Castle Story - Early Access on Steam

Steam launches an early access game, Castle Story, which will test your strategy abilities and wits. Can you manage all these little Bricktrons, or will you falter under pressure?

Castle Story, is an adorable early access game available on Steam today. This strategy game will push limits involving multi-player capabilities, and little armies of characters called Bricktrons that help build castles, and defend your fortresses.

What makes this game so different?

Well, the game has very friendly graphics, that will amuse the player. Not to mention you can explore the landscape and find dangers and mysteries that make the game more interesting. The entire map is basically made of islands, and require digging for resources that might remind you a bit of Minecraft. The castles are essential within Castle Story, as you must protect your adorable little Bricktrons from invading monsters.

When building castles, you must control your Bricktrons to collect resources, and manage how they work. You have many forces behind this castle, and you must use them wisely. During combat you can use swords, bows, and many more weapons to fight with your Bricktrons and lead them into victory. Another strategy aspect is fighting: where your wits are everything and you have to fight wisely, or lose Bricktrons.

With many exploration games brings magic. As you explore than land in Castle Story you can find magic artifacts left behind by other civilizations that have long gone. This will definitely bring many interesting twists within the game.

How is this different from Minecraft and Terraria?

One major difference would be physics. Castles will crumble when supports can no longer support the structures. Castle Story will require quite a bit of strategy to build your castles to last, instead of crumble under small attacks. Being a sand-box form game, you can either build high fortresses, or dig underground like dwarves, your choices are almost unlimited as to how you want to play the game.

I know this game will be on my wish-list on Steam indefinitely, but what do you think? Could this be a good game for those strategy fans, who prefer logic and wits instead of rushing in to beat the game? Share with my your opinion, especially if you've already tried it out, I can't wait.

Published Sep. 23rd 2013

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