The Top 20 Minecraft 1.14 Seeds for February 2019

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Seed: -237638419570779

Coordinates: -280, 200
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

You will spawn in the middle of a small village that has only a couple of farms and no smithy, which is perfect for the beginning of a great survival game. But if you need some good loot nonetheless, then you can find a shipwreck not too far away from the village at coordinates 95, 525.

Inside the ship you will find a chest that contains a buried treasure map, which will lead you to coordinates -23, 489. There you will find a chest with the following items inside:

  • 2x diamond
  • 5x emerald
  • 6x gold ingot
  • 3x iron ingot
Published Jan. 29th 2019

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