Pokémon Go Plus is Out Now

The delayed accessory to the widely successful game is finally here.

Pokémon Go, the highly popular iOS and Android game was said to have a Pokémon Go Plus appliance. It was delayed from its initial release in the summer but it's now available at retail.

The Pokémon Go Plus is a device players strap to their wrists, and it flashes and vibrates anytime there's a pokéstop or pokémon in the area. Niantic hasn't released much as to whether or not the device connects to your personal account. If it connects through your phone -- the question of how much data it could consume on a daily basis arises.

So far, it's available on Amazon. GameStop has a page for them online to order, but they state it's out of stock currently. 

The price of the Pokémon Go Plus is $34.99, and its out now. It seems some sellers are currently taking advantage of the scarcity of the product by charging a lot more than its suggested retail price. 

Fans of Pokémon Go can find the latest addition to help their adventures at most online and retail locations.



Published Sep. 29th 2017

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