7 Bandai Namco Games That Should Be Ported to the Nintendo Switch

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Classic HD Collection

While the PlayStation 4 is getting the Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy Collection and PlayStation 3 is getting the Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy, many forget the fighting game series which Ultimate Ninja Storm came from-- which is the original Ultimate Ninja series for the PlayStation 2.

Unlike Storm, the original series is a 2.5D fighter that had five main entries, with the fifth never being released in North America. The first three games took place before the timeskip, while the last two were primarily based on the later series, Naruto Shippuden -- but still contained modes which retold the story of the original series as well.

After the release of Ultimate Ninja Storm and its sequels, many fans seem to disregard or forget this series. Due to Naruto's continuing popularity with the spin off series (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations) and plenty more planned games coming out, a collection like this could provide newer fans with some insight on older games, while at the same time providing older fans with feelings of nostalgia.

Published Jul. 11th 2017

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