Has Pokemon Go Gone, or Can People Be Lured Back?

Come back to Pokemon Go, you're in for a spooky surprise...

So, Pokemon Go has lost 20% of US players within its first month of release. Some would argue that is a fairly standard decrease. However, like most freemium app based games, it burst onto the scene with great aplomb, but then interest waned significantly. Is it possible for Niantic to reclaim bored gamers, or has the bubble burst?

People left as the game became monotonous and somewhat dull. Once the initial 'gotta catch 'em all' attitude was almost unachievable, people gave up. Had Pokemon hunting been totally randomised, as opposed to some Pokemon only being available in certain locations (exempt from this is the water based Pokemon), then everybody would be on a better playing field.

I think they have left it far too long before bringing out a new set of Pokemon, an opportune time could be a tie-in with Pokemon Moon and Sun come November. There are over 700 Pokemon and Pokemon Go has a seventh of them.


I think the practicalities of playing the game has caused changes, people unable to commit to playing for long, and the sheer amount of battery and data charges means it is very much a short burst game now. Plus, the safety aspects of playing the game need to be factored in too, especially in the upcoming cold winter.

Overall, the game needs to fix its fundamental issues, such as the three footstep glitch and re-opening of the PokeVision. Player almost feel as if Niantic is not listening to them, as any game is for its players and this causes yet more frustration.

I think the Halloween event is a good idea; a re-ignition of interest for 1 week. Especially good for players who want to catch Haunters and Ghastly's for example, as during this time, there is an increase in the chance to catch the spookiest of the Pokemon. There is also double candy -- because it's Halloween and there is always candy at Halloween. While this event is a good idea, longer term strategies still need to be thought of. However, these strategies don't look to be coming anytime soon, and the risk of people forgetting about Pokemon Go is real.


Published Sep. 29th 2017

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