5 Reasons Warcraft IV should happen (and 3 reasons why it probably won't)

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And there you have it! While Warcraft IV seems to be further away than ever, it is still a dream to some. It may very well remain a dream forever until Blizzard announces something in the future. Hopefully, one day Blizzard will hear our prayers and at least give us a remake of the old games. Until then, dream on fellow Warcraft RTS enthusiasts! I'll see you on battle.net!

What about you readers? Do you think Blizzard will ever give us a new Warcraft RTS? Do you think Warcraft IV will be released too late to gather interest? Would Starcraft: Ghost have a greater chance of being released than Warcraft IV? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

Published Aug. 6th 2015

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