HyperX WoW Classic Stream to Bring the Pre-launch Hype on August 26

HyperX Kickoff to WoW Classic will start at 11 a. m. PDT on August 26 to rev players up for launch mere hours later.

World of Warcraft Classic is less than a week away from launch. Even now, during the name registration, phase servers are filling up and new ones are being made to accommodate the perhaps larger-than-anticipated audience for WoW's first real return to classic Azeroth.

The hype is very much undeniably real!

To celebrate this return to form for the community, peripherals manufacturer HyperX will host a special livestream event titled HyperX Kickoff to WoW Classic in the hours leading up to launch on August 26. The stream will feature a number of notable names from the World of Warcraft community, with HealingStat and AskJoshy hosting the stream.

Lasting from 11 a.m. PDT to 3:30 p.m. PDT, the HyperX stream will feature panels with top WoW streamers, a member of the game's development team, and exclusive videos to stoke the flames of sheer hype, though I think we can all agree, that needs no stoking. If your hype flame's not at full blast right about now, you're not doing it right.

Guests specifically named to attend the event and share their World of Warcraft stories and experiences with the community are Sonii Digital, Asmongold, JakenbakeLIVE, Kate, and Esfand.

WoW Classic will launch at 3 p.m. PDT on August 26, with the HyperX stream starting four hours earlier and going 30 minutes into launch, which will hopefully keep you from losing it in the infancy of your queue time.

You'll be able to pop into the stream at both Twitch.tv/hyperX as well as Twitch.tv/warcraft. Be sure to sit down and get comfy with the rest of the WoW Classic community as one of gaming's most historic and iconic eras rises once more.

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Published Aug. 22nd 2019

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