The Top 20 Minecraft 1.12.2 Seeds for October 2017

Seed: -081319483966395

Coordinates: -216 65 -170
Biomes: Savanna, Desert, Mushroom Island, Extreme Hills

Here's the Minecraft seed for those who like to survive on the islands. You will spawn on the mainland, but not too far into the ocean there are four different islands, each with a different biome.

The first island at coordinates -808 -728 is made up of savanna, and it also has a village standing on top of it. The second one is a desert island located at coordinates -950 -250.

The third island is made of extreme hills at coordinates -750 200, and the last one is a mushroom island just a bit to the west at coordinates -1400 -250.

Published Sep. 29th 2017

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