Xbox One Gets Backwards Compatibility: Will you switch?

Xbox One gets backwards compatibility. It's the best update yet.

Xbox One just got a huge update and it’s most important feature is backwards compatibility. Owners of the console will notice that games that worked on the Xbox 360 are now slowly beginning to become available for Xbox One. There is over 100 Xbox 360 games that will work now for the Xbox One and Microsoft plans on adding more. This becomes a game changer for Xbox One and is something that PS4 does not have.

The way it works is when starting up an Xbox 360 game that is on the list the Xbox One will emulate the 360’s software in order to run the game. Crazy right? It also still allows for Xbox One’s capture screenshot and recordings to work along with it. Then if you push the menu and view buttons on your controller it will bring up the original Xbox 360 guide.  

Though it's a cool feature and certainly kicks PS4 in the teeth, it doesn't seem like something that will get players to switch. PS4 has been the favorite console for a very long time. Despite having similar hardware PS4 beat Xbox One on price when released. And, according to PCMag 2014 article, they even had a better controller. 

So even with backwards compatibility Xbox One will still fall behind PS4 for the top spot as a gaming console. This may even push Sony to provide their players with backwards compatibility as well. Would you switch to Xbox One because of this change or will you stay with your PS4 or Xbox 360?



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Published Nov. 14th 2015

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