Website Up Teasing New Project From Amnesia's Creators

Frictional Games, original creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, are teasing their next upcoming project with a website that is booting up... something.

Even before Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs actually released, we knew Frictional games was working on a new project.  They have kept largely quiet about the upcoming game, with the only real hint about the game being that it intends to take a much deeper look into some serious horror themes than The Dark Descent did.

Now we have our first hint that the game in question is finally getting close enough to release for Frictional to start marketing it... or at least teasing us with this website.  For those of you who have not already clicked the link, the site shows a fairly common-looking message, stating the 'system' is rebooting after an unexpected shutdown.  Beneath the message is a progress bar, showing 40% at time of writing.

The implications are a drastic departure from The Dark Descent, even more obvious of a departure than A Machine for Pigs appeared to be.  This loading screen brings to mind memories of System Shock 2 more than the dark, Lovecraftian-feel from Frictional's horror hit.

What exactly is this new game?  What will be revealed when this system reboots?
Published Sep. 28th 2013

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