10 Best Reviewed Games of 2016

10. Rez: Infinite

Metacritic Score: 89 (User Score: 7.2)

Here we have the only VR game that makes the top 10 list. Rez: Infinite almost didn't make the list however because it is technically a revamped version of the PS2 game, Rez. However Infinite is a significantly improved and changed version of the game that's more than just a remaster.

Rez is an on-rails shooter that pits you as an AI in a computer system, with humans as the enemy injecting viruses into the system to destroy you. Making use of a lock-on mechanic and bombs, you blast your way through many levels of electronica-infused colour spasms that threaten to induce you in a coma.

Indeed Rez: Infinite is an experience like few others; don't get me wrong, many have tried but none have succeeded. Somehow the Rez formula still holds up to this day and just so happens to find new life inside a PSVR helmet.

Published Jan. 23rd 2017

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