Sony Renews Trademark for 'PlayStation TV'--Plans to Launch Online TV To PS4

Sony wants to replace your TV. Instead just watch your favorite shoes on PlayStation 4!

Sony recently renewed its patent for a "trademark and service mark for "PlayStation TV" on June 26" according to Joystiq's Jessica Conduit. Not only that, but they intend to use Viacom, an American Media Company, and will carry their cable to Playstation by the end of the year.

Intended to stream on-demand channels, cable channels, and more, this patent includes the same logo and specifics as the one in 2006. The PlayStation service would include a "recommended" program feature much like the ones on Netflix and Amazon. According to Sony this feature would be based partly on "an algorithm of a user's viewing habits". 

This isn't Sony's first dip into the entertainment TV pool, either. Back in 2011 a PlayStation branded 3DTV emerged, which included a pretty neat technology that allowed different angles to appear to two separate people when viewing the screen at different angles. This was taking split-screen gaming to a whole new level. 

It seems as if Microsoft isn't the only company that wants to extend their reach beyond the bedroom and into the living room. Both companies seem to feel that ignoring the tv and movie industry as a console system isn't a viable or smart option; instead they aim to become the first and only source for your family's entertainment. Considering having an all-in-one system would mean one less giant box for people to deal with, I don't blame them.

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Published Aug. 15th 2013

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