The Three of Coins has been nerfed; is it still worth buying?

Should you buy the Three of Coins this week?

As you all may know, Destiny sent out a patch yesterday to fix a few issues in The Taken King. The most popular fix came to the Three of Coins. If you were living under a rock in the Hellmouth, you probably wouldn't know that the coins were being abused, so players could rapidly kill an easy story boss in order to grind exotic engrams fast. I did an article last week outlining what I thought Bungie should do to nerf the buff. 

And now they've done something. So what exactly did Bungie do to nerf the Three of Coins? They pretty much lowered the chance increase from stacking Three of Coins when killing Ultras rapidly.

What does this mean? Your exotic farming is probably going to take double the amount of Three of Coins and double the time, to drop exotic engrams. This also means that the Three of Coins drop rate will remain the same if used properly. So if you're playing strikes and using the Three of Coins, then don't sweat it - the coins will function as they should. 

Should you buy the Three of Coins? Absolutely. It's a great addition to the game and will get you exotic drops when used correctly. 

Published Sep. 26th 2015

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