Top 5 mightiest steeds in video games

Dark Horse

Red Dead Redemption

Few game designers could claim to have mastered 3D horseback gameplay before Rockstar had their go in Red Dead Redemption. With full range of motion and smooth, intuitive controls, playing as John Marston was best experienced on the back of a wild mare. There are few things in this medium as satisfying as lassoing bounty targets, dead-eyeing villains, or just traveling cross country, all on your trusty steed.

The problem is keeping your horse around. Like any other living thing in a Rockstar open-world game, horses are susceptible to fall damage, wolf attacks, and the occasional double-barrel shotgun shell to the head. Luckily, there are plenty of nags to be lassoed and broken. The coolest of all, however, can only be obtained by achieving the lowest level of honor: Desperado. The Dark Horse may not be the fastest in the game, but she's fast - and she's bad. Just one look at this mare's deathly pattern reminds you of all the heartless, inhumane, dastardly deeds you committed to earn you this mount.


Published Nov. 7th 2015

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