The Technomancer Companions Guide: Who Will You Take Around Mars?

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To wrap up this slideshow on the companions, let me end with a few tips.

  • (Spoiler) - As soon as you get to Noctis and have all of your companions together, talk to each of them! I didn't, and ended up doing more repeat visits to areas than I should have.
  • Base your Talent spending (partially) on your allies. If you love having Neisha on your team, there's no need to max out Traps/Lockpicking because she gives you an extra point.
  • Treat companions as distractions rather than damage dealers. As the technomancer you'll always be the main damage dealer. 
  • When trying to romance a companion, something you say may not exactly have the result you expect. If you want to avoid screwing it up, you may want to save before flirting with them or finishing their quest.

That's all I've got -- I hope it helps, and enjoy The Technomancer! 

Published Jul. 5th 2016

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