The Technomancer Companions Guide: Who Will You Take Around Mars?

Jeffrey Hunter

Jeffrey Hunter goes with David Ward like peanut butter and jelly.

...well, not really. David doesn't like Jeffrey, and J-dawg only tolerates David. But you get them together at the beginning of the game, and they make a decent pair of companions.


Jeffrey comes from Greenhope, which is (about) as country as you can get for Mars. He's a nicer guy than David and seems much happier to be serving under a technomancer than his colleague.


Jeffrey rocks sniper rifles and assault rifles, making him a great ranged combatant. That said, he also seems to love bashing enemies in the face with his rifle rather than shooting them half the time.

I recommend keeping him on Offense mode. There's no reason for him to play Defensive, as he's one of the best damage-dealing companions in the game.


Jeffrey gives a passive bonus of +2 to Physical Damage from Gunshots. He doesn't have an Ally bonus, though. 


Spoiler alert - Jeffrey does help you with a quest to root out a spy. Hooray!

But he's another companion that doesn't stay with you the entire game. Sad Christmas. 


Published Jul. 5th 2016

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