Coinstar To Allow Customers To Trade In Their Coins For Xbox Live Codes

Coinstar will soon be able to convert your loose change into Xbox Live codes instead of the cash option that has been around for years.

Digital payment company, Rixty, is working with Microsoft so that Coinstar machines can pay out with Xbox Live codes.  That means gamers will be able to turn this loose change into anything from Xbox Live Currency to Xbox Live Gold memberships.

The options range anywhere from $5 to $100 in Xbox Live Currency or a Xbox Live Gold Membership, so customers will have several options to choose from.

"Rixty is already an established alternative payment platform for online games, and we're proud to be selected as one of the few approved Xbox Live Gift Card and Gold Membership wholesalers," said Rixty Ceo Ted Sorom.

"By expanding our channel to non-traditional resellers such as loyalty and incentive programs, we're giving these partners access to lucrative new products and consumers more convenient ways to obtain their favourite entertainment content," said Sorom.

The Coinstar machine will print out a certificate that will include a PIN that enables the customer to go online and redeem their certificate.  With that PIN, the customer can choose whether to put the money towards Xbox Live Currency or a Gold Membership.

What do you think about Coinstar machines now offering Xbox Live codes as a form of payment?  Is it something that you would be interested in turning in your loose change for?  Let me know in the Comments below with what you think about this new program.

Published Oct. 17th 2013
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  • Steve Lawton
    If Coinstar didn't gouge the money from you I'd be all over this. I'd never use a Coinstar machine because they skim 10-20% right off the top in fees alone. It could save a trip i suppose but if 100 dollars becomes 90 I'll keep the 10 bucks and get more codes.

    The idea is sound though. If fees weren't involved I'd be all over this.
  • MyNameIsProjekt
    I know what you mean. I've only used a Coinstar machine once but I didn't not have that much change to begin with. I've seen people post that the Coinstar machine does not hit you with service charges if you choose the eCertificate option. I don't know if this is true or not but is something that I might look into when I get the chance. If they do not apply the service charge on the eCertificates then it could actually be worth doing.
  • Steve Lawton
    Yea that'd be awesome if they didnt charge a fee.

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