's the best way to get fans of a video game behind your cause? Say it's for the good of the game and company, that it not be released on the PC due to pirating. I don't really think PC pirating is so bad that a company would lose money by releasing a hugely popular title for the PC.

GTA will continue whether I like it or not, however I will not participate in this farce.

I suspect this petition is most likely from an individual against GTA as a whole just trying to prevent the game from reaching more people. I say this not as a fan with a conspiracy theory, but as a hater of the franchise. Those signing the petition for fear of pirating are just being led by the nose. An individual who is wanting to prevent people from playing the game is using them to reach his goal. So before you sign petitions like this, take a look into the history and facts surrounding the game and not just blindly following.

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Published Oct. 21st 2013

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