TellTale Games and the triumphant return of the adventure game.

Thanks to TellTale games, the adventure genre has seen a resurgence in popularity

In 2004, a group of developers consisting of former employees of LucasArts formed TellTale Games. This new company focused on graphic adventure titles not unlike older games from Sierra (Kings Quest,Leisure Suit Larry.) The company struck gold with Sam and Max: Freelance Police, a sequel to Sam and Max Hit the Road, a property formerly owned by their former employers.

Making Something old, new again.

Following its success, TellTale was able to take other licensed properties and put them in a graphic adventure format to continue the story of beloved movies such as Back to the Future and Jurassic Park. With its acquisition of the rights to adapt The Walking Dead series, TellTale has been able to leave its mark and begin to make adventure games matter again. This was proven by the first season of The Walking Dead: Game winning SPIKETV's Video Game Awards game of the year.

This past week the company released a small follow-up to the first season of the walking dead:game called The Walking Dead: 400 days. This small chapter was just an appetizer to appease fans of the series before its second season begins sometime at the end of this year. 

Whats Next for this growing company? 

The next adaptation in the pipeline is a retelling of a popular comic book series, Fables. Fables revolves around the story of famous characters from childhood books and what would happen if they were exiled into real world New York. Many characters take on professions such as, Snow White as the Mayor and Bigby Wolf ( The Big Bad Wolf) as the communities sheriff. The first chapter of the game titled, The Wolf Among Us, will revolve around the first chapter in the comic series which begins with the murder of Rose Red and its investigation by Bigby. 

With other future titles teased, such as a remake of the original Kings Quest, being remade by the company and the upcoming second season of The Walking Dead: Game, the future of adventure gaming continues to look promising coming into the next-gen console arena.


Published Jul. 9th 2013
  • Shoduran
    I loved Jurassic Park as a kid too. Cool stuff.

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