Skyforge: Reaper's Revenge Patch Notes released

Skyforge's Reaper's Revenge patch notes were released yesterday, providing more info on aspects such as distortion vectors, interface alterations, and more.

The Reaper's Revenge Patch Notes for Skyforge were released yesterday.

The notes provide more information on the upcoming interface alterations, mount upgrades, and class adjustments that will be implemented on April 26.

As reported previously, one major implementation this patch will be the D-Series  Distortions. Distortions are areas within the game in which players that have enough tactical sense (gained from Hostile Territories and Small Battles) have fifteen minutes to vanquish ancient, battle-hardened bosses. The first of these, Death Dealers: Tribe of Shukur, will be added with this patch, and it's an ordeal in which you will be facing more than one foe.

Death Dealers: Tribe of Shukur tasks players with confronting an entire pack of Virds, consisting of its leader, Shukur, his two sons, and four grandchildren. They are by no means a happy family. All six of his offspring have it in for Shukur, and aspire to take his place as leader of the pack.

Distortion vectors will also be implemented in the patch. Vectors are special nodes within the atlas that provide bonuses to prestige and certain stats. The nodes in the Ascension Atlas require Ether Cores or Special Ether Cores (purchased from the shop), to upgrade. Four new vectors will be added to the atlas of each of the invading armies, which will provide bonuses to prestige and stamina as well as either strength, luck, valor, or spirit when upgraded. It will not cost Ether Cores to upgrade these vectors either. If a player wants bonuses to their strength stat by upgrading the vector of strength in the Mechanoid atlas, they would just need to invest more Mechanoid sparks in strength nodes, with the strength vector becoming available to upgrade once enough strength has been earned.

 Vectors won't automatically appear in the player's atlases though. In order to obtain them, they'll have to earn them from Distortions. A list of which distortion provides which vector can be found here.

After the patch is implemented, certain information will now be linked to individual classes, such as bonuses provided by vectors in the Ascension Atlas and adepts appointed patrons of Provinces.

There will be a new adventure added as well: Cold Quarry, in which players will face a new enemy - Corgs. It's unknown if these Corgs are the biological-mechanoid hybrid creatures introduced in the Dark Omen patch. Players will need 160,000 prestige to access this new adventure.  

The information in this article is just the tip of the iceberg. Full patch notes for Reaper's Revenge can be read on Skyforge's website.





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Published Apr. 24th 2016

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