The Technomancer Companions Guide: Who Will You Take Around Mars?

Scott Seeker

I guess I don't have to tell you anything. That picture explains everything. But I'll tell you anyways.

Scott Seeker is the third companion you get in the game. Good thing too -- you start doing quests for him and needing his help almost immediately. 


You know how every RPG has to have at least one weird companion? Scott is The Technomancer's. 

Very smart and very quirky, he never really seems like he's all there. But he does help you solve multiple quests with his medical and scientific background.


Scott's not exactly built to run in with a two-handed mace and clobber Vory thugs or alien creatures. Instead he just hangs out in the back and shoots with a pistol.

He's the only companion that can heal, which he does by basically shooting you with a health injection.'s not very effective. To be honest I think he's the worst companion combat-wise for a few reasons:

  • He often misses with his heal, because you're dodging around trying to avoid getting bitten in the face.
  • His gun doesn't do enough damage -- mainly because he fires it too slowly. 
  • Every time I turn around he's getting his butt kicked, yet not even trying to shoot the guy smacking him in the face.

Scott provides a bonus of +2% for Life Regeneration. His Ally bonus gives an extra +1 Science.


As I mentioned earlier, Scott helps you with a lot of different quests. From tracking down a scientific buddy to helping another companion get his groove back, he plays a major role in completing quests in the game. 


Published Jul. 5th 2016

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