Battleborn's Free Companion Mobile Game That No One Knew About

Battleborn Tap is a free-to-play mobile game that allows player to take a stripped down version of Battleborn with them!

It’s hard to ignore the hype behind Gearbox’s newly released title, Battleborn,. But did you know about the free-to-play mobile game released by 2K Games alongside of it, called Battleborn Tap?

Battleborn Tap, quite inconspicuously, is a tapping game meant for players to take Battleborn with them on-the-go. Using their fingers, players tap to shoot lasers at the enemies, helping unlocked heroes fight through endless waves of enemies on a still battleground.

Gold shards collected after completing a wave allows players to unlock new heroes and level them up. Players can still earn gold shards while the game is idling in the background. As players progress through the game, waves become increasingly harder, new areas are unlocked, and more heroes can be recruited. 

Additionally, players can gear up their squads by purchasing loot packs of three tiers: Standard pack (free every 30 minutes), Rare Pack (50 Credits), and Epic Pack (200 Credits). Credits are either earned by completing achievements or by making in-app purchases. The gear unlocked through loot packs are random and hero-specific. 

According to 2K Games, exclusive rewards are unlocked for Battleborn through Battleborn Tap. As for now, players who download the mobile game can link their SHiFT account to unlock a gold Orendi skin for PC and console versions of the main game.

For those who do not own Battleborn yet, this can be a great time sinker. It's easy to play and it's fun to see the heroes use their ultimate abilities in a different light - not to mention it's a little addicting. However, we'll see how long the novelty of this somewhat random mobile game will last for. Read our full review of Battleborn to learn more.

Battleborn Tap is available now for download for both Android and iOS.


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Published May. 4th 2016
  • haroldgreen
    I may appreciate you for posting information about battle-born Tap game . By Using fingers, players tap to shoot lasers at the enemies, helping unlocked heroes fight through endless waves of enemies on a still battleground. This seems game is interesting to play. One of my friend suggested to me to buy Battle-born from to start enjoying new Battle-born tap.

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