10 Best Reviewed Games of 2016

9. Dark Souls III

Metacritic Score: 89 (User Score: 8.6)

Dark Souls was born from the ashes of Demon Souls -- a game that Sony had exclusive rights to but didn't see any potential in -- and what a spiritual successor it turned out to be. I for one would have considered the art of being relentlessly killed to turn many gamers off, but apparently we are gluttons for punishment. Dark Souls was a big success, then Dark Souls II released to less fanfare. Soon thereafter, Sony, releasing the error of its ways, rekindled its relationship with the studio to make Bloodborne. The PS4-exclusive was another huge hit and proved that lightning could strike twice.

Which brings us to Dark Souls III. Once again rising from the ashes, the From Software team resurrected the series from the limp corpse of Dark Souls II, added what they learned from Bloodborne, and created their finest adventure into madness yet.

Dark Souls III is a masterclass is world design, boss battles, visuals, and character progression. Sure the frame rate can wobble here and there, and the difficulty spikes are egregious, but those are two small complaints in what is a fantastic game. From Software, and creator Miyazaki, say that Dark Souls III is the end of the series -- although we will get more Bloodborne -- thus the series leaves us the way it came in; with a mighty punch in the face.

Published Jan. 23rd 2017

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