Until I Have You wants to know how far you'd go to save someone you love

If you could save someone, how much would you sacrifice?

An expert assassin decides to retire...but is it really his decision to make? 

Woodworm Studios asks this question in their new, pixelated action-adventure indie title, Until I Have You. The game follows a character named ARTIST, a very talented assassin who has finally agreed to leave his career so he may settle down peacefully with his wife Emily. Little does he know just how irreplaceable he is -- and how valuable. His clients are determined to "convince" him not to leave them. In order to do so, they send him a message...by kidnapping his wife. 


But what do they expect to happen when you kidnap your best assassin's wife? 

ARTIST procures a rare specialized exoskeleton and sets his eyes on rescuing his wife -- and of course, killing those who took her. What ARTIST doesn't know is that not only will his new upgrade come with a set of powers, but it will also challenge his mind by causing hallucinations and messing with his judgments. 

According to Woodworm Studios, this game begs the question: 

"If you could save someone, how much of yourself would you be willing to sacrifice?"

The game Includes: 

  • 12 Chapters of immersive story-telling
  • Pixelated environments
  • 60 unique Enemies 
  • Fully Voiced Dialogues
  • Gritty Cyberpunk Atmosphere

Until I Have You will be available on 4th April 2016 for Windows & Linux and is available on Steam


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Published Apr. 29th 2016

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