The Best 5 Survival Games of 2019

4. ARK: Survival Evolved

I would love ARK: Survival Evolved and probably play it way more than the over 2,000 hours I already have in the game if it weren't made by studio developer Wild Card.

The game has literally always had severe gameplay problems and bugs and extremely poor optimization. The base game itself takes up way too much HDD space, which for many just isn't worth it.

I say all this but, again, I've played 2,000 hours of it. So that counts for something.

ARK offers beautiful, enormous maps filled to the brim with plenty of unique environments just begging to be explored, each with their own host of prehistoric animals, mutants, and even robots players don't just have to slap to death -- they can tame them, too.

With so much to explore and so much to actually do, it's easy to get hooked on hunting down Ascendant and Tek tier loot. Plus, dinosaurs are just really really cool.

Published Dec. 12th 2019

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