"You've Been Chosen" Teaser Shows a New Kind of Nightmare From BioWare

A new teaser from Bioware has everyone wondering if they will be chosen next.

A broken lamp, a man fleeing for his life, these are the first things you see when you watch the newest teaser trailer form BioWare.  The live action trailer is called “You've been Been Chosen: Nightmare Teaser.”

After seeing some intensely disturbing imagery, the man in the trailer wakes up only to find it was all a nightmare.

A URL links to the site and the ability to sign up for further updates but if the viewer continues to watch, they are greeted with an ominous question:

“What really happens when we sleep?”

Upon further investigation in the video description there is a message “They are watching. Your power is rising. Cologne, Germany. You’ve Been Chosen." While no one knows what this means exactly it could be related to the fact that earlier this year EA copyrighted a name of a game called “Shadow Realms.” Whatever the reason, the trailer was sent to all of those signed up to the BioWare Newsletter with a single message “You've Been Chosen.”  Leaving an ominous feeling over all who received it.

BioWare has been known to make most of its stories take place in a fantastical setting but this time it looks like they are taking a more modern approach to this one. This change of pace might be a new survival horror game, or maybe it’ll turn out to be another third person shooter, or RPG.  Either way, BioWare has the gaming community watching them with curious eyes, wondering just who will be chosen next.

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Published Jul. 25th 2014
  • Mary-Kate Wagamon
    Looks really interesting. I'd like to see a BioWare RPG in a modern horror setting.

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