Let's kickstart this bad boy! Police Quest remake is asking for your cash!

With so many re-boots and remakes, wouldnt it be nice to kickstart a quality game?

How many times have you looked through your old collection, or just sat down and thought about all the great games you used to play when you were younger? Have you ever sat down with you parents and asked them what games they used to play? More than likely you have. The list of games that most people remember will always have Tetris, Mario Bros., and Donkey Kong in it. For older PC gamers, there is no doubt you will hear the name Sierra Online come to mind. This company made such games as King's Quest and Leisure Suit Larry. Now thanks to Kickstarter, Police Quest is another popular adventure game which may see the light of day. 

The diamond in the rough

What isn't well-known about the Police Quest series is that it was created by an actual police officer. Jim Walls was a highway patrolman from 1971-1986 and was retired due to a shooting incident. At some point after his retirement, he met a developer who asked him to help in the making of what is now known as Police Quest. The first installment of the game, titled In Pursuit of the Death Angel, was released in 1988 and was followed by 5 sequels. The last game was released in 1998. Now 15 years later, Jim Walls has begun a Kickstarter to release Precinct, a spiritual successor to the series. The creator is requesting $500,000 to make the game. 

Is it worth the money?

With loads of disappointment coming from Kickstarter.com when it comes to indie developers, it would not be hard to to believe this would be no different. Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded and The Cave came out to rather unfavorable reviews. The potential is there, and the fact that the creator is the one asking for the funding helps, but if the end state is just a quick buck from nostalgic gamers to fund it, the production of another low quality product could keep these games stay where they belong, in the past.

What games would you like to see remade? If you could choose to fund any on Kickstarter right now, which would it be?

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Published Jul. 17th 2013

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