Total War: Warhammer 2's Possible Next DLC

The working theory on Total War: Warhammer 2's upcoming DLC, speculating the new Legendary Lords and getting into a bit of lore!

Creative Assembly have stated that for their next update to Total War: Warhammer 2, they'd like to bring an update to the Greenskins faction, reworking them a bit to bring them up to par with the game's newer factions and combat the power creep.

The last time they set out to update a faction, The Empire (now Reikland) they added a new Legendary Lord for them, Huntsmarshall Markus Wulfhart in the DLC "The Hunter and the Beast".

If there's any Greenskin Lord they'd add for Total War: Warhammer 2, which centers around Ulthuan and the Elves, the one that immediately comes to mind for some fans is Grom the Paunch, infamous for being the only Greenskin to have ever launched a successful invasion upon the Elven homeland.

Naturally with Grom would come his nemesis, Eltharion the Grim, the High Elf who put a stop to his rampage.

Grom the Paunch

Grom the Paunch is basically the reason Altdorf, the Empire's capital, is so far away from the Badlands. You may be thinking why one would want to bother with a fat orc, he's actually a humongous Goblin.

Grom and his buddies got into an eating contest, and he was brave (or dumb) enough to eat raw troll meat, which continued to regenerate faster than he could digest it. Eventually the flesh and Grom's body met at a half way point and we're left with this huge fat goblin who can bully orcs and even regenerate!

He's known for a great "Waaagh." One so great it brought a ton of destruction upon the world of Warhammer and riding around in a Chariot, so that's likely the type of unit he'll be, anti-infantry chariot lord.

As for units, we'll likely see some new boblins, bigger wolf riders, bigger tougher goblins taking after Grom.

For regular lords, a hole in the Greenskins roster from the tabletop is the Black Orc Big Boss, and for heroes they could likely be seeing some sort of missile unit or troll. Even snotlings are being looked at for their wagons.

Eltharion the Grim

Eltharion started off a spoiled prince of Ulthuan who was raised to be nothing other than the best. He was taught in both the schools of war and magic, and received only the finest tutelage.

As a master of archery, fencing, mounted combat, and sorcery, Eltharion could shape up to be a very versatile legendary lord to round out the lacking high elf roster with his griffon companion Stormwing.

High elf units we could see would be sea helms for heroes or lords, a Lothern skycutter, a flying griffon chariot, and of course, griffons themselves. Maybe some lion chariots, since it's another hole in the roster from the tabletop.

Mistwalker Archers of Yvresse would also be appropriate, although they've never been in an army book.


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Published Dec. 31st 2019

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