This Week on GameSkinny Episode Seven

This episode discusses 7/21 - 7/31, or something like that, enjoy!

The articles featured this week, er... week and a half?

So, the beach treated me well! The sun not quite so much... Anyways, that is why you are getting this round up today and it covering a week and a half...ish. I plan to get the next one out this weekend so that I'm back on schedule. Keep up the awesome posts everyone and you might be on the next episode!

To those who made it into this episode, YOU'VE BEEN CALLED OUT MWHAHAHA.

Master O' Bugs

Hi everyone! I'm Brian Schaaf, keeper of bug reports and calmer of the GameSkinnians! I also play too many games. Lets play something, betcha I'll win.

Published Jul. 31st 2013
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    I missed the "Five Reasons PC Gaming is the Future" article. Reading it now. Thanks! :)

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