7 Bandai Namco Games That Should Be Ported to the Nintendo Switch

Soul Calibur 2 HD Online

Originally released in 2003 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube, the 3D fighting game Soul Calibur 2 had a different guest character for each version: Heihachi from the Tekken series on PlayStation 2, Link from The Legend of Zelda on GameCube, and Necrid from Spawn on Xbox.

In 2013 an enhanced version of Soul Calibur 2 was digitally re-released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as Soul Calibur 2 HD Online, and both versions featured Heihachi and Spawn. But Link was nowhere to be seen.

If Soul Calibur 2 HD Online came to the Nintendo Switch, it would be the true definitive version, since Link could be put back in. There also hasn't been a Soul Calibur game since the lackluster Soul Calibur V for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, so why not make a return with a portable version of what many fans claim is the best game in the series?

Published Jul. 11th 2017

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