Popular Dreamcast RPG Grandia II Coming to Steam

The Dreamcast version of Grandia II is coming to Steam in a remastered edition.

Role-playing game Grandia II will be coming to Steam. Last month GungHo Online Entertainment released a survey on what games fans wanted to be remastered that were developed by Game Arts. GungHo Online Entertainment acquired Game Arts in 2004.

The Dreamcast version of the game will be remastered for Steam. Grandia will receive an HD update along with mouse, keypad, and gamepad support. Steam achievements and trading cards will also be added to the game. The majority of responses from the survey were to make a remastered version of Grandia II.

"With the rise of digital downloads, it is especially important that classic games continue to remain available to play in some form," said president of GungHo America Jun Iwasaki. "Grandia II was chosen for a PC re-release because it represents both a hallmark of the Grandia series and an example of how great JRPGs can be."

Grandia is also on the PSN Store. The production for the remastered edition of game was just announced so there is no news on an expected release date.



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Published May. 13th 2015
  • Farrel Nobel
    Can't wait for this! hope they include controller support, but if not then it's fine too
  • Jamesrk1987
    Hell yea! this game was amazing on both dreamcast and on ps2. now its coming out remastered. FUCK YEA!
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    I played this on PS2 back in the day.
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    I'm really excited for this, though I was hoping for the first Grandia game. Hopefully they decide to remaster the first game as well.

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