6 Nintendo Franchises With Games That Somehow Aren't Switch Ports


Metroid Prime 4 has had quite the rough development process, but it's being worked on as we speak. The team is even still in the process of bringing in various new artists and leads. 

It's probably safe to assume that, by the time it does launch, it'll be the first 3D Metroid game that some players can get their hands on without having to buy an older console. If the Wii U's Metroid Prime Trilogy bundle comes to the Switch, that issue will be solved.

The games in the trilogy supported both standard controllers and motion controls at different points, so the transition to the Switch's Pro Controller and Joy-Cons should be a smooth one.

New players will be able to catch up while returning fans get a much-needed refresher leading up to Metroid Prime 4.

Published Aug. 31st 2020

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