"EVERYONE, GET OUT OF HERE!" Hearthstone's "Patron Warrior" deck receives a brutal nerf

Blizzard nerfs Warsong Commander to make the Patron Warrior deck obsolete.

We all saw it coming, but here it is: the inevitable nerf to the infamous "Patron Warrior" deck. However, it's the card that Blizzard decided to nerf that has some players a little confused:

Yes, the star of the deck, Warsong Commander, which has always focused on giving charge to dangerous minions, is getting beaten by the nerfbat once again. The card was used with devastating effect in the "Patron Warrior" deck by exploiting minions like Grim Patron, which can rapidly multiply through the warrior spell Whirlwind, along with Frothing Berserker, which can become absolutely massive on the right board.

Blizzard's CM Zeriyah posted the following announcement on the Hearthstone forums yesterday: 

“Warsong Commander now reads: Your charge minions have +1 attack.”

This isn’t the first time warriors have had to face a nerf to their beloved charge engine, as the card originally granted every minion you played charge, including Molten Giants, which could make for extremely sudden, deadly finishers.

Now, however, it seems Blizzard is throwing in the towel with Warsong Commander, and has decided that there is no way to balance it in its current state. This isn't the first charge card Blizzard has totally reworked, and it's a pretty safe bet that it won't be the last. Looking back, one might remember Unleash the Hounds, being totally reworked from what it once was.

                     Before                                                       After 


Now, without an easy way to give Grim Patron and Frothing Berserker haste, it seems that the Patron Warrior is going the way of the Miracle Rogue, the other infamous combo deck that players bemoaned for months on end.

Of course, like all top-tier decks, Patron Warrior had its diehard fans and its detractors, who are now celebrating its death. But no matter what side of the camp you were on, let’s all just remember that iconic shout that spelled "Good Game" when you heard it:



Published Jun. 17th 2020

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