Trivia Crack is getting a sequel, but it may have fewer player-created questions

With Time, Inc. child companies providing Trivia Crack's quiz facts, player-created questions may be a thing of the past.

According to a Wednesday press release, Time Inc. has entered into a partnership with Trivia Crack developer Etermax. The deal guarantees, among other things, that Time Inc.'s brands - including PeopleFortune, and Sports Illustrated - will write and publish questions for the game's categories. Although the press release notes that "[d]edicated staff at Time Inc. will...publish user-generated questions," it seems unlikely that Trivia Crack will have much need for player-written questions after this partnership.

Since its October 2013 release, Trivia Crack has been downloaded 74 million times in the United States alone. Time Inc.'s press release notes Etermax is currently at work on a sequel, set for a third-quarter launch this year. The Trivia Crack sequel will allow users to create and participate in specific playlists and challenges, in a format similar to rival trivia title QuizUp. Etermax CEO Maximo Cavazanni says the first Trivia Crack will become more gamified with the addition of collectibles in the coming months.

Despite the news coverage from other sources, Trivia Crack and Etermax have remained relatively quiet on the subject. The Buenos Aires-based developer issued a press release on Wednesday, naming partners outside of Time, Inc. Etermax says these partnerships will "raise awareness on the World's [sic] issues." News on the official Trivia Crack Twitter account is limited to this tweet:


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Published Jun. 29th 2015
  • Jeannie Wilson
    Yay! I really like Trivia Crack and look forward to the new edition.

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