Little Book immersion game brings back the days of reading scary stories under the covers

The Little Book team is creating an amazing, immersive experience, designed to make reading under your covers fun again.

Little Book is a new game that makes you the storyteller!  It is meant to recreate a children's experiences of scarring themselves while reading a book under the covers at night. 

This book was created as a first-year project by students attending the National School of Games and Interactive Medias ' ( Enjmin ). They are among those that have been selected to attend this year's Alt.CTRL.GDC showcase. 

So how do you play? 

The game does not use classic controllers. Instead, you are a controller in that you are expected to recreate the experience under your own covers! You, along with an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, of course. In addition to the headset, this game will require a mouse, headphones, and a purchased copy of the book that is the "Little Book". 

The mouse will work as your flashlight and the book will be your story guide as you enter the world presented to you. Here is a general picture from the site showing how this looks:

By following the instructional diagram and opening the book with your Oculus Rift running you will be able to read through the originally blank pages of the Little Book. As you do so you will also notice that when you peek out from under your blankets you will be able to interact with the new room around you. 

But are you the only thing that has become a part of the game? 

To learn more you can check out Little Book on its creators website








Published Mar. 19th 2016

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