Box Art and Gameplay Trailer For Destiny Released

The trailer and box art has been released for Destiny and it looks really cool!

This week has been eventful for the MMO-like shooter game, Destiny. Not only did we see the box art for the upcoming game, but a new gameplay trailer was released earlier today by developers Bungie.

The box art revealed three of the playable classes - Titan, Hunter and Warlock. The center character looks a little like Master Chief, but once the game is released, I'm sure all of our suspicions will be put to rest.

The trailer shows some amazing gameplay. You get a good idea of the setting of Destiny with this trailer, and it seems to be an almost destroyed version of our moon. Let's not forget how scary that alien is--straight from your worst nightmare.

There have also been rumors of a beta page being available over the weekend. Since the then, the link has been removed. Rumors continue to spread that the beta version of the game will soon be available. Hopefully we will hear something about that in the future.

Destiny is set to release in 2014. Until then, enjoy the trailer.

Published Oct. 1st 2013

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