11 Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards for Holiday 2017

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Cherry MX Board 6.0 Mechanical Keyboard

Price: $251.65
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OK. This isn't technically a gaming keyboard. It doesn't have dedicated macro keys, and its RGB lighting choices are threadbare. However, it's one of the very (very) best mechanical keyboards from 2017. Hands down. 

Coming in at 104 keys, the Cherry MX Board 6.0 has full N-key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting technology. You've got your typical numpad here, standard playback buttons, and a Cherry key that locks your Windows keys alongside other macros such as Ctrl+alt+del. 

But what we're really here for is this board's switches. Housing Cherry MX Reds, the Board 6.0 is insanely accurate and precise, registering your keystrokes with the slightest pressure. The keycaps aren't flimsy or cheap like in some of its gaming keyboard brethren -- and on top of that, they're registered for 50 million key presses.

Using an analog signal path, there's no digital scanning between switch points on the board. The 6.0 is able to register your presses much faster than other keyboards (roughly a millisecond). That means that while this isn't branded as a mechanical gaming keyboard, you'll find that it works more than well in even the most intense of gaming matches. 

At $200, this is a keyboard that's exceedingly functional at both gaming and office tasks, giving it dual-threat capability. From its resilient metal chassis to its comfortable keycaps, this keyboard excels at practical functionality. 

Read our Cherry MX Board 6.0 review to learn more. 

Published Nov. 22nd 2017

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