11 Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards for Holiday 2017

Corsair K63 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Price: $79.99
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The first of three Corsair mechanical keyboards on this list, the Corsair K63 is a compact, tenkeyless option that stands head and shoulders above the rest of its cheap (read: budget) mechanical keyboard peers. In a nutshell, very few compact boards of this design live up to the resiliency and reliability of the K63.

Providing huge bang for your buck, this Corsair offering uses Cherry MX Reds that provide the short actuation distances you need to be highly competitive. That distance isn't as rapid as Corsair's RGB Platinum offering, which has an absurdly low 1.2mm actuation distance, but for most players, the difference between the two is negligible. With complete N-key rollover, this board will register all of your key presses at lightning speed. 

And although this board doesn't have dedicated macro keys, that doesn't mean it isn't highly customizable. Corsair's inimitable CUE software, which has functionality for almost all of the company's products, allows you to fully customize each of the board's keys, set timer cooldowns, and remap every single key. That's a lot of firepower for such a small board at such a low price. 

The main caveat here is that the K63 isn't as ergonomic or as comfortable as it could be. Although you can purchase a wrist rest separately, doing so will push you over the $100 mark and closer to the Corsair K68's price point. But at $80, you expect to make a few compromises. 

Read our Corsair K63 keyboard review to learn more.   

Published Nov. 22nd 2017

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