Playstation Promotes New Keypad and Mouse, Available Nov. 15

The Hori TAC Pro is the first keypad and mouse to be officially licensed by Sony for the PlayStation 4.

On Twitter earlier today, PlayStation's official page announced a new keypad and a new mouse- one that's built to be compatible for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. 

The keypad and mouse, sold together, won't come cheap. They're priced at $149.99 USD on Amazon currently. If you're interested, Amazon and Gamestop are currently open for pre-orders for when the products release November 15. You can read up on the specs here

Many fans are displeased with the news, as Sony has not made a strong effort towards wired controllers being made for the PlayStation 4. An outcry of responses to the post came soon after the keypad and mouse was unveiled, so from pre-release impressions, the public isn't fully on board with these accessories.

What are your thoughts? Looking forward to a more PC oriented approach to your PlayStation, or is this not something for you? Let us know in the comments section.


Published Aug. 18th 2016

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