Video Games: Why Graphics Matter To Me

This is not about how or why graphics make a better game.


Extremely passionate about video games.

Published Feb. 1st 2018
  • TheNightTerror_9361
    Well said. I agree graphics matter more than any other aspect of a game except for one (fun factor). It is twenty-damn-thirteen and there's no excuse for video games to look like a 12-yr-old programmed it. I want real-time EVERYTHING. I wanna see my reflection in the eyeballs of my target, I want my alt to look photo-realistic, and i want my environments completely destructible in a non-repetitive manner. If a game has all that mind-blowing graphics and is even the slightest bit fun - I'm buying that game.
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    lol Well... I'm not saying its the most important aspect, it's just very descriptive about why they matter to me.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one tho. lol Thanks! =)

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